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Best iPad Air 4 Magnetic Case Covers in 2020

While you are still drooling on the iPhone 12 series released weeks back, let’s not lose focus on the iPads generally as we have some exciting stuff about them being unveiled too.

Recently, a lot of efforts are being put in the direction of magnetic technology and so, let me be the first to welcome you officially to the ‘magnetic’ world.

Now you ask, “what’s with this magnetic feature?” well, let me just say there is more to it than meet the eyes like a couple of focus is being placed in that category now.

Asides from the easy accessibility to connect your chargers to your device as a result of this magnetic technology built into this device, it also allows you to charge your device without having to take off the case.

The magnetic technology is fast gaining recognition in the gadget industry and be sure to have third party accessories to jump on this offer – well, some already did: I call them the early birds.

In view of this, let me introduce to you the 6 best iPad air 4 magnetic case covers you can purchase.

Looking to get the best of the iPad air 4 magnetic case covers? Then look no further! It’s all embedded in this article.

iPad Air 4 (2020) rebound magnetic slim case – $25.99

iPad Air 4 Magnetic Slim Case

Key features

  • Binds magnetically
  • Dual stands
  • Pencil compatibility
  • Auto sleep/wake

Well, it is going to be a total waste of time to pair this case cover with any other device asides from the iPad Air 4 (2020) – as it is designed for this model only.

Although, its name gave it away since we are talking ‘magnet’ it is only right to chip this in: the rebound magnetic slim case has a built-in strong magnet that binds powerfully to the iPad.

Except you want to include a diagonal viewing mode, which, apparently is of no use: what else do you wish for than a trifold front cover which allows you to type in the landscape mode and make that video call in the vertical mode?

You can choose to use your pencil’s magnetic charging and pairing; it’s all supported in this case cover.

With the auto sleep/wake function of the rebound magnetic case, you can swiftly and easily unlock your device with this special feature.

GUDOU rebound magnetic smart case – $28.99

iPad Air 10.9 Rebound Magnetic Smart Case

Key features

  • Ultra-thin cover
  • Powerful magnetic connector
  • Two-way stand
  • Auto sleep/wake

In terms of compatibility, this rebound smart case is specifically designed for the iPad air a910.9-inch) and no other device.

With the tenacious built-in magnets, be sure to enjoy a strong lock between the case and your iPad. This case is super light so, it is easier to carry around. it wouldn’t add bulk to your device.

The GUDOU magnetic smart case supports the magnetic pairing and wireless charging of your pencil as the magnetic clamps overlap to give additional protection to your pencil.

Be it the horizontal or vertical position, whichever way you choose to place your device, the trifold front cover supports these positions respectively.

Automatically put your screen to sleep and wake it up by opening or closing the case cover.

SUOLONG magnetic smart case – $28.99

iPad Air 4th 10.9 inch Magnetic Case

Key features

  • Attaches magnetically
  • Ultra-slim
  • Apple Pencil 2 pairing & charging supported
  • Auto sleep/wake

The SUOLONG magnetic smart case is exclusively designed for the iPad 4th (10.9-inch) 2020 and no other device.

Do you prefer viewing in the landscape or portrait mode? Whichever your preference is, it’s all supported by this magnetic smart case.

Also, this magnet case supports your apple pencil to pairing and charging with the magnetic built into this case cover.

Automatically sleep or wake your screen seamlessly with the auto sleep/wake function. Plus, it is ultra-slim too, making it less weighty and easy to hold.

Senscheng rebound magnetic smart case – $28.99

iPad Air 4th Magnetic Case

Key features

  • Magnetically attached cover
  • Apple Pencil compatibility
  • Dual stand
  • Auto sleep/wake

Specifically designed for the 2020 iPad air 4th generation (10.9-inch) is the sencheng rebound magnetic smart case. Don’t attempt pairing with any other iPad models – it’s going to be a waste of precious time.

A strong magnet has been built into this case cover to assure a sturdy lock between the case and your iPad.

The senscheng rebound magnetic case supports the apple pencil magnetic clamp loop over to dispense more protection for your pencil.

Viewing and typing in either the horizontal or vertical mode just got better as both modes are supported by the trifold dual stand.

You can swiftly sleep or wake your device screen with the auto sleep/wake function.

GUDOU touchpad keyboard case – $54.99

iPad Air 4th Keyboard Case

Key features

  • Dual stand
  • Powerful magnetic attachment
  • Pencil pairing & charging supported
  • Wireless detachable keyboard cover

The GUDOU case is compatible with the 2020 iPad air 4th (10.9-inch). One special and obvious feature of this case cover is the wireless keyboard cover which is detachable so, it doesn’t add bulk to your device.

It has a powerful magnetic attachment stand which helps support the clasp for extra protection for your pencil.

It is compatible with your apple pencil and supports pairing and charging.

Go ahead with viewing in the landscape mode and typing in the portrait mode as the GUDOU case supports both modes.

Apple magic keyboard – $289.00

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Air 4

Key features

  • Binds magnetically
  • Trackpad for iPadOS

The apple magic keyboard is designed exclusively for the iPad air 4th generation and iPad Pro 11-inch (1st & 2nd gen).

The apple magic keyboard has a trackpad that gives room for novel means of working with ipadOS, back-lit keys, a USB-C port for charging, and front and back protection.

With its new sailing cantilever design, the iPad pro binds magnetically to your device and ensures a smooth angle adjustment for viewing in any direction.

Get the most amazing typing experience with the apple magic keyboard.

Woah! …Yeah, I know that exclamation. It’s a bit pricey – so much for it being a magic keyboard.

It’s all up there 6 whopping best case covers for your iPad Air 4 for your perusal. Do make a purchase asap.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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