News & Events Samsung Galaxy S21: What Colors are Available? Which Should You Get?

Samsung Galaxy S21: What Colors are Available? Which Should You Get?

Having a gadget in 2021 is not about just performance, but having something that adds to your persona. After all, that’s the least to expect after spending thousands of dollars. Well, when it comes to Samsung, the Korean smartphone manufacturer has always left us in awe.

And a significant addition to their product line has come in the form of the new Galaxy S21. Launched on January 14, 2021, and expected to release around the 29th, this range of smartphones is bound to turn heads as well. Reason? The exotic colour options available with the same.

With a total of 6 attractive colour variants on offer, selecting the best one might seem like a tough decision. However, with us at your side, you never have to worry. In this article, we will walk you through all the colour options available and the reason why your choice might be a perfect one.

Colours options available for the Galaxy S21 range

Colours Galaxy S21 Galaxy S21+ Galaxy S21 Ultra
Phantom Violet Yes Yes No
Phantom Pink Yes No No
Phantom White Yes No No
Phantom Gray Yes No No
Phantom Black No Yes Yes
Phantom Silver No Yes Yes

Table showing the availability of different colour options with each Galaxy S21 Model

What Galaxy S21 Colors are Available

Making a choice

Phantom Violet

Certainly, the only colour option among the six, believed to be pulling the weight on its side is Phantom Violet. Unique in looks and variation, this colour option seems to inspire creativity. The matte finish is complemented by a beautiful gold frame which both completes and complements the look of this smartphone.

The camera module at the rear also has the same gold theme, which might appear a bit different than actual gold, with more of a silvery touch to it. This colour option is only available with the 128GB storage version for the Galaxy S21 and the S21+.

Why choose Phantom Violet?

If you are someone who’s not afraid of breaking the conventions and like to tread the path less travelled, this colour option is for you. You can easily pair your phone with your dressup according to your fashion sense, and get ready for some undivided attention.

Phantom Pink

Available exclusively for the base Galaxy S21 model, this colour option has more of a warm gold touch to it. This makes the smartphone look fresh, vibrant, and at the same time premium as well. If you look at the frame, you’ll find a pinkish-gold hue on it. The camera module at the rear also has the same colour theme.

Reasons to choose Phantom Pink

If you are someone who likes to be politely-stylish, this colour option will suit you the best. Although this colour option will appeal more to the female gender, males can also go for it without hesitation. If you are looking to match something classy, and fresh to your getup, this colour deserves to be your choice.

Phantom White

Just like the Phantom Pink, this colour option is exclusive to Galaxy S21. Peaceful, simple, and minimalistic at the same time, the phantom white colour option offers a premium look but with a little less boldness compared to the two colour options discussed above. Just like the Phantom Violet, this colour will be available for the 128Gb storage version only.

The frame of the smartphone has been finished in silver, which accurately blends with the metallic silver finish on the rear camera module.

Why Phantom White?

If you need a device that looks powerful while being simple and elegant at the same time, you got to add this colour option to your bucket. Also, this colour option will go with just about any outfit- a big plus!

Which Samsung S21 color Should You Get

Phantom Gray

Again, this colour option is only available in the Galaxy S21 model and is only slightly lighter than the black on the S21+ and the Ultra. This colour option makes for a simple, sleek smartphone that doesn’t turn heads that much but will definitely shine out among the crowd. This colour option is available with only the 256GB storage version and just like the other models in the lineup, this option also comes finished in matte.

Why Phantom Gray?

This colour option will appeal more to the conservative crowd who doesn’t want the look of their smartphone to reflect the effects of ageing like surface wear and scratches.

Phantom Black

This colour option is available exclusively for the S21+ and the S21 Ultra. Never turning old, this colour option is a preferred choice for many. The matte finish ensures you don’t receive fingerprint marks on the surface. This colour variant looks deep and sophisticated and manages to blend well with the camera module finished in the same theme.

Reasons to select the Black

If you like something that is bold and appealing at all times, and something that you can never get bored of, picking the black colour option will be the best decision.

Phantom Silver

Silver is often considered boring, however, it can be the best pick when it comes to longevity. The Phantom silver variant on the Galaxy S21+ and the S21 ultra has been finished in matte which makes it resistant to fingerprint marks and dullness due to ageing. The silver-coloured frame blends well with the same themed camera module, thus completing the look and making the smartphone stand out with a striking look under accurate light conditions.

Why buy the Phantom Silver variant?

If you are someone who’s looking to have an always fresh-looking phone that’s trendy and stylish at the same time, the Phantom Silver is the option to go for.

The final word

While these are the six main colour variants available in the market, you can also customize your order to get a different colour from among Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown. However, you may need to wait for a little longer and spend a little extra to get these matte-finished timeless pieces.

No matter what colour option you choose, the device itself with the host of features will help you stand out from the crowd. We hope the above guide will help you narrow down your choice and choose something that complements your personality.

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Happy Shopping!

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