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Best Paper-Like Screen Protectors for iPad Pro 12.9 2021

Are you conscious about the safety and longevity of your iPad Pro 12.9? Then, you must opt for a best-in-class screen protector for your device.

Not only a screen protector can protect your iPad Pro from day-to-day erosion or wear and tear but it can also augment the looks of the device.

Note that your device calls for more protection than a Gorilla Glass 7 technology renders. And so, the need and popularity for high-quality screen protectors are on the rise.

If you are already familiar with screen protectors and cannot figure out which one to choose, let the post help you. You will get to know about three top-class screen protectors for iPad Pro 12.9 from which you can opt for your favorite option.

Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 2021

Why should you use a Screen Protector for your iPad Pro 12.9 2021?

A screen protector can pose many benefits in terms of the safety and longevity of the iPad Pro. You should certainly consider a top-notch screen protector for your iPad Pro (2021) to make it ready for day-to-day tasks without getting eroded. Screen protectors can lower the glare, keep off fingerprints, render pen-to-paper experiences, and make working much easier.

As a whole, a good screen protector can save you from extra maintenance costs. Consider the following points to make you convince about opting for a screen protector for your iPad Pro (2021).

Keeps Fingerprints At Bay:

Top-class screen protectors can help the device stay away from fingerprints. A screen protector helps the actual screen of the device remain untouched, so it can be smudge-free and clean. The crystal-clear glass panel retains the appearance of the device and helps to perform tasks on it smoothly. Moreover, it also saves the user from cleaning the screen regularly.

Provides a Comprehensive Protection:

A screen protector safeguards the full-screen segment of the device. Thus, users can stay worry-free about the external damage to the device. You should only choose a protector that does not interfere with the functioning of other features. Moreover, a best-in-class screen protector renders superb clarity as well as brilliant touch sensitivity.

Protects Against Wear and Tear:

A screen protector must be durable enough to protect the iPad screen against day-to-day wear and tear. Otherwise, daily abrasion can lead to fast damage to the screen that may lower the lifetime of the device.

#1 iPad Pro 12.9 (2021/2020/2018) Paper-Like Screen Protector $29.99

iPad Pro 12.9 2021 Paperlike Screen Protector

Key Features

  • Compatible with many models
  • It feels like working on paper
  • Simple installation process
  • Lowers fingerprints and glare
  • Does not impact Face ID and front camera
  • Audio quality remains intact


The ESR iPad Pro screen protector comes with the feel of paper. It comes suitable with iPad Pro 12.9 of 2018, 2020, and 2021. Note that the product has not come as a tempered glass protector for the iPad Pro screen. Thanks to the brilliant matte surface of this paper-feel screen protector, the user will feel it like writing on paper with a pen. Moreover, applying this screen protector over the device has been further streamlined with in-depth instructions as well as a complete installation kit.

Besides, the ESR protector comes with an excellent matte texture, which helps to keep unwanted glare as well as fingerprints at bay. Thus, it keeps up the proper looks of the iPad Pro 12.9’s screen. In short, it is an extremely thin paper-feel screen protector to enable users to have great responsive control over the Apple Pencil. The cutout of the ESR protector is accurate to ensure the proper functioning of Face ID as well as the front camera.

#2 iPad Pro 12.9 2021 Sketchbook Bundle  $39.19

iPad Pro 12.9 Sketchbook Bundle

Key Features

  • Suitable for only iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)
  • Brilliant matte-finish to render a pen-to-paper feeling
  • Extended front cover to protect against erosion
  • Exact cutout to ensure the smooth running of Face ID and front camera


The ESR Sketchbook Bundle can only be used with iPad Pro 12.9 of 2021. Moreover, the protector has come with an in-built holder as well as a proper side cutout to ensure the position of the Apple Pencil 2. Users won’t need to worry about the fall of the Apple Pencil 2 from the protector, as it can magnetically fix it to the iPad Pro.

Moreover, the ESR screen protector’s front cover ensures comprehensive protection of the device against day-to-day erosion. Thus, the user can expect to keep the longevity of their iPad Pro 12.9 2021. Thanks to the matte surface of the ESR Sketchbook Bundle that users will feel like writing on paper while putting their pen over the screen protector.

The ESR Sketchbook Bundle comes as an extremely thin skin protector so that users can precisely control the responsive Apple Pencil and do their tasks with the ace. The accurate cutout of the protector ensures the proper functioning of the Face ID as well as the front camera of the iPad Pro.

#3 iPad Pro 12.9 2021 Stylus Protection Bundle  $61.58

iPad Pro 12.9 2021 Stylus Protection Bundle

Key Features

  • Can be used only for iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)
  • A Built-in Apple Pencil slot
  • Ultra-thin skin protector
  • Perfect cutout
  • Magnetic trifold stand
  • Specially treated to render a pen-to-paper feeling


The ESR Stylus Protection Bundle comes only suitable for the iPad Pro 12.9 of 2021. The protector features an in-built Apple Pencil slot to keep the positioning of the Apple Pencil 2 intact. It comes as an extremely thin skin protector to make sure of the proper responsive control of the Apple Pencil.

The accurate cutout ensures perfect working of the Face ID as well as the front camera. Whenever a user puts the stylus tip of 1.4 mm precision on the ESR Stylus Protection Bundle, they will have a pen-to-paper feeling- thanks to the specially treated ESR protector.

Moreover, users can write or view something on their iPad Pro 12.9 with ease, owing to the magnetic trifold stand of the protector.

Wrapping Up

You are now familiar with the three best-in-class screen protectors for iPad Pro 12.9 (2021). It is time for you to choose the right one for you and safeguard your device.

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