Top Picks Top 5 Mobile Games To Download In 2019!

Top 5 Mobile Games To Download In 2019!

Wake up this holiday and start the day with the top downloadable mobile games. We all need the right spirit to begin the next New Year with a bang. Now, you, too, can start the year by finding the best mobile games to download. We have well-researched and listed the right holiday mobile games in this guide.

Playing games on your smartphone should be a pleasant experience; therefore, you should wisely choose these downloadable mobile phone games. Some are paid, while some are free. If you wish to play free games, pick the ones that are available on the App Store for free. If you wish to utilize the App Store for premium versions, then choose the Paid Games.

Don’t waste your holidays without any entertainment and fun, private time. These top downloadable mobile games can lift up your spirits positively. Each day of 2020 will break new grounds while you play these delicious games.

Top 5 Downloadable Mobile Phone Games in 2019 – Only for You!


Many mobile games are launched for both iOS and Android users; however, we have listed the top 5 mobile games to consider as per the user ratings and customer reviews. Let’s have a look:

 App 1: Candy Crush Saga

Begin the Candy Crush Saga now – a legend among Top downloadable mobile games. Sweetheart for the players across the globe. The game is extremely popular among mobile users and contains infinite levels. The awesome Candy Crush has sweetest offers for the holidays.

Obtain multiplied time-based boosters in rare boxes for a short moment, now!

Easily change the candies in this delicious puzzle trip to reach higher levels for that superb confidence. Complete games using fast fingers and brains to get rewards. You will get tasty rainbow-toned cascading stuff and candies! This game makes one crave for more — various level and puzzle types in this Candy Kingdom. And, awesome goodies included every two weeks to fix your big sugar needs.

User Ratings: 4.6 Stars

Download from App Store (for iOS Users):

Download from Google Play Store (for Android Users):


App 2: 8 Ball Pool™

The festive plus holiday time is right to play the hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool! Be it, friend or top players, now you too can beat the competition with one on one or eight-player games. Improve your pool game with more play in the practicing arenas. Get into tournaments and win top trophies, coins and tips!

Upgrade your tools and knowledge to get super coins after defeating your opponents. Later, you can use these new tools to play using big risks and even bigger rank games. Don’t be left out, and start to beat your friends by using either the Facebook or mini clip accounts. Beat your buddies online anywhere at all times to prove that you are boss!

User Ratings: 4.6 Stars

Download from App Store (for iOS Users):

Download from Google Play Store (for Android Users):


App 3: Johnny Trigger

Have you always wished to beat the bad underworld leaders? Well, then it is best to answer those bad fellows with some bullets. Time to become your alter ego – Johnny Trigger, the common dude with extra power. Use the entire magazine with unseen skills to take on the bad guys. The latest upgrades of this game include totally different worlds and bosses. The latest fashion and wear the trends which match your style.

Now, you can jump and fight like in the movies in a world that is brilliant. Gain extra energy in life through this adventurous game of a lifetime! Don’t look back ever again.

Plus, get acquainted with the best modern guns that can help you defend and attack.

User Ratings: 4.6 Stars

Download from App Store (for iOS Users):

Download from Google Play Store (for Android Users):


App 4: Homescapes

Help the butler Austin to re-create the old home. Win the color match and use three levels to redo the huge rooms. Break more chapters in this awesome family tale! Don’t wait to get the right boost. Instead, use the house and decorating work to get that zeal.

Rare gaming to enable Austin to renovate the big mansion. Just swap and match puzzles. In interior designing, you give the final word.

Choose exciting match levels for humungous fun, using special boosters and super mixes. Plus, unravel the mysteries of the old house. Meet awesome people and talk with other players through the online network. Don’t forget to be acquainted with this sweet, mischievous and a big fluff of a cat.

User Ratings: 4.3 Stars

Download from App Store (for iOS Users):

Download from Google Play Store (for Android Users):



The holidays are a time to find the best mobile games to download. Here is an awesome game that has the best. Get ready to meet the biggest graphics world you dreamt of. Developers bring you the king of game experiences for you. Play the latest PUBG.

You get the Battle Royale, with winter festival & rage tools. Find the newest snow paradise technique. While you play Erangel, all players get to live the snow paradise. Here you can drive cable cars and snowboard in freestyle. Use top speeds to play a team of two players. Plus, you can also drive using the best speeds. Switch the perspective and play TPP or FPP in the training ground, Classic or Arcade.

User Ratings: 4.4 Stars

Download from App Store (for iOS Users):

Download from Google Play Store (for Android Users):



In totality, this post will help you download the best games that really matter today! Don’t be bored with unwanted confusing games ever. The best mobile games to download listed above have stood the test of time. They give you that spark which you missed out in life till now.

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