ESR7Gears Cooking Thermometer

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Product Features

  • Ultra-Fast Accuracy: Say goodbye to over or undercooked food. Provides accurate temperature readouts (+/-1°C) in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, within 2-3 seconds. Has a maximum range of -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F). Comes with a calibration function for maximum measurement accuracy.
  • Compact, Intelligent Design: Automatically turns on when probe is extended and turns off when probe is folded. Automatically turns off if idle for 10 minutes, saving energy and greatly extending battery life. Store quickly and easily with a large end-loop for hanging and a magnetic back.
  • Easy to Read and Use: Auto-rotating, backlit LCD display keeps thermometer readable at any angle and in any lighting. For added convenience, temperature lock button allows you to keep your current reading on-screen, even after removing the probe from the food.
  • Built to Last: Thermometer frame is made with durable ABS, and can withstand accidental drops or other impacts. Both the thermometer and the 4.6″ stainless steel probe can be washed under running water without issue.


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