An ESR Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra case is the best sidekick your sidekick could ask for. Whether you’re looking for a tempered-glass case, wallet case, or kickstand case, our cases are guaranteed to keep your phone lightweight while protecting them from drops and whatever else life might throw at it.




A great case starts with great materials. While we use a lot of different materials in our cases, we’re committed to only using high-quality materials that won’t leave a big hole in your wallet.
Take our leather case as an example. Last year, we released the Metro Premium Leather Case for the iPhone 11. While we think it’s a great case and love the old-school feel it brings, we knew we could do better. That’s why the new Metro Light case uses premium vegan leather. This new faux-leather case retains the quality, look, and feel of leather while also being animal-friendly.


Do you have any military-grade Galaxy S20 Ultra cases?
Our Galaxy S20 Ultra Air Armor Clear Case, through rigorous testing by SGS, has been certified to provide military-grade drop protection. In addition to a hard polycarbonate back & grippy TPU frame, the Air Armor comes equipped with a souped-up version of our shock-absorbing Air-Guard corners.

How can I ensure my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is protected?
If you’re the type who drops their phone like a hot potato (happens to the best of us), we’d first recommend a tough phone case. Our Mimic Series Tempered-Glass Case & Air Armor Case both come equipped with Air-Guard corners, which are like airbags in the corners of the case that absorb & disperse shock from drops/impacts.
Of course, the front of your phone is just as important. If you want truly 360-degree protection, we’d also highly recommend investing in a screen protector, like our Tempered-Glass Screen Protector or Liquid Skin Screen Protector.

Can I get a discount on a Samsung S20 case?
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