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Best iPad 8 Case Covers with Pencil Holder 2020

I was on the train the other day and I sat beside this young chap. Apparently, he was on his way to an interview or a presentation as he wore a nervous look on his face.

We soon heard a shattering sound as he leaned forward and then backward breathing heavily and exhaustively trying to hide his nervousness.

Oh my! I could not contain my anger as I poured my outburst. “Hey, chap! What the heck just happened?”

Pods of sweat began to gather at his brows and with a confused look, he responded “I’m sorry”. In the actual sense, I should sympathize with him but not in this case.

Not only did the back of the chap’s iPad gets scratched, the screen got cracked and the edges of his screen also chipped off too. So pathetic!

He has not only doubled his nervousness, he had as well incurred additional bills on himself. Then I schooled him a little on the best iPad 8 case covers with pencil holder he could purchase.

Perhaps, you haven’t experienced this yet, chances are you might fall victim to this too so, why not get schooled too by reading through.

iPad 8 (2020) rebound pencil smart case – $18.99

iPad 8 pencil smart case

Key features

  • auto lights on/off-screen
  • dual stand
  • in-built pencil holder
  • nice finishing

In terms of compatibility, this rebound smart case is designed specifically for the 2020 iPad 8th generation and the iPad 7th generation. Do not expect it to fit in for any other device.

There is something magical about this rebound smart case such that your screen light automatically goes off when you cover the screen of your iPad and it comes on when you open it.

One amazing feature about this case is the magnet-like feature it possesses which helps keep your iPad in either the horizontal position when you want to see a movie or watch a video or in the vertical position when making that call to your buddies.

Perfection is another term for its finishing as this case is made with a flexible polymer that is supple for a firm grip.

To the extra feature – the pencil holder which allows you to keep your pencil when not in use and also for easy access when you need to use them.

iPad 8th gen (2020) urban premium folio case with pencil holder – $15.99

iPad 8 Folio Case with Pencil Holder

Key features

  • Lightweight & airy
  • Auto lights on/off function
  • Reliable stand
  • Superfine finishing

For its compatibility, do not waste your time trying to pair with another device as it is designed for only the iPad 8th gen (2020).

This case is light weighted and it houses a broad space that gives your iPad that cooling effect when it heats up.

It possesses two reliable stands for viewing in both landscape and portrait positions. when it comes to the finishing, the picture speaks volumes – super fine!

iPad 8 (2020) sentry protective case stand – $29.99

iPad 8 protective case with stand

Key features

  • Fixed & all-purpose stand
  • Shock resistant
  • Auto sleep/wake
  • Safe & durable standover

This case is specially designed for the iPad 8th gen generation (2020) and the 7th generation (2019) therefore, no other model will fit in.

An excellent feature to jolly over is that you can sit at any angle as this case supports several stand angles. Plus, a strong magnet is embedded to help fix the stand in position.

This case is made to resist all forms of shock that result from severe falls or drops and it protects your iPad against scratches and peels too.

Why spend extra bucks in purchasing another pencil when your sentry case can render a perfect job as a holder?

You also get to enjoy the auto sleep/wake feature when you cover or uncover the screen of your iPad.

Do you need to stream that video while you dress up for work? The sentry case allows you to safely mount your iPad on the bedside stool or dressing table with the holder which possesses a durable fastener.

Fintie case for the new iPad 8th gen (2020) – $19.99

Fintie Case for New iPad 8

Key features

  • Multiangle view
  • Durable stand cover
  • Microfiber soft lining
  • Auto sleep/wake
  • Large cover pocket

This case is compatible only with the iPad 8th generation (2020) and the 7th generation (2019) 10.2 inch.

With the multiple angle view, it possesses, you can sure to get a perfect view irrespective of where you are seated. Plus, it has an anti-slip stripe to help hold your iPad in place.

It houses an anti-scratch microfibre soft lining which serves as an extra layer in terms of protection and also gives you that comfortable feel when you hold your iPad.

It helps keep your iPad screen awake when the case cover is opened and keeps it on sleep mode while closed.

It has an abundant cover pocket space in which you can keep your cards and another document for easy access.

Antbox case for iPad 10.2 (2020/2019) – $33.90

Antbox Case for iPad 10.2

Key features

  • Auto sleep/wake function
  • Multi-protection layer
  • Flexible back cover
  • Built-in apple pencil holder
  • Magnet buckle

This is designed specifically for pad 8th generation (2020) and pad 7th generation (2019) and the PU leather smart cover supports the auto sleep/wake function.

With the built-in apple pencil holder, the apple pencil cap and pencil adapter can easily be removed.

It has high-grade PU leather, reinforcing plate, an anti-skid position which constitutes the multi-layer for super protection.

The flexible TPU back cover is easy to fix and take off. Plus, it is sturdy and cannot be easily breached.

Zugu case – $54.99

ZUGU CASE - 2020 iPad 10.2

Key features

  • Thin magnetic stand
  • Auto sleep/wake function

This case is designed exclusively for the iPad 8th generation (2020) and the iPad 10.2 7th generation (2019).

This zugu cover also supports the auto sleep/wake functions and it houses a deep-seated magnet that helps hold your iPad in place.

On the whole,

Allow me to reiterate – the talks on purchasing a case cover for your iPad can not be overemphasized. It is to your advantage, instead. Go purchase one asap and during your purchase, remember to look out for those ESR cover as they come with pencil holders at an affordable price. You wouldn’t have to break the bank for this.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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