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The 5 Best Cell Phone Holders For Car In 2019!

Are you looking for the best cell phone holders for the car? People using smartphones for GPS directions and attending calls while driving really need this device. You can position your device within line of sight by mounting it with the help of the best car cell phone holder.

We all know how difficult it can be to maneuver with a smartphone when driving a car; therefore, the cell phone car holder is an important accessory. It can serve the purpose of optimum safety and convenience. You have to find the most suitable that is compatible with your smartphone model. You need to get the right one that ensures durability, best feature, viewing angles, perfect design and more.

Top 5 Cell Phone Holders for Cars!

Here in this guide, we have shared reliable and convenient cell phone holder options for cars that you can look into. We highly recommend them after reviewing them on factors related to price, feature, specification, design, color, durability, and customer ratings. Let’s have a look!

1. Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder for Cars

This universal car mount is designed with premium aluminum alloy. This universal phone holder fits any smartphone, including iPhone 8 Plus/8; iPhone XS Max/XS/X/XR, Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10/S10e, Note9/Note 8; Google Pixel 3 XL/Pixel 3; Mate 20 Pro/20, Huawei P30 Pro/P30, and others. You can put it in or take off using one hand. This is easy to install, and it offers lots of other benefits too. Your smartphone stays on mount properly and safely due to strong magnets.

Optimal viewing angles are supported by a built-in rotatable swivel ball. There are fewer chances of scratches as this is designed with aluminum alloy. It offers you the benefit of fully 360-degree rotation. This product makes sure safe driving even if you are navigating, talking, charging or listening to music. This is appropriate for both men and women. This is easy using, most handy and safe Cell phone car holder that comes with a silicone finish surface. This is compatible with 6-inch smartphones.

Our Ratings: 4.5 Stars

 Price: $25.99 USD

  • Universal Car Mount with strong magnets ensures your phone stays on the mount safely, up to 6-inch Smartphones supported.
  • Built-in rotatable swivel ball for optimal viewing angles.

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2. Gravity Car Phone Holder

This can be a good option for those who want the best car phone holder with user-friendly design and tighter hold. This product is easy to use as you can put in/adjust/take off easily using one hand. You are surely going to love the one-handed operation feature. It can firmly and automatically lock your smartphone with the help of gravity. It has a longer and thicker rubber grip to make sure that there is no damage to the blades. This tighter hold ensures higher reliability and a strong grasping force.

Its reserved charging port offers you the facility to charge your smartphone. It is compatible with GPS and a 4-6 inch phone. It supports Google Pixel 3 XL/Pixel 3; iPhone, iPhone 8 Plus/8; Samsung Galaxy, Note9/Note 8; Mate 20 Pro/20, Huawei P30 Pro/P30, and any phones within the width in the case up to 110mm. This can be one of the best cell phone holders for the car.

Our Ratings: 4.5 Stars

 Price: $25.99 USD

  • One-Handed Operation – Easily put in/pick up your phone by one hand. The ESR gravity car phone holder will lock the phone automatically and firmly with the help of gravity.
  • Tighter Hold – Thicker (2-prong) and longer rubber grip ensure stronger grasping force and higher reliability. No damage to blades.

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3. JTD Smart Phone Car Holder for Windshield and Dashboard

It is easy to attach it to any textured or smooth surface as it comes with a super sticky suction cap. It is easy to put phone holders on the mount using a single hand. Adjustable 360 viewing angles make it the best option to go with. This is suitable for the phone with 3.5 to 5.5-inch screens. Sturdy cradle and sticky suction pad keep the phone locked. It can securely fit your phone as it provides two thickness settings or dual setting clips.

People like it due to effortless installation and simple set up. It hardly takes more than one minute to install it. This phone holder comes with a sturdy rubber base that can hold phones easily and allow you to change its positions. You can adjust whatever angle you prefer, be it landscape or portrait. Apart from all these features, it offers you the benefit of compatibility with many mp3 players and current smartphones. This can be the best option for those you want suitable Cell phone holders for the car.

Our Ratings: 3.5 Stars

 Price: $49.99 USD

  • Keep your phone in place during tight turns or on rocky roads
  • The super sticky suction cap attaches itself to any smooth or textured surface
  • Single-handed operation. No more hassle putting your phone or device on the mount.

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4. MORPHEUS LABS M4s Car Phone Holder

This is compatible with the majority of smartphones, such as iPhone X/Xs / 10. It comes with a PATENTED magnetic Auto-Rotating QUICK-LOCK System that ensures quality and safety. Designed in Germany, this phone holder is easy to use and install and requires just one minute in setting it up. You can go with such amazing cell phone holders for the car.

This is good for everyday use as it is designed amazingly and worth the cost. This is durable and easy to adjust. Now you can listen to music and use GPS without any distraction or issue. This is easy to mount and operate as this is amazingly designed and manufactured. There are so many other benefits that make it get the position in this list.

Our Ratings: 4.0 Stars

 Price: $ 49.99 USD

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: iPhone XS/iPhone X case Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G) Certified. iPhone XS/ iPhone X bike mount has an ULTRA STRONG ultra-lock, which makes the bike kit usage extremely safe.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & NO ASSEMBLY: Just click your iPhone X/XS case in iPhone bike mount and its ready for use! In less than 1 minute!

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5. Kenu Airframe Car Smart Phone Holder

This car phone mount makes it easy for you to stream music, enjoy hands-free calls and get GPS directions. It has a 360-degree rotating clip to adjust whatever angle you prefer. This is one of the most popular car accessories, as this is pocket-sized and portable. It is designed for larger devices.

This holder has a solid grip that helps keep the phone in place securely. This small-sized holder can fit in your pocket too. You can find such cell phone holders for the car perfect for your car.

Our Ratings: 3.0 Stars

Price: $ 29.95 USD

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: iPhone XS/iPhone X case Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G) Certified. iPhone XS/ iPhone X bike mount has an ULTRA STRONG ultra-lock, which makes the bike kit usage extremely safe.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & NO ASSEMBLY: Just click your iPhone X/XS case in iPhone bike mount and its ready for use! In less than 1 minute!

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Final Thoughts!

Our list shall guide you through your cell phone holder buying process; however, you should choose the best compatible option for your phone and car. You can look for the one that matches your requirements and budget. Choose cell phone holders for cars and make your ride perfect and hassle-free.

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