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Best iPhone 12 Pro Case Covers from ESR 2020

Finally, the long-anticipated iPhone 12 Pro is here with its impressive 5G technology and other fantastic features. Although we must admit that Apple did more on protection this time with the oleophobic coating and scratch-resistant cover, we believe you understand that there is more to keeping your flagship device secure than these.

Considering that you’re spending an amount close to a thousand dollars to buy this iPhone, you wouldn’t want to leave its delicate parts such as the camera lens and screen unprotected. Because of this, we have eight dependable case covers from ESR that combine quality with aesthetic. Have a look.

  1. iPhone 12 Pro Liquid Shield Slim Case– $24.99

iPhone 12 Pro Slim Case

If you always stay or work around water, this is the case you should buy. Apart from its lightness (1mm thick), it presents a raised bezel around the camera and screen, thereby shielding it from harm. The material is water-proof, and its matte finish, great feel, and absolute compatibility with the iPhone 12 Pro are things you cannot but admire in its features.

Outstanding Pros

  • Excellent Finish & Compatibility
  • Protects Camera + Screen
  • Accurate Cutouts
  • Different Color Styles
  • Not Bulky
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Cloud Soft Case with MagSafe and Camera Lens Protection– $35.99

iPhone 12 Pro Cloud Soft Case with MagSafe

There is a magnetic ring just about the middle area at the back of this case that makes wireless charging effortless. This magnetic feature is something absent in most other iPhone 12 Pro cases out there. Also, when you look closely at the inner part, you will find a soft lining there. Its function is to confer a higher level of protection against scratches to your iPhone 12 Pro. And as no one wants an extra burden in buying a case cover, ESR made this one very light without affecting the quality. The texture is appealing, and its matte finish makes it very comfortable to hold.

Outstanding Pros

  • Charges Wirelessly Using Magnets
  • Double-Layered Protection
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Extremely Light
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Echo Tempered-Glass Hard Case– $25.99

iPhone 12 Pro Tempered-Glass Hard Case

The iPhone 12 Pro is too beautiful to be concealed. As such, this case, while offering the rugged protection your iPhone needs, showcases its beauty to everyone to see. It’s four corners are air-guarded to absorb shock if your device mistakenly falls.

Outstanding Pros

  • Air-Guarded Edges
  • Tempered-Glass
  • Transparent Look
  • Accurate Fitness
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Metro Premium Leather Case-$35.99

iPhone 12 Pro Leather Case

Do you love leather phone cases and would want one for your iPhone 12 Pro? This ESR Premium leather case is top-notch. There are numerous color options of this case for you to choose from, and its unique pattern adds a special feel to the hand and beauty.

Besides the primary function of protection that this case offers, you can also use it for a while before thinking of a replacement. And thankfully enough, its weight and thickness are negligible. The raised bezels also safeguard your iPhone 12 Pro’s screen and camera lenses.

Outstanding Pros

  • Genuine Premium Leather
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Very Light and Thin
  • Natural Patterns
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Metal Kickstand Case– $18.19

iPhone 12 Pro Kickstand Case

For an extra level of comfort while using your iPhone 12 Pro, this case comes with a two-way stand that allows for your phone’s horizontal and vertical settings. That means that video-chatting and watching movies have now become more comfortable.

Also, you get all the protection for your screen, camera, and phone body that an excellent case should offer from this Metal Kickstand Case. Several lab tests carried out on it shows that it retains more than 80% of its hinge strength even after more than three thousand uses. So, you are spending your money on a durable package.

Outstanding Pros

  • Detailed Protection
  • Long-lasting and Stable
  • Two-Way Kickstand
  • Precise & Compatible
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Alliance Tough Full-Body Case– $23.09

iPhone 12 Pro Full-Body Case

Heavy-duty workers using iPhone 12 Pro will find this case pretty practical and fitting. As lifestyle requires that you be outside most time and use your phones under harsh conditions, you would find this case very useful. Its flexible bumper, tempered-glass screen protector, and sturdy backplate supply every protection your iPhone 12 Pro needs. Much more, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly with this case. It’s corners absorb shock because they are air-guarded, and the screen protector is super responsive.

Outstanding Pros

  • Charges Wirelessly
  • Protects Wholistically
  • Heavy-Duty Suitable
  • Responsive Screen Protector
  • Absorbs Shock
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Cloud Soft Silicone Case– $25.99

iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case

Silicone cases are famous for their unique softness and ease of handling. Get this perfectly fitting silicone case for your new iPhone 12 Pro and carry it around with the ease of mind. Cutouts are precise, and it perfectly aligns with your flagship device.

As expected, the inner part has a soft lining that guides against scratches. As such, if you are a lover of silky-smooth phone covers, here is an option you should check out.

Outstanding Pros

  • Exceptionally Smooth
  • Complete Protection
  • Accurate Fitting
  • Non-Bulky & Safe
  1. iPhone 12 Pro Machina Tough Protective Case – $23.99

iPhone 12 Pro Protective Case with Stand

Sometimes, you just want your iPhone 12 Pro to be almost unbeatable and extremely tough against impact damages. This case gives you that and many more. It’s protection against drops, shock, and impacts are military-grade because of its sturdy polycarbonate frame.

Additionally, this phone cover carries a metallic kickstand patented by ESR for more comfortable video calls and movie-watching. Whether it’s your phone’s lens, screen, or body, the raised bezel protects them all from making contact with flat surfaces.

Outstanding Pros

  • Protection is Military-Grade
  • Metallic Kickstand
  • Accurate Cutouts
  • Different Color Styles

The TakeAway

Interestingly, none of these iPhone 12 Pro covers by ESR cross the $30 price mark. And each of them protects and adds some levels of beauty to your new iPhone. Your choice among them will most likely depend on your lifestyle and how careful you are with electronic gadgets. If you fear that the phone may frequently fall from your hand or you are a site engineer, we advise the military-grade or leather case. They both are extra-strong against impact damages.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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