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How to Protect iPhone 12/12 Pro Screen from Dust and Scratches?

You’re doing more harm to your iPhone 12 than you think and you will know why soon (if you carefully read through).

It’s funny how folks move around with their iPhone 12 without any form of protection. It is almost as if the urge to flaunt these awesome devices has been unleashed on some categories of people and I’m right here silently hoping that you’re not one of them.

Unfortunately, one of my tennis buddies is in this caucus and I cannot but wonder how and why he got trapped in it. Well, he learned his lessons already – the hard way, though.

Perhaps I should share his story so you can pick a lesson or two from it. Below is his story, follow closely;

When it comes to gadgets and accessories, Alex shares some similarities with me. we both love gadgets and hence, we test-run them as soon as they are launched. Then Later, we purchase anyone we deem fit.

This happened until iPhone 12 was released. We both made our purchases on the same day but right now as I write, after 3 months of iPhone 12 been released, his phone is being abandoned on the table in one corner of his garage where old toolboxes for fixing cars have their abode.

A little background story of what really transpired: sometime in December, we went hill-climbing and we were taking selfies up on the hill. Oblivious of the empty snack paper bag, he tripped and the phone fell off his hands.

Prior to this day, I had always warned him to protect his device but all to no avail. He would always laugh it off saying I was too over protective and one can’t be too careful.

I didn’t want to appear as the villain in his sad story else, I would have busted out with laughter. After all, I’m not the cause of his misfortune so, I eventually ended up laughing out loud. Sorry, ain’t sorry.

iPhone 12 Screen Protector

End result of his fallen phone? The screen was shattered beyond recognition because it fell freely from height – about a thousand dollars gone! just like that.

Apparently, he is going to read this and wonder why I had to tell his story in this manner. Sorry buddy, there is no better way to tell your story than I have done.

It would be very unfair and wrong to spice up his story or paint it like it was nothing serious when in actual fact, it’s more serious than getting a solid stain off your plain white shirt.

I want you to learn from his story and pick the appropriate lessons and then apply them to guard your devices.

Was he pained from his loss? Yeah. Did he wish he could have yielded to my advice before that occurrence? Yeah. Did he wish he never succumb to the hill-climbing picnic? Well, yeah. But it was too late already and nothing could be done to salvage the situation. A terrible loss, indeed!

Eventually, he got another iPhone 12 and this time around, he is being extra careful not to ruin its screen. However, I shared with him some tips to help him out and he’s been adhering strictly to them. So far, it’s helping him and he is happy.

In the same vein, I have painstakingly written in this article 3 tips I shared with Alex so that you could as well learn them and apply them where necessary.

3 tips on how to protect your iPhone 12/12 Pro from dust and scratches

1. Purchase a protective case

I know the iPhone 12 is way sleeky and too captivating a design to hide so, you get that urge to flaunt it at will. Sorry to burst your bubble but you are doing more harm than you think and if you do not act fast, you may end up in the dilemma my friend Alex got into.

Also, considering the fact that the whole outer body of the iPhone 12 is fragile with glass surfaces on almost all sides too, it would be in your best interest to purchase a protective case for your device.

You can find tons of transparent protective case that would adequately help showcase the aesthetics of your device just like the ones from ESR below;

iPhone 12/12 pro armorite ultra-tough tempered glass screen protector (2 Pack) – $19.99

 iPhone 12 Pro Ultra-Tough Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

Key features

  • Sturdy armorite tempered glass
  • Total coverage
  • Transparent screen protector
  • Easy installation

This screen protector is strong to deliver total protection to your device and to also prevent dust from getting into your phone and has a built-in shield for your phone speaker that allows for clear sound from the speaker.

The transparency of this screen enables face ID capture. After several lab testing, this screen protector was found to endure more than 110 lbs of force.

It comes with a cleaning kit and alignment frame that makes installation easy.

iPhone 12/12 pro tempered glass full covered screen protector (3 Pack)– $19.99

 iPhone 12 Full-Coverage Screen Protector

Key features

  • Multi strength
  • Precise cut-out
  • Smooth installation

Designed exclusively for the iPhone 12/12 pro, this tempered glass has triple strength that can bear about 5kg of pressure.

Furthermore, it has a precise cut-out to enable face ID compatibility. Also, it comes with installation frames and cleaning kits which makes installation breezy.

iPhone 12/12 Pro full protection bundle -$46.37

iPhone 12 Pro Full Protection Bundle

Key features

  • Ultra-thin & lightweight
  • Hybrid protection
  • Sturdy tempered glass
  • Bubble-free installation

It has a tough back with a durable frame, shockproof corners, and elevated bezels for your iPhone 12 camera and screen.

It’s super light in weight and thin (1mm) and won’t add bulk to your device. with its anti-scratch property, it helps prevent your phone from scratches and dings.

Its screen fitted and wouldn’t leave bubbles on your screen after installation.

Products Link:

iPhone 12:

iPhone 12 Pro:

2. Keep away from rough/ uneven surfaces

Sometimes, we unconsciously place our devices on hard, rough or uneven surfaces and that can cause a whole lot of damage to our devices, most especially, the rear camera.

It is advisable to carry around with you any soft material that can serve as a barrier or blockage between your phone and any other surface your iPhone 12 is being placed on.

3. Get a distinctive storage purse

While it is not advisable to keep your iPhone 12 in the same bag with your books or make-up box or keys or any other item, some do it. It is a bad habit and you should stop it if you’re guilty of this.

This is simply because other items when rested upon your device can place too much pressure on it thereby causing scratches or dings on your device screen. Most especially, you would be preserving the glass on the rear camera.

So, in order to curb this and to be on the safer side, get a separate storage purse or pouch to keep your devices.

So, there it is, 3 tips on how to protect your iPhone 12/12 pro. It’s better late than sorry. Act fast!

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