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In which countries is the Bulk Purchasing Discount available?

Currently, we support shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Who can apply for the Bulk Purchasing Discount?

Any business, organization, government, or individual can apply for the Bulk Purchasing Discount as long as the total product quantity is at least 50 units.

Can I share the code with others?

No. Your coupon codes are bound to the email address used for verification and can only be used for purchases on ESR’s official site using that email. ESR reserves the right to take legal action if any misuse is suspected.

Do the discount codes issued have expiration dates or other limitations?

Coupons expire 1 month after the date of issue.

Can coupons be used to purchase any ESR products?

Yes. The coupons can be used to purchase any ESR product from ESR’s official site.

What after-sales services are available to customers?

For details on the complete after-sales policy for a product purchased through ESR’s official site, please visit

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