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The 5 Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Running You Can Buy

This article is for all the athletic freaks, morning joggers and sportsmen. Ever realize how hard it is to go for a run when is your earphones keen dropping off or when the wires get entangled within your hands? We have compiled a list of 5 earbuds that will solve all these problems for you! First, we are going to look at what makes a good pair of Bluetooth sports earphones.

1. Splash Proof

It is inevitable that you start sweating when you go on your runs. Thus, earphones that get damaged by interaction with water would not be the best option. Splash-proof protection also allows for your earphones to be safe from the rain.

2. Sound Quality

When buying earphones for any reason, it is always important to hold sound quality in high regard. There are many different reasons why runners use earphones. Some may listen to music while others prefer tuning into podcasts or the radio. Regardless, it is simply because they prefer to listen to this over the blaring noise of traffic or surroundings. Getting a pair of earphones with below-average quality will result in disuse and maybe even take away the fun and motivation to run.

3. Secure

Running is a sport and requires constant moving over extended periods of time. If your earbuds are not secure, they would very easily fall off while you are running. This can be extremely annoying and if you have wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you may even end up losing your earbuds on your trail. It is also important to ensure that the earphones are comfortable so as to prevent a painful experience.

Now that we have shown you what to look at, it is time we move to the 5 best earbuds for running that we would recommend!

1. Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones

Price: $35.99

First on the list is the Dual Driver Bluetooth Earphones. These Bluetooth earphones come with a wire that goes around the back of your neck to ensure a very secure fit. The dual-driver technology with advanced filtering means that there is much-improved sound quality. This is best experienced with music that involves high bass and treble. The battery on this also provides an impressive 7 hours of music. The earphones are famous for being extremely comfortable and stay on while going on your runs. These earphones are waterproof and thus, would not be affected in any way from sweat or rain.

  • Dual Drivers
  • Comfortable and Secure Fit
  • Stable Bluetooth Connection
  • Long-Lasting Battery

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2. Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Price $47.99

These earphones are best suited to those that prefer no wires at all on their earphones. These earphones also come with a portable charging device that helps to keep your earphones safe and well charged at all times! The case provides up to 9 hours of active use and is very compact. The noise cancellation technology also allows for very impressive music quality. These earphones are also very easily connected to your device. Furthermore, they come with 3 different types of ear tips that you can use depending on your preference.

  • High-Definition Stereo Sound
  • 9 Hours of Active Use with Portable Charging
  • Comfortable and Secure Fit

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3. Sennheiser CX Sport

Price: $129.95

If you are after a slightly more expensive type of earphones then we would recommend the Sennheiser CX Sport. These earphones are sweat and splash resistant as well but since it is not actually waterproof, we would not recommend it for swimming. The sound quality on these is impressive as well and they stay on when running.

With a lightweight, sweat, and splash resistant design that can be worn around the neck or in front and advanced Bluetooth technology, it sets you free to experience high-quality sound as you move.

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4. Beats X by Dr Dre

Price: $99.95

These earphones have impressive battery life and also provide impressively clear quality. With its Fast Fuel technology, the Beats X can playback for 2 hours of charge on just 5 minutes of charge. The box also comes with 4 types of earbud tips so you can choose which one suits you the best and use that one. It is also available in 3 colors including the classic deviant black-red Dr Dre color!

  • Driven by the Apple W1 chip
  • Wireless the way it should be
  • Stay connected. Stay in the zone.
  • Sound that stays with you

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5. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones

Price: $199.00

This pair of earphones is also totally wireless and thus, you can expect hassle-free listening on your runs. The sound quality on these is also very impressive and do not disappoint. The earpieces themselves offer 5 hours of battery which is pretty impressive. The charging case provides 10 hours of battery. Much like the above sports earphones, these are also IPX4 rated water resistant which means sweat and rain would not affect your earphones.


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That concludes our list of earphones that we would recommend for running! All the earphones on this list are waterproof, Bluetooth enabled and have a very impressive battery life so choose your pick!

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