AEVO Hair Removal Bundle

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Product Features

  • A quick and easy waxing process removes hair for 3-4 weeks. Gentle on your skin and requires no waxing paper.
  • Waxing kit includes 2 wax containers, 4 bags of natural wax beads (two types), and 20 wax applicator sticks.
  • Turn the wax warmer to max heat (248 °F) to melt the wax beads in just 10-15 minutes. Automatically turns down the heat when it reaches the target temperature to keep the wax from overheating.
  • IPL hair removal uses rapid pulses of intense light to go deep and attack hair growth at the roots. Studies show 75% of hair growth may be inhibited after 4 weeks.
  • With 500,000 IPL pulses you’ll have more than enough to tackle even the hairiest of problems. The digital display keeps all the important info right at your fingertips.


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