iPhone 12 mini Screen Protectors & Camera Lens Protectors

Your new iPhone may be mini, but the cost of replacing its 5.4-inch display is anything but. Protect your precious screen and camera (and your investment) with an ESR iPhone 12 mini screen protector or camera protector.


With over 10 years and as many iPhone generations to perfect the recipe, our classic Tempered-Glass Screen Protector is more than ready for the iPhone 12 mini. Able to withstand up to 5 kg (AKA 12 pounds) of force, the triple-reinforced glass won’t go out without a fight. In the unlikely event that the protector breaks, your screen itself will remain intact. Break screen protectors, not screens.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the other side of your phone. Our iPhone 12 mini Camera Lens Protector protects your camera from keys, cables, and other sharp objects with 99% transparent glass, ensuring your photos come out looking as good as you do.