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Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Clear Cases/Covers in 2021

At the time we are penning this article, Samsung just unveiled their new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S21 Ultra. This smartphone is undoubtedly the best of its kind. The 6.8” screen has a 3200×1440 Infinity-0 display which gives an incredible viewing experience. And, the S21 Ultra comes in quite a few interesting colorways including the Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown. The back also includes a quad-camera system designed to take awesome photos while looking incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

With all these features, this beautiful device is definitely worth some showing off. After all, you spent big money on your S21 Ultra. So, you should definitely be flexing it! And, the best way to show off while giving it good protection at the same time is to get an awesome clear case for your all-new Galaxy S21 Ultra. Here are the top 7 clear cases that we absolutely adore right now.

1. Galaxy S21 Ultra Project Zero Clear-View Slim Case – $10.99

Galaxy S21 Ultra Clear Case

Key features

  • Ultra-lightweight and slim
  • Crystal clear
  • Soft-touch cover
  • Raised edges

This clear-view slim case is the best for keeping your phone protected. It is slim, light, and wouldn’t add to the weight of the phone. And, it gets rid of watermarks using the microdot pattern which prevents the cover from clinging to the phone. The case is soft to touch and has a great grip.

Additional to the shock-proof TPU build, it also comes with raised edges around the screen and cameras. So, you can keep your phone on any surface without worrying about possible scratches on the front screen or camera.

2. TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case– $17.98

TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Key features

  • Snug fit TPU
  • Crystal clear
  • Cushioned corners
  • 1mm thickness around cameras

The TORRAS phone case is specifically designed to provide a slim fit to the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This case is made of a soft TPU material and is very durable. Because of the crystal clarity, it shows cases the color and detail of the back excellently.

But it’s not all about looking pretty. TORRAS case is also equipped with features designed to prevent cracks and scratches. The case has cushioned corners which provide extra protection to the phone. There is also a 1mm thickness around the screen and the cameras in the back. Basically, this is perfect for giving additional protection to the S21 Ultra while retaining its classic look.

3. VANMASS CrystalFort Case Series Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra– $18.99

VANMASS CrystalFort Series Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Key features

  • Double buffer corners
  • Enhanced edges
  • Soft and lightweight

The VANMASS Crystal Fort case incorporates double buffer corners. These provide an effective shock-proof cushioning to the corners which are the most vulnerable to shocks. The case also features a clear, lasting anti-yellow surface that is soft to touch. It also features enhanced edges to protect the screen and camera lens from scratches. While the corners can seem a little bulky, the case is very lightweight.

4. Galaxy S21 Ultra Metal Kickstand Phone Case – $18.99

Galaxy S21 Ultra clear stand Case

Key features

  • Flexible polymer material
  • Comes with a kickstand
  • Raised edges around screen and camera

The specialty of this cover comes from the flexible polymer material that has been used instead of plastic. The polymer gives better impact protection while being incredibly soft. This case also comes with an attached kickstand that can be freely adjusted up to 60 degrees. It gives you the best viewing experience when video calling or watching movies. With this kickstand, you are sure to fall in love with the excellent screen quality of the S21 Ultra again and again. This case also has raised edges and will help protect the screen and camera.

5. CASEKOO Chrystal Clear Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case – $19.99

CASEKOO Crystal Clear Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Key features

  • Anti-yellowing material
  • Shockproof airbags and TPU bumpers
  • 2mm raised bezels

Clarity is the most important feature when it comes to clear cases. However, some materials tend to yellow over time defeating the whole purpose of clarity. The CASEKOO case is made of a high-quality anti-yellowing material that guarantees long-lasting clarity.

Plus, this case also features shockproof airbags and soft TPU bumpers to provide protection by absorbing drop impact. It can also prevent your screen and camera from getting scratches with the 2mm raised bezels that surround the edges. The case has a slim profile and provides a good grip as well.

6. VANMASS Cherish Series Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case – $21.99

VANMASS Cherish Series Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Key features

  • Two-layer protection
  • Anti-slip lines
  • Enhanced screen lip

This VANMASS case is definitely one of a kind. We love the two ‘skeleton’ and ‘shell’ layers that give extra protection to the Samsung S21 Ultra. As you probably know, the edges of a screen are the most prone to cracks. This case completely covers the edges and is awesome at keeping cracks away.

Another feature we love is the soft polymer material with anti-slip lines on either side of the case. These take anti-slip to the next level and you simply won’t have to worry about your phone slipping. The VANMASS Cherish case has a clear back and is wireless charging compatible.

7. YEMODO Case for Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 inch 2021 – $25.99

YEMODO Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 inch

Key features

  • Made of hard PC and soft TPU
  • Crystal clear cover
  • Raised lips

This clear case is made of hard PC in the back and soft TPU around the edges. So, it is a hard case with the shock absorption of a soft case. You can clearly see the color of your phone through the back. The case also comes with raised lips designed to protect the screen and camera from getting scratches.


The brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is definitely a prize to own. And, considering how expensive the S21 Ultra is, it deserves the best protection there is. These 7 clear cases are the best at protecting your phone while letting you wow everyone with the pure awesomeness of the Samsung S21 Ultra’s design.

We hope you found the perfect clear case from our list of recommendations. If so, have fun flexing your new phone!

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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