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The Best iPad Mini 4 Cases under $50

The iPad Mini 4 is a surprisingly powerful yet compact machine that is a very valuable tool that every individual should have. It is perfect for entertainment, work, and fun! However, the iPad mini feels very fragile when held and damage to it can be extremely expensive to fix. Thus, we would highly recommend getting yourself a durable case. There are only 2 tips that we would like to offer you. The first is to get a case that does not sacrifice the elegance of the iPad mini. It is important that your iPad mini 4 case enhances the beauty of your iPad Mini 4 instead of ruin it! The second tip is to not splurge on your iPad Mini 4 Case. No case above $50 is value for money. As a favor, we have compiled a list of amazing 5 iPad Mini Cases that are ALL under $50!

iPad Mini 4 Urban Premium Folio Case 


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This ultra-chic case is our favorite on the list. One look and you will see how it is suitable for everyone from students to everyday users. It comes in 3 colors and is well-known for being very durable. The hollow-out polycarbonate backplate ensures that the case does not add too much extra weight to your iPad Mini 4. It also ensures that there is sufficient ventilation. This allows the entire structure to be compact and also convenient. For students and those that use their iPad Mini 4’s for entertainment, there are 2 anti-slip grooves that allow you to steadily stand your iPad Mini 4 at your desired angles. Once you slip on this case you will notice that your iPad Mini 4 feels a little different and safer. That is because the case is 1mm wider than your iPad Mini 4 back case. Thus, if you drop our iPad Mini 4, the impact is taken entirely by the case instead of on your iPad Mini 4. This keeps your iPad Mini 4 very safe. It also comes with a built-in magnet that allows you to flip the case to sleep/wake your iPad Mini 4. If you are wondering why the case looks so amazing, that is because the material itself is PU leather with tree texture and artificial stitching. Along with this, the interior is made of soft microfiber that allows you to keep your case very well protected. This case would generally be suited to everyone’s needs but is best if you are looking for a classy, multi-functional look.

iPad Mini 4 Yippee Trifold Smart Case


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This is our next favorite and it is the iPad Mini 4 Yippee Trifold Smart Case. This case is made of polyurethane and has a soft microfiber lining. The back case is a semi-transparent hardback and has a matte finish to enhance the apple logo on the back. The matte finish also prevents fingerprint marks and scratches on your iPad Mini 4. Similar to above, the magnetic cover also allows you to wake/sleep your iPad Mini 4 based on the position of the screen. This can help to save precious battery life!  The most distinct quality of this case is the multiple magnets in the top flap that make it amazingly sturdy when adjusting your iPad Mini 4’s angle. The case allows your iPad Mini 4 to be placed in either a standing position for watching videos or a slightly more laid back angle for typing. This case would be most suited for those looking to use the iPad Mini 4 for entertainment or study. The sturdy positioning as a result of the multiple magnets makes it great for both these purposes.

UAG iPad Mini 4 Metropolis Case


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This case is an ultra-tough iPad Mini 4 case. All of UAG’s cases are pretty much made for this purpose. The target audience is most certainly individuals that take their iPad Mini 4 on camping trips and other excursions. Well, they may could also just be meant for individuals that drop their iPad Mini 4s a lot. Either way, if you fall into any one of the above categories, then this case is your perfect option. The case heavily protects your iPad Mini 4 against bumps and drops. It provides maximum protection for your iPad Mini 4 while also implementing an exterior that they call ‘Tactile Grip’. This exterior ensures that the iPad does not slip out of your butterfingers while using them. Although this case provides great protection, it also adds a lot of bulk. Thus, we would not recommend it for the everyday user. Instead, it is much more suited to those that really need that extra protection.

Snugg iPad Mini 4 Legacy Case


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This case is perfect for those that always want to put for their best and classiest impressions. The case is made of bonded PU leather (eco-friendly) and is held together by cotton/silk blended tread. This helps to prevent wear and tear that can come from daily use. Unlike the rest, this case also comes with a hand strap and stylus loop. As we said, this is best suited for classy impressions. Having a stylus loop and leather cover sure does feel classy!

That summarises our list of 4 iPad Mini 4 Cases under $50! All these cases are reasonably affordable and very fancy in their design. Take your pick and go with it!

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