Tips & Guides 8 Must-Have iPad Accessories for College Students

8 Must-Have iPad Accessories for College Students

If you are a college student, one of the most useful devices you can get is the iPad. Some have even said that the iPad may be more important than a MacBook due to its increased functionality and versatility. Regardless of which way you sway, having an iPad for the hurdles in college can prove to be very useful. Here is a list of 8 iPad accessories that we believe could further help you on your college journey.

1. iPad Yippee Trifold Smart Protective Case

 This accessory is a must-have for college students. The iPad Yippee Trifold Smart Case is the best case to have hands down! It really boosts your efficiency because of its ability to work at different angles. Unlike other cases, this case has strong magnets built in to ensure that your iPad is really locked in when you are using it in stand mode. Thus, you do not have to worry about your iPad being flimsy or falling over. The case also comes in 5 different colors to suit your preferences!

  • Scratch Protection: Powerful magnets keep the front cover sealed and your iPad safe from scratches.
  • Reliable Auto Sleep/Wake: Stronger magnets ensure the auto sleep/wake function engages quickly every time.
  • Stable and Sturdy: Multiple built-in magnets lock together when in stand mode.

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2. iPad Urban Premium Folio Case

This case is perfect for college students who like to look smart while they ace their studies! The minimalist design of this case really shows how sophisticated you may be. Besides design, this case also has great functionality! The backplate is made of polycarbonate and has a large ventilation cutout to keep your device light and cool. It also has a very reliable auto sleep/wake detector to ensure that you save battery when you are not using your iPad. Instead of magnets like above, this case has a non-slip groove to allow you to view your iPad from 2 different angles. This means that the case is very lightweight. This case is also perfect for the college student that may be a tad bit clumsy. The case itself is 1mm thicker than the inner backplate and this means that if the iPad is dropped, the shock is absorbed by the case instead of the iPad itself- thus saving it from damage.

  • Light & Ventilated: Pure polycarbonate backplate with a large ventilation cutout keeps your device light and cool.
  • Premium Material: Made of PU leather with wood grain texture and decorative stitching. The smooth outer cover and sturdy frame combine with a soft microfiber lining to help keep your device safe.

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3. iPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector

As a college student, you are always going to be rushing. Whether it is from class to class or from home to school, time is always of the essence and you may be careless. When rushing, you are at a very high risk of dropping your iPad. If you have dropped your iPad before, you would have learned the sour lesson that the screen is more than likely to crack if your iPad is unprotected. Thus, it is important to protect your screen from damages like this. The best way to do this is to get yourself a screen protector. A screen protector is an essential if you own any product as fragile as an iPad. The screen protector we recommend from ESR is the best on the market and is specifically designed for your iPad! It provided safety for your iPad without sacrificing any of its features. Thus, your gadgets like facial recognition and Apple Pencil will all still work without hindrance!

  • Microphone Cutout: Designed specifically for the new All-Screen iPad Pro 2018, the special microphone cutout ensures audio quality is unaffected.
  • Face Recognition and Apple Pencil Compatible: Only 0.3mm thick, the screen protector allows for seamless face recognition and maintains high touch sensitivity for apps and when using the Apple Pencil. 

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4. iPad Paper-Like screen protector

If you do not really need such a hard tempered screen protector and would prefer something with a bit more functionality, then we would recommend the paper-like screen protector. This screen protector was made with note-taking in mind. It makes the surface of your iPad feel like a piece of paper when you write on it with a stylus. This screen protector is also compatible with the Apple Pencil and Face ID. There is also no need to worry about installation as it comes with a very detailed installation kit and instructions!

  • Like Putting Pen to Paper: Specially-treated surface accurately simulates the feeling of writing and drawing on paper.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with detailed instructions and a full installation kit, making application a hassle-free process.

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5. iPad Stylus Pen

If you prefer to use your iPad over the paper to take notes, then you have to get yourself his stylus pen. This pen responsive with no latency and has an incredible 10+ hours of battery life! To make your college slightly easier, it also does not require pairing so you can simply turn it on and start using it. This stylus is compatible with most touch screen devices so you could use it for both your iPad and your smartphone if you want to.

  • 1.4mm precision stylus tip emulates writing and drawing with a real pen.
  • No latency, for a highly-responsive writing experience.
  • Compatible with most touch screen devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Android phones/tablets.

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6. USB 3.0 to USB-C Cable

If you have a iPad Pro 12.9/11 or any iPad that may use a USB-C cable, then you are going to need the perfect cable to ensure that your device never runs out of battery. The USB 3.0 provides 40% faster power charging as compared to the USB 2.0. The cable is also made of very durable nylon braids that shields it from daily wear and tear that can cause fraying.

  • Gold Speed, Godspeed: Gold-plated 24-pin connectors bolster optimal transmission of both power and data. Fray Free, Split Free, Tangle Free: top-tier nylon, high density, double braided
  • Capable, Reliable, Durable: nylon braided shielding, TPE jacket, tinned copper meshes braid shielding, aluminum foil shielding, insulation protective layer, high purity 23-AWG copper wire

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7. 36W PD Wall Charger (2 USB-C Ports) (UK Plug/US Plug)

Given the amount of battery you use when you are in school, it is very important to have a very capable wall adapter. This can be used to charge your iPad and your mobile phones. To ensure that your iPad never runs out of battery, this wall charger should be used alongside the USB 3.0 cable above. Most universities have very accessible wall plugs. If you ever think you are going to run out of battery on your iPad soon, just plug one of these in and charge your iPad for a few minutes. It never hurts to have too much battery!

  • Smart Device Detection – The advanced IC chip automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging power for connected devices. Your device charges as fast as possible while protecting your battery life
  • The Dual USB-C Power Delivery output will charge your USB-C compatible devices simultaneously, which saves time and valuable outlet space

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8. iPad Stand

Last but not least, we have the iPad stand. This is especially useful for students that use the iPad as a secondary tool to assist in their education. You can attach this to your study table and use it right next to your MacBook! This way you have two screens to use when studying! The gooseneck is made from airplane grade aluminum and stays stable even when attached to heavier devices.

  • Fully Adjustable: Neck length can be extended from 31.5” to 40”, and bracket can be rotated 360°, giving you full control of your viewing experience.
  • Stable and Secure: Gooseneck is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, and will stay stable and still even when holding heavier devices.

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That concludes our list of devices that we believe will greatly help those of you who are making their way through college. We hope you find this list and the products the use for you studies!

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