Top 3 Choices to Protect Your 2019 iPad mini

  • By Allen|May 31, 2019

    As you might suspect, the latest iPad mini is arguably the best compact tablet on the market at the moment. While it’s a superb machine that can tackle any computing task, it’s still a fragile piece of technology that needs protection. Here are a few accessories that can help you to protect your new iPad mini.

    The ESR iPad mini Case with Enhanced Protection

    Design and Build Quality

    Measuring 8 inches wide by 5.3 inches high, this 2019 iPad mini case by ESR is one of the most versatile accessories available. Its tri-fold front cover doubles as a stand that allows for multiple angles. Thanks to impact-resistant materials, this case protects your iPad mini while looking great at the same time.

    Features That Truly Stand Out

    The first thing that you’ll notice about ESR’s latest iPad mini case is the precise fit of the cutouts. Every port and button of your new iPad mini 5 2019 will be easily accessible. What’s more, the screen cover supports the sleep/wake feature flawlessly. A well-crafted magnet closure keeps the display safe from accidental drops.

    Major Pros and Cons for iPad mini 5 case

    The best thing about the ESR iPad mini case is the durability that it delivers in a lightweight package. The Yippee Hard Shell case also preserves the aesthetic beauty of an iPad mini by allowing the Apple logo to be seen through its clear cover. Finally, this case is available in five colors ranging from navy to teal.

    Probably the biggest drawback of ESR iPad mini case is its inability to support a Smart Keyboard. Then again, you wouldn’t expect a case that retails for a low price to boast keyboard compatibility. Lastly, this case isn’t as indestructible as heavier cases made from tougher materials. However, a lightweight iPad case can’t be expected to be 100% bulletproof.

    The Ideal Buyer for This iPad mini 5 Product Choice

    It’s hard to imagine a new iPad Mini owner that wouldn’t benefit from this iPad Mini 5 case. It’s sturdy enough to protect Apple tablets from everyday trauma as users are traveling between their homes and their workplaces. Thanks to its low sales price, it should appeal to budget-conscious buyers looking for a bargain.

    The 2019 iPad mini 5 Glass Screen Protector

    Build Quality and Materials

    If you’re looking for a 2019 iPad Mini screen protector that goes the distance, the ESR Glass Screen Protector is the model to beat. Crafted from scratch-resistant 9H tempered glass, this screen protector delivers peace of mind at a great price. Measuring just 0.3 mm thick, it perfectly complements the svelte physique of the latest iPad Mini 2019.

    Features That Truly Stand Out

    Manufactured from high-strength glass that boasts 99.9% transparency, the ESR 2019 iPad mini screen protector affords users the ultimate viewing experience. An advanced oleophobic top coat guarantees that fingerprints and smudges don’t accumulate rapidly. Best of all, this screen protector comes with a comprehensive cleaning kit that includes a microfiber cloth and an array of wet wipes.

    Major Pros and Cons of the iPad mini 5 Screen Protector

    Ultimately, the most attractive quality of this ESR screen protector is its impressive resistance to scratches, cracks and dings. In addition, it fits both the iPad mini 4 and the recently released iPad mini 5 like a glove. Most important of all, it delivers full touchscreen compatibility with all of the iPad mini’s latest features when properly installed.

    The primary drawback of the iPad mini screen protector is its somewhat tricky installation process. Following all of the included installation instructions is integral if you want to get the best results. Fortunately, ESR includes a frame for properly adhering the screen protector to the display. Improper installation may result in unsightly bubbles and streaks that mar the user experience.

    The Ideal Buyer for This iPad mini screen Protect Way

    The ESR Screen Protector is a must for any iPad mini owner that puts their tablet in harm’s way on a regular basis. If you bring your new iPad mini with you virtually everywhere you go, it will greatly reduce the odds of screen damage.

    The ESR PD Fast Charger for iPad

    Build Quality and Materials

    Like the iPad 4, the new iPad 5 supports fast charging via a USB-C connection. The ESR PD & QC Fast Charger is easily one of the best fast chargers for the 2019 iPad. It comes with a USB-C port as well as a standard USB slot for charging a multitude of mobile devices.

    Features That Truly Stand Out

    The first thing that you’ll notice about this ESR fast charger is its impeccable build quality. A folding plug makes this already compact wall adapter even easier to transport in your pocket or in a messenger bag. What’s more, an intelligent safety system prevents damage to sensitive batteries due to overcharging.

    Major Pros and Cons of the iPad Fast Charger

    The obvious selling point of the ESR fast charger is its ability to recharge a 2019 iPad mini rapidly. It can charge a dead iPad Mini battery up to 70% in roughly an hour. In addition, it can charge virtually every iPhone on the market as well as the more recent iPad Pro models.

    While it’s difficult to find much fault with this charger, iPad mini owners will need to purchase a Lightning to USB-C cable. For whatever reason, Apple didn’t give the iPad 5 a USB-C port of its own for 2019. Furthermore, it won’t charge every Apple product released in the past decade despite its impressive roster of supported devices.

    The Ideal Buyer for This iPad Protection Method

    Current and future owners of the 2019 iPad mini that want fast charging will greatly benefit from this ESR charging unit. It’s a particularly attractive purchase for iPad mini 5 owners that have one or more additional Apple products. Priced to move, it represents a tremendous value to consumers of all stripes.


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