News & Events iPhone 12 Leaks: The First iPhone mini Probably Born Soon!

iPhone 12 Leaks: The First iPhone mini Probably Born Soon!

The much anticipated iPhone 12 may launch anytime soon. And, the day it will, it is going to bring tides in the mobile market. We are mentioning this, as people already have a sneak peek into the new models and the news is interesting.

There is a lot of unconfirmed information on the internet on the new iPhone 12 lineup. While some people are expecting it to have the same naming scheme as the existing iPhone 11, others claim thy names as iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12. Still, we are looking forward to confirming this at the Apple event that is scheduled on September 15, 2020, at 1000 hrs PDT.

Till then, here’s what we know about the Apple iPhone 12 lineup.

  • New 5.4 inch iPhone Mini.
  • Latest flagship A14 Processor.
  • 5G Connectivity.
  • iPhone 4 edge design
  • Reduced or Zero Notch

The new batch of iPhone 12 models will consist of four devices, unlike the usual trio trend it has been following. This mini 5.4-inch screen model will target at reviving the old mini-phone fashion. The lack of a home button on the iPhone 12 mini will mean a larger screen in a smaller body, making it a perfect choice for those who love compact devices. This way, it will also be a strong competitor to the current iPhone SE. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 design will sport straight edges and a stainless steel frame giving it more of an industrial device look.

Mobile phone accessories manufacturer ESR has released iPhone 12 mini protective cases! Also, some other leaked renders show the device with minimal bezels and a slim waistline with the same 2.5D glass front and back. Though the notch size may reduce, it will stay, as Apple needs its signature Face ID feature and a selfie camera as well.

iPhone 12 rumours


While initially, it was rumoured that iPhone 12 will have the same IPS LCD as the iPhone 11, now the complete iPhone 12 lineup is said to come with an OLED screen. This means users will be able to enjoy deep and vivid colours with a better screen refresh rate as well. With other mobile brands like Oneplus and Samsung opting for the 120Hz displays, Apple is likely to make a move towards the same. Faster refresh rates would mean mobile gaming will also become seamless and smooth, thus expecting a jump in the Apple Arcade service as well.


If it was just for the display part, we would be excited. But when it comes to the photography part, which is the device Camera, we are even more excited. The new model is also said to be different and much improved in terms of the camera set up. While the iPhone 12 Mini is said to sport a dual-camera system on the back, things can be expected to get even more interesting in the upper tier with a telephoto lens and a ToF sensor.

Features like the Deep Fusion, Night MOde and Quick Take will also make a comeback and allow for low-light condition photography altogether.


Till now, we know this much that a new model from Apple means a new chipset as well. When in April 2019, Apple announced a new 6nm process the 5nm was in the pre-production phase. This means that the new iPhone 12 will likely come with the 5nm A14 Bionic chip. The extra energy efficiency will not only contribute to the battery life but will also deliver stellar performance with benchmark results. A 50% gain in the single-core performance indicated in GeekBench would mean this chipset can be the first to clock over 3GHz.

5G Connectivity

Apple iPhone 12 is strongly rumoured to come with the next-generation 5G connectivity. The early rumours suggested the 12 mini have LTE, but some other tech websites claim that the entire iPhone 12 lineup will receive 5G. Though it is not clear which version among mmWave and sub-6GHz will be present, this will be a top-selling point favouring device sales.

iPhone 12 mini protective cases


The iPhone 12 will most likely have the 64GB base storage, though we still expect it to get the 128GB. 64GB should remain an SE exclusive option and a win-win situation for everyone according to the analysts at JPMorgan.

The RAM capacity is also expected to change, however, there are a lot of unknowns. Though the way Apple utilizes the memory makes it more than enough to have even 4 GB RAM in the base version, we still expect it to be raised to 6 GB.

Battery Life

The battery life in the new iPhone 12 remains a mystery till now. Apple has been slowly increasing the battery capacity. Where the iPhone 11 Pro Max got 3500 mAh, the new models are expected to come with even bigger batteries.

Charging options might include a USB-C to lightning cable with a 20W adapter. Though the magnetic rear will remain for wireless charging support.

Price and Colors

The iPhone 12 Mini is expected to be priced at $649, with other models mat get a little more expensive. In terms of the colour, we can expect a new Navy Blue option apart from the Space Gray and the Silver ones.

The final word

Though the information shared above are just rumours, we can expect a lot of them in the coming iPhone 12 line up. The straight-edge, compact and sleek design like those of the iPhone 4 and 5 will be the USP of the iPhone mini. And, the flagship A14 Bionic 5nm processor will make consumers go wow.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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