iPad 8th Gen (2020) Cases & Covers

Shop ESR for the latest and greatest cases for the iPad 8. Get the most out of your digital life with an iPad 8th Gen case that combines simplicity, quality, and affordability.


Everybody hopes that their iPad will stay looking as good as new, but some things in life are inevitable. A broken iPad is always as heartbreaking as it is expensive to fix. That’s why when you protect your tablet with high-quality ESR iPad 8 accessories, you’re also protecting your wallet.

Turn your iPad into a mini home theater system with one of our iPad 8 protective covers. Check out the new and improved SENTRY Stand Case, equipped with 7 comfortable viewing angles and powerful magnets that keep the stand in place wherever life takes you.

Buy any of our iPad 8 protective cases that have a front cover, and you’ll notice how it instantly wakes your iPad when you open it and locks your iPad when you close it.