Products The 4 Best Airpods Pro Silicone Case Cover of 2019

The 4 Best Airpods Pro Silicone Case Cover of 2019

The use of silicone case cover for Airpods Pro helps to store the device securely and keep it from getting damaged while not in use. You can get suitable Airpods Pro Silicone Case Cover for your Airpods depending on what is guiding your choice. While some people may go for the beauty of the case cover, others look at specific features like the ability to charge the Airpods on the case or the price of the Airpods Case.

Here are the best Airpods Pro Silicone Case Covers selected based on their quality for your consideration. We have chosen this range of products to meet the varying needs of our audience, and you will find one that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for style or quality or both, you can get both with any of the products listed below.

1. Breeze Plus AirPods Pro Cover – $8.99

  • Fits Like a Glove
  • Visible Front LED
  • Made with premium silicone
  • Built-In Dust Plug


The Breeze Plus AirPods case cover feels soft and gentle to handle, providing total protection for your Airpods with its thin silicon cover. You can charge your pods with a wireless device, as you observe your charging status with the LED light visible through the case. It comes in several colors to suit your style with built-in dustproof features that keep the case clean and shiny. The case is convenient to use, and you can easily access your pods from it when you need them.

2. Bounce AirPods Pro Carrying Case $9.99

  • Made with premium silicone
  • Secure, Upgraded Fit
  • Won’t affect wireless charging
  • Keychain design and free carabiner
  • Built-In Dust Plug


Get easy access to your Airpods with the Bounce Airpods Pro carrying case with its hinges that you can hang on your key holder. It is lightweight, made up of premium silicone, which adds no extra weight to the case. The case protects your Airpods from everyday wear and tear. It is easy to access and convenient to carry. It supports wireless charging with visible LED where you can observe the status of your Airpod unobtrusively. As a trending airpod pro case, you can get it in black, white, red, orange, blue, gray, and other colors that you will find suitable for your use.

3. Bounce AirPods Pro Carrying Case $12.99

  • This silicone cover fits perfectly
  • Solid Protection
  • Cute & Portable
  • Visible Front LED
  • Built in Dust Plug


This case cover is compatible, and it fits your Airpods properly inside it as you close it without obstruction. You can get access to your Airpods with its convenient hinge design to ensure ease of use. It supports wireless charging, and the silicone case is lightweight with extra weight as you carry it with you. You can get this trendy and fashionable cover case in black, yellow, and brown colors to suit your style. Protect your Airpods to keep it in good condition for a long time. It looks so cute with its animal keychain on the device for added beauty to your cover case.

4. ESR Bounce Series Airpods Pro Case with Pom-Pom Keychain– $12.99

  • Ensuring the lid closes securely and completely
  • Made with premium silicone
  • Includes a cute pom-pom keychain
  • Visible Front LED
  • Built in Dust Plug


Talk about compatibility and this Airpod Pro Silicone case takes an enviable lead. Although it has a hinge, it has been so improved that both closing and opening of the lid have become quite easy. You can put your mind at peace against any damage resulting from bumps and scratches because the premium silicone makeup guides against this. The pom-pom keychain is one of the cute features of this

AirPods case, and it is capable of adding some aesthetic significance to your overall outlook. Monitor your Airpods as it charges wirelessly via the Visible Front End.

Wrapping up

Silicone is a premium material component that is renowned for shock-absorption. Having an Airpod case made with it means that even if bumping or scratching happens, your premium Airpod Pro is still safe. The 6 recommendations we have here have been tried and tested to give the maximum protection that an Airpod worth $250 deserves.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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