iPhone 12/12 Pro Screen Protectors & Camera Protectors

A case is important, and it’s probably what you’ll spend most of your time and energy looking for, but don’t forget that your screen and camera are the most fragile parts of your phone. In a world full of sharp corners and hard pavement, keep your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro safe with a screen and camera lens protector.

Why do I need a screen protector?

If you’ve ever broken your iPhone screen, you know how annoying it is and how expensive it is to replace. It’s like wearing a pair of wet socks if it cost $300 and required professional help to take them off. An ESR iPhone 12/12 Pro screen protector, on the other hand, costs a fraction of a fraction of that. Thanks to all the installation tools that come with it, it can be on your phone in literally less than a minute.

Screen protectors absorb shock meant for your screen, breaking in lieu of your screen like a shield power-up in an SNES game. With the difference in cost, it’s not rocket science to say that you’ll want to break screen protectors, not screens.

Even if you’ve got an iron grip and don’t drop your phone much, ESR screen protectors are made with super-hard glass that literally can’t get scratched by most sharp objects, keeping your screen clean and clear. An oleophobic layer on top makes annoying fingerprints and smudges incredibly easy to wipe off.

How do I get a discount on an iPhone 12/12 Pro screen or camera protector?

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