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The 7 Best Pixel 4 XL Slim Soft Cases of 2019

Have you got yourself a brand new Pixel 4 XL by Google and considering getting a case that is both slim and soft for it? Welcome. Pixel 4 XL is really hitting the ground hard and giving the likes of Apple’s iPhones and Samsung Galaxies serious competition. If not for anything, Google’s mobile devices excel at camera output. The latest release which is Pixel 4 XL, has two rear camera lenses that further improve its photographic capacity. What do you say of the large screen that affords a comfortable viewing experience? For us, it’s simply fantastic.

Given that the least amount you can part with for a Pixel 4 XL is $899, you are not wrong if you want to get a nice case to protect your device and make you have a nice feel of it. Below are the 8 choicest slim, soft cases that you can shop now and get the best experience with your Google mobile device.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Essential Zero Slim Clear Soft TPU Case – $11.99

  • Designed for the Google Pixel 4 XL
  • Thin and Lightweight
  • Flexible TPU with Air-Guard Corners
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Prevents Watermarking


At a thickness of just 1mm, it would be hard to get a thinner and softer case than this. And if you are concerned about getting a case that will be a perfect fit, do not hesitate to order for this Essential Zero Slim case now. Its TPU resists yellowing to make sure that transparency that is long-lasting is maintained. In terms of protection, all the corners are air-guarded, and this helps to absorb shock that can damage your phone. To keep the camera and screen off scratches and other impacts, the case has been made with raised edges. Similarly, you can use this thin and soft case without worrying about watermarking, because of its microdot makeup.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Appro Slim Case – $12.99

  • Ultra-Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Matte Finish
  • Precise Cutouts


For seamless integration with your Google Pixel 4 XL device, you can settle for this Appro Slim Case without any regret. It’s so compatible and slim that you can hardly notice that your phone is wearing any cover. Move about with it without the worries of the extra load, as the case is lightweight. It is resistant to scratches and other impact damages. So, you know that the back of your Pixel 4 XL is safe. Similarly, its matte finish confers on it a silky texture and surface that is resistant to fingerprint. And with its accurate cutouts, there is no hindrance to its speakers, charging ports, and others.

  1. Spigen Neo Hybrid – $29.99

  • Durable structure for daily drop defense
  • Pocket-friendly design with ergonomic grip
  • Raised edges for screen and camera protection
  • Designed for Google Pixel 4


The outer shell of this case may be rough, but it is a plus in that it confers a comfortable grip on your Google device. So, you are sure that your phone won’t slip out once this case is on it. And for further protection, it has been designed in a bumper manner with edges that are raised, to keep the screen, camera, and other delicate ends (which are usually the most expensive parts of phones) safe from scratches and other impact damages. What’s more? With its accurate cutouts, you can have this cover on and charge your Google device wirelessly.

  1. MNML Google Pixel 4 XL Case – $27.00

  • Be unique
  • Made for minimalists
  • Insanely thin


With regard to slimness and excellent case design, you can count on MNML. Their Pixel 4 XL case is so thin and transparent that it does not constitute extra weight to the device. And with the case, your device’s essential parts like the camera lenses, screen, and sides are safe because of its bumper design. Choose between its frosted white or black color, and experience a matte finish that ensures that your smartphone’s beauty is preserved. The cutouts are precise enough to ensure seamless wireless charging even when the cover is on.

  1. Pixel 4 XL Mimic Tempered Glass Case – $18.99

  • Glass that Lasts
  • Looks and Feels Great
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Compatibility


A feel of glass around your Google device isn’t a bad choice at all. Get this Tempered Glass case with a TPU frame that is flexible for the comprehensive protection that your Pixel 4 XL deserves. As you carry your phone around in this cover, you will enjoy a grip that is not only comfortable but also satisfying. The tempered glass is so strong that it removes the possibility of scratches and other impact damages. All its corners are air-guarded to absorb shock and protect your device from accidental drops.

  1. Totallee Thin Pixel 4 XL Case – $29.00

  • A pocket friendly
  • ultra thin Pixel 4 XL case for everyday
  • protection against scratches and bumps


Reduce your Pixel 4 XL footprint to the minimum with this Totallee Thin Case. Going by its name, of course, you can guess that it would be thin. It is indeed, as you hardly get to know that you have a case covering your device due to its ultra-thin nature (0.02 inches thick). You can select among its white, black, or clear type and carry your device around with peace of mind. A nice Glass Tempered Screen Protector will seal the protection deal, and ensure maximum safety.

7. Pixel 4 XL Protection Bundle – $32.98



If you are wondering why the price of this case is higher compared to others, it is because you are getting a bundle of items. In addition to the basic protective features that this case offers, you get two full glass tempered screen guards. This makes it a complete package for your Pixel 4 XL. With this case on your device, holding it is comfortable. The corners are air-filled to absorb shock that can easily harm your smartphone. Even though the glass looks shiny, it is strong enough to withstand a force up to 11 lbs (5kg). As such, you are assured of protection that is three times greater than other cases. Investing in this is no wrong decision as you won’t need to buy a screen protector again.

Final verdict

Now, that’s it. 8 solid but thin cases that are excellent at providing protection and beauty to your flat-screen Google flagship. Understandably, some are expensive to get, but among the first four listed above, you can find an excellent case from ESR to suit your budget. And if you want the manufacturer’s own case, you can get it at a price beginning from $40.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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