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The 4 Best Pink AirPod Pro Cases from ESR

With the color pink comes the fragrance of love and romance. And since AirPods cases can sometimes be a gift you would be presenting to someone dear to you, its color can add a lot of flavors to it. Do you care for pink-colored AirPods cases? Welcome. We have the best 4 from the stables of ESR. Here are them.

  1. Bounce Airpods Pro Carrying Case With Cute Animal Keychain – $12.99
  • Compatibility
  • Solid Protection
  • Cute & Portable
  • Visible Front LED
  • Built in Dust Plug


Securely cover your Airpods Charging Case with this amazing pink silicone cover. Its hinge has been upgraded to allow for easy opening and access to the AirPods and pairing buttons. The protection it offers is premised on the superb silicone makeup. Keep your mind at ease that your device can get damaged due to accidental drops or bumps; this Carrying Case takes off the worries.

The attached keychain will even allow you to move it around effortlessly. Wireless charging is supported, and you can monitor its progress via the Visible Front LED. With a charging port that has been precisely cut out, be assured of no obstruction in charging with this Airpods Pro Carrying Case. To get the pink color, simply switch your color option to pink at the selection page.

  1. Bounce Airpods Pro Carrying Case – $9.99
  • Solid Protection
  • Secure, Upgraded Fit
  • Visible Front LED
  • Easy to Carry
  • Built-In Dust Plug


Protecting and carrying your Airpods Case has just got better with this cover. Whether from drops, scratch, or bumps, this cover gives you the confidence that your device and its case are well-protected. That’s because there is a perfect synergy between the silicone cover and the Airpods Charging Case that makes sure that its lid closes completely and securely. Similarly, given that its hinge has also been upgraded, opening and closing have also become very easy.

While wirelessly charging, the Visible Front LED reveals the status of your device, thereby keeping you updated. With a free Carabiner and keychain design, carry your Charging Case around with confidence and ease. No obstruction while charging because the ports have been precisely cut out, and the plug is dustproof. Remember to select pink as your product color under the product page.

  1. Breeze Plus Airpods Pro Cover – $8.99
  • Fits Like a Glove
  • Visible Front LED
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Built-In Dust Plug


Flat as it is, it is a perfect skin cover for Airpods Charging Case. Its hingeless cover and two-part design give unhindered access to this ultra-slim silicone cover. With 0.8mm thickness, you can easily see the status of your wireless charging while it is ongoing. However, be aware that charging cases and AirPods are not part of the package.

Say bye to those annoying wear and tear with this silicone cover. All its corners are shock-absorbing, and you can trust it to deliver the optimum protection that your Charging Case requires, without constituting extra weight or load. Given that the plug is prebuilt to be dustproof and the port precisely cut out, there can be no obstruction with charging. Remember to select pink as your preferred case color.

  1. Bounce Airpods Pro Carrying Case with Fur Pom-Pom Keychain – $12.99
  • Compatibility
  • Solid Protection
  • Fun & Fluffy
  • Visible Front LED
  • Built in Dust Plug


Apart from the guaranteed protection that this silicone cover affords, the Fur Pom-Pom Keychain is a perfect aesthetic addition to it. Now, you can flaunt the stuff around with pride. The hinge has been improved to allow smooth access to pairing buttons and the AirPods itself. Ditch those drops and bumps by ordering for this premium silicone cover that is extremely fanciful and portable. You can monitor how your wireless charging is going through its Front LED that is visible. The charging port is also precisely cut out to afford seamless access.

NOTE: For each of these Carrying Cases, do not forget to switch the product color to “Pink” at each product page to get your desired case color.

Tips For Protecting you Airpods Pro (2019 Release)

In addition to getting any of these four fantastic Airpods Pro Carrying Cases, you may have to maintain other safety habits to ensure that your AirPods pro lasts long. Here are some useful tips.

  • Use Ear Cover

This is necessary if you discover that your AirPods constantly fall off your ear. The ear cover is an additional accessory you place on the AirPods to make it firmer to your ear. This way, you can walk briskly or even run without it falling off.

  • Use the Case Always

You might be tempted to put your AirPods pro in your pocket or store them somewhere when not in use. Resist this temptation, and make sure that once they are not in your ears, the place to find them should be your Carrying Case.

  • Avoid Needless Show-Offs

This is sublime but necessary. Your AirPods can be stolen. So, do your best to discourage the thief. If possible, disguise the carrying case to make it less attractive.

  • Use Recommended Chargers

You can find the appropriate charger on ESR. Never, never use a charger that is not compatible with your AirPods pro. It won’t even work. The best that an incompatible or faulty charger can do to your device is to damage it quickly.

  • Turn On Your iPhone Finder

It is possible to locate your AirPods if they get lost or you misplace them. Once your iPhone detector is enabled, it can also tell you where your AirPods is.


Taking care of your AirPods pro is a serious thing, given the financial commitment that has gone into procuring it. If you get the cases we have recommended here and follow the tips, you should be fine.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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