Intellectual Property Rights Statement

WayMeet Limited possesses the sole copyright of all informational content on this website (including but not limited to words, pictures, software, audio, and video).

Any informational content on the website that is viewed, duplicated, printed, or spread in an authorized manner by another entity shall not be used for any commercial purpose. In addition, the use of all informational content or any part thereof shall be included in this copyright statement.

The products of WayMeet Limited possess a series of patents and trademarks from the National Intellectual Property Administration of China, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, as well as the respective patent offices of multiple other countries and regions.

The names of products and services as well as relevant figures, labels, etc. are registered trademarks of WayMeet Limited and its associated brands, including but not limited to: ESR, ESR7Gears, VOKKA, AEVO, IllusDesign, Essential Zero, and Yippee Color.

In addition, product designs are the intellectual property of WayMeet Limited, registered in the respective patent offices of multiple countries and regions.

In the case of any behavior infringing upon the intellectual property of WayMeet Limited without the express permission of the company, legal action shall be taken.

Additional Notes

WayMeet Limited has a zero-tolerance policy regarding unauthorized use of its trademarks (e.g. ESR, IllusDesign, VOKKA, etc.).

In addition, the company has a zero-tolerance policy regarding unauthorized sale of its products. Any sellers on Amazon or other third-party platforms are prohibited from selling ESR products without the company’s express permission.

Failure to comply with the requirements above may result in legal action.