iPad 8th Gen (2020) Screen Protectors

Both our Paper-Feel and Tempered-Glass Screen Protectors for the iPad 8th Gen are carefully crafted to keep your screen free of scratches, smudges, and cracks. With pristine, crystal-clear transparency and high touch sensitivity, you’ll barely even notice your new iPad 8 screen protector once it’s on.

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How do I know which iPad 8 screen protector is right for me?

If you’re looking for screen protection, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic iPad 8 Tempered-Glass Screen Protector. Made with triple-reinforced glass that’s still just 0.3 mm thick, these screen protectors keep your iPad screen as sensitive as ever.

If you’re a digital artist, aspiring or professional, you’ll instead want to check out our Paper-Feel Screen Protector. With its specially-treated surface, writing or drawing on the Paper-Feel with an Apple Pencil feels just like writing or drawing on paper.

How do I get a discount on an iPad 8th gen protector?

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