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The 6 Best Qi Wireless Chargers For iPhone (Charging Pad & Charging Stand) In 2019!

Today the world is of wireless charging; many companies are splashing with great designs, high-end powerful and efficient chargers for iPhone or Android Smartphones. If you are searching for the best Qi Wireless charger of 2019 then you are at the right place. Here we bring the best devices now available on the market to get garget cable-free.

Qi wireless standard has adopted universally now. So you do not need to think about any compatibility issue. Some of the proprietary chargers are going to work better than others, but it is worth to check the charge rates double.

Top 6 Qi Wireless Chargers for iPhones!

We have researched the most viral charging pads and charging stands, and we have now selected the 6 best Qi wireless chargers for iPhones and iPads. Let’s review them in detail along with its features, uses, benefits, current price, and customer ratings.

1. Tidal Metal-Frame iPhone Wireless Charger

The ESR 7.5W wireless charger works for 0.5 hours faster than any other standard charger available in the market. This is a highly recommended charger for Qi-enabled iPhones Xs Max, XR/Xs/X, and iPhone 8 plus. 10W wireless charger is recommended for Samsung Galaxy and Notes. When you usually use a standard Apple power adapter or USB port of the computer to power wireless charges, the power may be insufficient to charge the phone properly. Therefore we recommend using QC (5V/2A) power adapter.

If you are looking for a charger that is safe and stays cool, then this is the best stable charger. Its advanced built-in cooling system along with metal frame will help in maintaining heat degeneracy. This charger can detect foreign objects automatically. So stay away from annoying wires and enjoy this LED light charger with automatic turn off in 60 seconds.

 Our Ratings: 4.5 Stars

 Price: $25.99 USD

  • Safe Stay-Cool Design & Sable Charging: Advanced built-in cooling system + Metal frame helps better heat dissipation.
  • Easy & Sleep-Friendly: Stay away from the annoying wires and enjoy charging your device free.

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2. Ultra-Slim iPhone Wireless Charger

A nightstand charger specially designed with a soft LED indicator that turns off automatically is ultra-slim iPhone wireless charger. The charges come in a compact size without taking much space and help to reduce the night time routine. Many companies try to copy a similar physical design for Qi-compatible wireless chargers. ESR has managed to bring a sleek design charger made of the metal frame means it also looks good.

The 10W fast charger is recommended for the Samsung Galaxy phone. The standard 5W charger is available for iPhone, and other Qi-enabled devices. It can kick up a gear for all those who are capable of handling and taking an onboard increased charging. The charger comes with a built-in feature like overheat and short-circuit protection, which helps in keeping your device safe. It also offers automatic foreign object recognition for phones with the wireless charging pad.

Our Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Price: $18.99 USD

  • Nightstand Charger – Designed with sleep in mind, the soft LED indicator automatically turns off after a minute to help you get uninterrupted sleep. 
  • Premium Quality – A sleek and compact design combined with a metal frame means this charger works as good as it looks.

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3. Essential iPhone Wireless Charger Stand

A charger that offers fast charging is the one everyone looking for. The essential iPhone wireless charger upgraded version comes with a heat control feature. It includes a separate coil with the circuit board, which helps in fast charging. There will be stability in charging your phone safely. The non-slippery pads and wide base design allows your phone and charger to remain securely in one place. This stable support feature makes it a highly recommended wireless charger stand for iPhone.

The charger comes with a specially designed soft and small indicator light. It appears on the surface area of the charger helps to get uninterrupted sleep for users. The dual-coil design will help you to keep the phone for charging vertically or horizontally. You can charge your phone using this charger while watching your favorite film or doing FaceTime.

Our Ratings: 3.5 Stars

Price: $22.99 USD

  • STABLE SUPPORT- A wide base design and non-slip pads for the base and ledge ensure your phone and charger stay securely in place.
  • VERSATILE VIEWING EXPERIENCE – A dual-coil design, lets you charge your phone vertically or horizontally while using it for things like FaceTime or watching videos.

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4. Shift Wireless Charger for iPhone

Shift wireless charger is equipped with an intelligent and highly efficient chip. It provides 10W charging speed for Samsung Galaxy variants, 9.5W for all iPhone variants, and 5W standard amount of charging for all Google devices. It is to be noted that for 5W/7.5W, charging speed requires QC 3.0/ PD compatible adapter. The charger is highly recommended due to the easy use feature.

You need to plug in it and charge your iPhone. It supports horizontal as well as vertical charging position with the wireless charging stand. But the charger can be used in dual-position only when it is folded flat. The phone will sit slightly offset from the middle part to do charging properly. Its non-slippery pad offers maximum stability to the standing and pad mode. It is highly recommended due to the compatibility with any phone case rather than thicker or metal attachment cases. The charger can be folded to make a compact design allowing you to use it while traveling.

Our Ratings: 4.0 Stars

Price: $25.99 USD

  • Easy to Use: Simply plug it in and start charging. Supports both horizontal and vertical charging.
  • Stable & Case-Friendly: Non-slip padding provides added stability in both stand and pad mode. Compatible with most phone cases (excluding cases thicker than 5 mm or with metal attachments).

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5. Anker Qi iPhone Wireless Charger

The major benefit of using an Anker Qi iPhone Wireless Charger is you get the opportunity to join 50+ million powered by the leading technology. This charger works at a very high speed; therefore, it is a highly recommended wireless charger stand for the phone like iPhone and Samsung big phones. Charge your phone in a landscape position to watch a video or in portrait mode to message and recognize your face. The Anker Qi iPhone is a user-friendly iPhone charger.

No need to worry about the phone cases; this charger can be used directly with protective cases. The cases can be plastic or rubber or TPU but should not be thicker than 5mm. If there is any metal or magnetic attachment then it may prevent charging. The Qi iPhone Wireless charger set includes a powerful wave of 7.5W that stands 6ft, micro USB cable, and warranty card of 18 months, welcome guide, and friendly customer services.

Our Ratings: 3.0 Stars

Price: $29.99 USD

  • One for All: Works at high speed with most wirelessly-charged phones, including the latest iPhone and Samsung flagship phones. Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger required (not included).
  • Flip It: Charge in landscape orientation while watching videos, or portrait mode for messaging and facial recognition.

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6. Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Stand for iPhones

Yootech Qi Wireless charger comes in 2 packs, which make it convenient to use one at home and other at the office. If you have two phones, then you can charge both the phones at a time. Its multifunctional intelligent protection technology helps your phone from getting overcharged or overheated. The other safety features provided are temperature protection, input current protection, over-voltage, and short -circuit protection. These features keep your phone and device safe and usable.

The wireless charging stand can be used in a vertical and horizontal position, helping you keep the keep in perfect angle to watch movies or listen to music or take calls or send a message. A smart indicator design helps you to enjoy better. The LED flashlight will flash till 16 seconds until it recognizes the phone and then turns off. In the package, the 2xQi Wireless charger stand comes with 2×3 3ft USB cable type c, 2×3.3ft USB C- USB C Cable, and user manual.

Our Ratings: 3.0 Stars

Price: $28.99 USD

  • [COMES WITH 2 PACKS]: Comes with 2 packs, which will be more convenient for you to get one for work and one for home, one for your iPhone and one for your Android phone if you have two mobile phones or one for you and one for your wife.
  • [SAFE TO USE]: Exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology, protect your phone from overcharging and overheating. With temperature protection, over-voltage protection, input current protection, short circuit protection, it ensures the safety of you and your device on daily use.

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In terms of convenience, the Qi wireless charger cannot beat any other. You need to drop your phone on the charger and sleep away. Gone the days when you manage cables that inevitably break or lost somewhere. Qi Wireless charges offer speed, and they are easy to use.

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