AirPods Pro Cases

The Apple AirPods have been a smash hit since they first launched in 2016, but a pair of new AirPods will get scratched, broken, or simply lost in the course of everyday life. Avoid this terrible fate by picking up an AirPods Pro case cover. Whether you’re looking for a stylish AirPods Pro case, a colorful AirPods case, or a cute AirPods case, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Explore our range of carrying cases and case covers for the AirPods Pro wireless charging case to make your AirPods truly yours. Learn More>>

Don’t the AirPods Pro already come with a case? You might be wondering why you need yet another case for your AirPods Pro charging case, at least until you drop it and it breaks in half. A thin layer of silicone, TPU, or PC could be the difference between jamming out to your favorite music and picking up pieces of your $250 earbuds off the ground.

An ESR AirPods Pro case cover will wrap around your AirPods Pro charging case like a second skin. With precise cutouts for the charging port, our covers ensure convenient, unobstructed charging. They’re also all thin enough that they won’t interfere with wireless charging.

That said, our AirPods Pro case covers still provide plenty of cushioning and protection, so a dropped case won’t immediately mean the end of the world. Since many of our case covers come with a free keychain or carabiner, you’ll also simply drop them a lot less. Hang them on your belt or bag without worrying about it dropping all the time.

Of course, your AirPods aren’t just earbuds; they’re a fashion statement. There aren’t a lot of color options, though, so adding a colorful ESR AirPods case cover will help you make your AirPods YOUR AirPods.

If you’d prefer to keep things simple, The ESR Air Ripple clear AirPods Pro carrying case and the colorful Bounce AirPods Pro silicone case are probably your best bets. If you’re a fan of everything cute, the Bounce carrying case can also come with a cute monkey keychain or a fluffy faux-fur pom-pom. If you want a sophisticated and stylish AirPods Pro case, be sure to check out the faux-leather Metro Light AirPods Pro carrying case.

We want you to have the best experience possible, which is why all our products, including our AirPods Pro protective cases, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Have an issue with your product, or simply not happy with it? Just contact our friendly customer support team and we’ll be happy to help you out.