News & Events Is the iPhone 12 Series Battery Good? Some Suggestions for You!

Is the iPhone 12 Series Battery Good? Some Suggestions for You!

When Apple introduced its latest 12 series in the market, people were expecting it to do better than its predecessors in every aspect. And when we say every aspect, we don’t just mean performance, but the battery life as well. We are not sure of the iPhone 12 Pro Max yet, but comparing the battery longevity that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has to offer with what iPhone 11 Pro Max brings to the table, none would suggest you make a move from the 11 to the 12. We are saying this on behalf of a number of reviews available on youtube and other tech review websites where people have put their views forward about the devices. No wonder Apple has tried to play its performance card by bringing the A14 Bionic Chip forward, but if you are a die-hard gamer or use your phone extensively for multitasking, upgrading to the new series will be a big No-No for you.

In this article, we will compare the battery capacities of the iPhone 12, and 12 Pro with the iPhone 11 series and see where they stand. We’ll also share some tips on how to reduce the battery consumption rate and the ways you can retain it for a long.

Battery Life: the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro


Device iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro
Battery Capacity 3969mAh 3046mAh 2815mAh 2815mAh
Battery Life 8hrs 29min 7hrs 36min 6hrs 41min 6hrs 35min

iPhone 12 Battery

The table above shows results which were obtained when these devices were used at their heaviest and at maximum brightness.

Where the likes of Apple suggest that the 2815mAh battery on the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro are sufficient considering the software optimizations and other hardware enhancements, critics still argue that these devices will have a hard time meeting the expectations of the gamer community.

In the comparison made above, it can be clearly deduced that the iPhone 11 Pro Max, given its bigger battery capacity, still gives tough competition to its successors, and has the tendency to turn the tables.

If we look at the processor’s perspective, the A13 and the A14 Bionic chips differ by only a small percentage of their efficiency. The majority of the customer segment that this processor attracts is the gaming community. And if they don’t have a power source enough to back up their game, I don’t think it will matter to them.

While iPhone 12 Pro Max is yet to be revealed, which rumors suggest will come with the 3687mAh battery, it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 11 Pro Max competes.

Some tips to reduce the Battery Consumption rate on iPhone 12

While the battery consumption rate will also depend on your usage, there are always some steps you can use to avoid the too-much of battery drainage.

Installing the latest iOS 14 update

Battery drainage issues on your iPhone 12 can be due to bugs in the old software version. Firmware updates that are released by Apple from time to time may help you alleviate the pain out of battery drainage issues. If you are looking to update the same, you can go to the device settings and navigate through General> Software Update and check if there’s any update available. If there is, you can update the same to the latest version. If the firmware is already on the latest version, proceed with the other tips shared below.

Limit usage on apps that drain the most battery

The latest iOS has made it easier to identify the apps that are consuming the most battery. Go to Settings and navigate through Battery and scroll on the window to see app battery usage. Battery Drainage issues may also be due to background app activity. Make sure you take appropriate steps to limit the same.

If the app is not very essential, you can simply uninstall the same.

If you need it, make sure you disable it from running in the background.

tips to reduce the Battery Consumption rate on iPhone 12

Disabling Location Tracking

When you install an app, it usually asks you for permission to access your location data. Instead of blindly tapping on “Yes”, use the “only when the app is being used” option. When apps fetch data on the network, they consume battery and to avoid the same from happening, you can simply limit the location access and any background activity that the app makes.

Disable the Background App Refresh feature

While iOS has a significant number of features that help you get through several tasks easily, one such feature is the Background App refresh. While the apps from proven and certified developers may not cause trouble, a poorly developed one can use the background App refresh feature incorrectly. And this will cost you battery life.

To avoid the apps from refreshing in the background, make sure you disable the feature using these steps:

Go to settings. Navigate through General>Background App Refresh. Now, turn it off for apps that are not so essential for you.

Using the Dark Mode

The Dark Mode does not just look good but is also effective when you are looking to save battery consumption. With the OLED display combined, this mode can help save significant battery on your iPhone for tasks that you love doing.

If you haven’t turned it on yet, you can simply visit the Control Center, long press on the brightness slider and then tap on the Appearance button to switch between the Light and the Dark Mode.

If you don’t like the Dark Mode always, you can set the same on schedule. To do that, Go to Settings and click on Display and Brightness. Now, turn on the Automatic option. Once done, click on the Setting button to set a schedule. Usually, the Dark Mode turns on after the sunset.

The final word

While you have made your mind to get the new iPhone 12 or the 12 Pro for yourself, you can also follow the tips shared in this article to prevent the battery from draining quickly.

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