Top Picks 8 Best Must-Have Car Accessories For Your New Car of 2020!

8 Best Must-Have Car Accessories For Your New Car of 2020!

If you have a car, then you have to invest in some accessories. Some car accessories for your new car are really important to help make your driving experience hassle-free. There are so many important options are available like car charger, Bluetooth device, phone holder, and more.

You need not invest in all the accessories available in market; you should know what you need. Here in this guide, we have come up with right options that you must have. Check them out below:


8 Must-Have Car Accessories for Your New Car – Only for You!


Car Accessory 1: Purifying Bag

You need perfect odor absorber for your car, and ESR7Gears Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag has become so much popular. It helps eliminate all sorts of odors including smoke, shoes and more.

Deal 1: ESR7Gears Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

This product is amazing and one of the must-have car accessories for your car. If you want to get rid of unpleasant smell of shoes or smoke, then you should go for it. This purifying bag is multifunctional as it absorbs moisture, odor, allergens, and harmful fumes too. By using this accessory, you can help prevent stale air, mildew, and mold.

Price: $9.99 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 2: Car Phone Holder

A car phone holder offers benefits like safety and comfort. You can transform your smartphone in hands-free device by using car phone holder. Road accidents generally occur due to distractions, as you may prevent it by placing your cell on car mount. Distraction-free driving can be possible with it.

Deal 2: ESR Gear Gravity Car Phone Holder

Gravity Car Phone Holder can be the best option. It can work with phones within width to 110 mm. It is compatible with Samsung galaxy Note9/Note 8, Huawei P30 Pro/P30, iPhone 8 Plus/8, iPhone 11/11 Pro and more. It supports one-handed operation means you can remove or place in mount using one hand. It can lock your phone automatically. Its user-friendly design is also a great feature.

Price: $25.99 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 3: Air Freshener

If you want to improve the impression then you should use this accessory. You should invest in good quality of air fresheners. You should go with air freshener with unique fragrance. It can eliminate odor of food, smoke, shoes and more effectively and replace it with long-lasting and refreshing scents.

Deal 3: ESR Gear Car Air Purifier/Freshener

This can be the right accessory to invest in as it helps eliminate unpleasant smell or different odors quickly and effectively. You can go with it as it offers a long-lasting and refreshing scent. It can clip to various car air vents securely and easily. This is eco-friendly, easy to install and available in various fragrances, including flower garden, citrus blossom, ocean breeze.

car air purifier freshener

Price: $14.99 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 4: Car Charger

Everybody can charge his or her phone in a car using car charger. This is an important and useful car accessory.  You need a reliable car charger to service your constant power requirements. It will prove useful when you go on a long trip and require regular phone charging.

Deal 4: Lightningfast Lightning Car Charger (APPLE Certified) with Cable & 2 USB Sockets

Lightning-fast car charger is one of the best in its segment. It is 3.1 Amp chargers that ensure better performance and efficient charging. It is APPLE certified and comes with 2 USB charging sockets. 2 USB ports help you in charging two devices simultaneously. It also comes with an LED indicator that indicates that the power is flowing.

Price: $19.99 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 5: Car Emergency Kit

Every car must have an emergency kit. While on the long trips or driving in the city, we never know when the car may breakdown. So, we should always be prepared for such emergencies and should keep an emergency kit in the car. It is a small kit that can be easily accommodated in the car’s boot.

Deal 5: First Secure Car Emergency Kit for Road Assistance

The First Secure car emergency kit is a fully equipped kit that offers you complete roadside assistance. It contains several useful items such as durable and strong jumper cables, nine-piece tool kits, a reflective warning triangle, electrical tape, gloves, tire repair kit, and lot more. It is a complete emergency kit.


Price: $54.95 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 6: Car GPS Navigator

You might not always use for smartphones for GPS assistance as there are a lot other tasks to be done with it. So, you should have a dedicated GPS navigator in your car. The first benefit of having it is that it makes it easier to view maps as it has a larger screen, and secondly it helps to save your phone’s battery.

Deal 6: Amgay 7 Inches GPS Navigation with HD Screen for Cars

Amgay GPS Navigation for the car does a lot for you in addition to assisting you with maps and directions. It has a 7 inches HD display screen, a high-resolution camera to assist you with recording your trips, speed limit indicator and a lot more. It has inbuilt storage of 8 GB.

Price: $58.99 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 7: Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are of really great use when your car’s battery drains out. These jumper cables help you change your car’s battery from another battery that is sufficiently charged. It is one of the most useful and must-have car accessories that one should have in his/her car. You should ensure that you have good quality jumper cables for efficient charging.

Deal 7: TOPDC Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables 25ft. 700Amp

TOPDC jumper cables are one of the best jumper cables available in market these days. It has a 1 gauge cable of 25 feet. The capacity of these heavy-duty jumper cables is 700 Amp. The clamps are made of high-quality copper for better performance and are adequately guarded against corrosion.


Price: $39.99 USD

Product Link:


Car Accessory 8: Car Cleaning Cloth

It is also a must-have accessory for any car. It helps you keep your car clean. You might need it on long journeys or in the night to clean your windscreen for better vision. A good quality microfiber cloth is very effective in removing the dirt and dust from car’s surface.

Deal 8: Tsumbay Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 16” x 16” (Pack of 6)

Tsumbay microfiber car cleaning cloth has adequate length and width (16″ x 16″) for car cleaning. It is also thick enough and offers better absorption and cleaning from both sides. You get a pack of 6 high-quality thick microfiber cleaning cloths. These can also be used in your house for cleaning and dusting purposes.

Price: $15.96 USD

Product Link:



Many other must-have car accessories may be listed; the list can go on-and-on; however, we have listed the essential ones that are readily available in the market today. These car accessories for your new car are budget-friendly and can make your complete driving experience convenient and easy. You should look for the best accessories that offer the best performance and make your driving experience better.

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