iPhone Xs/X Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector

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Product Features

  • Protect Your Privacy: The Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector keeps your personal information safe from strangers. Note: The privacy screen protector has a light transmission level of around 75%. For daily use, please adjust the brightness of your phone screen to your preference.
  • Easy Installation: The installation frame enables perfect alignment of the screen protector. The cleaning cloth and dust remover give you a bubble and dust free application.
  • 5X Stronger: The ESR iPhone Xs/X screen protector undergoes an extended tempering time and has been carefully engineered to withstand 22lbs. of force and to help protect your iPhone screen from damage.
  • Case Friendly: The screen protector provides excellent protection for the iPhone Xs and iPhone X’s touchscreen. Just the right amount of space is left between the screen protector and the edges of your iPhone Xs/iPhone X to enable compatibility with most phone cases.


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