iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors & Camera Protectors

The iPhone 12 Pro Max may be worth the price tag, but the more expensive the phone, the more expensive it is to replace its screen and camera lens. Keep your investment safe with screen and camera protectors that protect against drops, fingerprints, scratches, and more.

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Why do I need a screen or camera lens protector?

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through Reddit in the bathroom or trying to turn off your alarm in the morning when all of a sudden you hear the sound of shattering glass. A broken screen is annoying to use but even more expensive to fix.

An ESR screen or camera protector is like a guardian angel for your phone. Made with triple-reinforced tempered glass, ESR screen and camera protectors absorb shock from drops and bumps, and even when they break they’ll keep the screen underneath as good as new.

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