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The 6 Best Cute Airpod Pro Cases of 2019

Apple has no doubt, achieved a milestone with its just-released AirPods Pro. The wireless earbud fixes a lot of downsides associated with the earlier release. Now, with the AirPods plugged into your ears, you get to enjoy a better sound, firm silicone grip, and zero noise in the background. However, the size is still relatively small and can easily be misplaced if not properly handled.

These cute AirPods Pro cases ensure that you have a safe place to keep your small earbuds and secure it against damage and fall-offs. With the AirPods going for as high as $249, you wouldn’t want to spare anything to protect this investment, would you? Check out our list of 8 best AirPods Pro cases you can use to safeguard your AirPods.

  1. Bounce Series Cute AirPods Pro Case with Animal Keychain -$12.99

  • Compatibility
  • Solid Protection
  • Cute & Portable
  • Visible Front LED
  • Built-in Dust Plug


This ESR Airpod Pro Case is unique for its perfect compatibility with the AirPods Pro. You can even place its charging case inside it and it will close completely and securely. It’s premium silicone make-up, improved hinge design, and precise cutout for charging makes it a safe and easily accessible Airpod Pro Case.

The monkey pal attached to the keychain further aids in adding beauty to your Airpod Pro Case. Get rid of the dirt that often obstructs charging as you experience the prebuilt dustproof feature of its plug. The case is cute, portable, and allows you to monitor the progress of your wireless charging through its Visible Front LED.

  1. Bounce Series Airpods Pro Case With Pom-Pom Keychain – $12.99

  • Compatibility
  • Solid Protection
  • Fun & Fluffy
  • Visible Front LED
  • Built-in Dust Plug


Experience the unmatched protection that this case has to offer your Airpod Pro. The compatibility of the earbuds with this case is top-notch as it closes firmly and securely when used to house the Airpod Charging Case. Apart from allowing wireless charging, you can pretty much follow the progress of your charging via its Visible Front LED.

You’d love its Pom-Pom keychain, being made from excellent faux fur that is very soft. Forget about damaging your AirPods through drops, scratch, or bumps; the silicone component of this case takes care of this risk. It is such a cute choice that anyone that likes beauty will deeply appreciate it. You can move around with it freely because of the nice keychain by its side.

  1. Metro Light Airpods Carrying Case for Airpods Pro – $14.99



The interior PC is quite tough but it has a leather exterior that is made of smooth and stylish faux. With this case, your Airpod Pro is secure from drops, bumps, and scratches. Of course, this does not translate to additional weight. More so, since the leather skin has been precisely cut, opening and closing the lid pose no problem. This feature equally allows the case to support wireless charging without the need to remove the Airpods Carrying Case. Just monitor how well your earbud is charging through its Visible Front LED.

  1. ESR Carrying Case for Airpods Pro Case 2019 – $12.99



Some of the outstanding of this ESR Carrying case includes easy carriage, high compatibility, and hybrid protection. It is easy to carry because of the attached keychain and Carabiner. With its shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant capacities, it offers top-notch protection for your earbuds. Its matte finish ensures that you are able to hold it comfortably. No need to worry about opening and closing the case; its two-part design, coupled with the fact that it is hingeless, makes this very easy.

  1. ESR Clear Carrying Case for Airpods Pro Case 2019 – $11.99

  • Compatibility
  • Premium Materials
  • Visible Front LED
  • Hingeless Design
  • Easy to Carry


Here is a TPU case cover that fits perfectly with Airpods Pro Charging Case. Although outwardly clear, it is not slippery and is resistant to dust. The case guarantees your Airpods from damages resulting from drops, scratches, and bumps. What’s more? Carry it around freely with its free Carabiner and built-in keychain. It is compatible with wireless charging and you need not remove it to do so. To check the charging status of your device, just see through its Front LED to check out the light signal.

  1. ESR Breeze Plus Airpods Pro Carrying Case – $8.99

  • Fits Like a Glove
  • Visible Front LED
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Built-In Dust Plug


If you want an ultra-slim carrying case for your Airpod Pro, this is a great option you should consider. Besides being very thin (0.8mm), the case is hingeless, thereby making access to your AirPods very easy. Being that it supports wireless charging, you can see the charging status through its Visible Front LED. Silicone is part of the makeup of this case hence, it guarantees shock absorbance. The plugs do not rust or get dusty either. That’s because they come Prebuilt with dustproof technology.

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Final Words

Airpod Pro is a premium earbud that deserves all the protection it can get. Each of the 8 cases is great, cute, and perfectly fits this sound wizard. Make your choice among them to enjoy the privileges they confer.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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