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Tempered Glass Back
Cover Case

A 9H-hard tempered glass back, ues highly integrated design with hard PC base and soft TPU frame all combine to offer comprehensive protection

Keep the Original
Touch of Your Phone
Mimics the smooth glass back of the Phone make you feels like there's no case and offer you great grip.
An oil-repellent coating makes it easy to keep your phone clean.
Non-Slip for Daily Use
Glass case is easy to slip because of it is hard to produce frictional resistance with anything it place. However, ESR Mimic case adds four-corner anti-skid to prevent the phone slip even on a smooth desktop.
Soft corner material is better able to absorb shock, it is not easy to large-scale cracking when the phone falls, which can reduce the screen cracking by 50%.


Prevent scratches on all sharp objects(Such as keys, coins, etc.) The 9H-hard tempered glass back is tough enough to withstand the nicks and scrapes of everyday life.


Q1: Is it the tempered glass back case?

A: Yes, it's made of 9H Tempered Glass Back + Soft TPU Frame to protect your iPhone X all around.

Q2: Is it smooth on the glass back?

A: Yes, it mimics the smooth glass back of iPhone X and offer you excellent grip.

Q3: Does it scratch easily?

A: No, the 9H-hard tempered glass back won't get scratched by everyday use.

Q4: Does it shock resistant?

A: Yes, the soft edges absorb shock and the glass back is protected.

Q5: Is there a raised lip around the camera lens and around the front of the phone when placed on a flat surface?

A: When placed on a flat surface the case protects the screen and camera.

Q6: Does this work with wireless charging or will I have to remove the case?

A: This case absolutely supports wireless charging with no need to remove the case.