Tips & Guides Why Choose A Dual-SIM Smartphone? Know The Advantages & Disadvantages!

Why Choose A Dual-SIM Smartphone? Know The Advantages & Disadvantages!

Are you using dual-SIM on a smartphone? This has become a common feature with most Smartphone users. People, these days, like to keep their professional and personal contacts distinct; therefore, such phones are an ideal option for them.

Also, today’s trend makes them use dual-SIM phones. They like killing two birds with a single stone; it has an in-built feature of the device, which allows them to operate two SIM cards (two different numbers) simultaneously on the same mobile phone.

Understanding the Importance of Dual SIM Mobile Phones!

Dual SIM mobile phones are gaining popularity in recent times; the reason is obvious. You don’t have to carry two phones everywhere. However, we must know the in and out about a mobile phone that you are investing in.

With all these ifs and buts, it is pertinent that you know the advantages and disadvantages so that you can get the best value for your money invested in a smartphone.

The Advantages!

  1. Widened Network: The cumulative services of two different networks provide you ‘no coverage gaps’ and ease of traveling; hassle-free in remote locations. You also get the flexibility of two plans
  2. Ease of Carrying: You need to carry only one Smartphone; yet, make use of two SIM cards, thus killing two birds with one stone.
  3. Multiple Service-providers: Call charges are recurring expenses and vary with service providers. The cumulative effect of such expenses may have a significant effect on your budget. Moreover, you get differential technologies and can use them according to your needs in the prevailing situation.
  4. Free of Blockage: Since the dual SIM Smartphone is not locked to a particular network, you will not be required to change your SIM while traveling to other countries. You can sign up for free with any network provider of your choice. Some service providers offer free international credit that saves up to 85% of the roaming charges.
  5. Distinguished Professional-n-Personal Call: You can use one SIM for your professional purpose and the other for personal use such as play and social media interaction. When an incoming call comes, you are notified whether it is professional or personal. Thus, you are mentally-prepared before answering the call.
  6. Distinguished Work-n-Play Bill: The SIM earmarked for ‘work’ shows your bill for work and the other for play. If you are conscious of your budget, you can draw a limiting line between the two. You don’t need to have a calculator or a highlighter to find out what is what. Your Smartphone expenses will be more cost-effective.
  7. Distinguished Text-n-Data Deal: If you get an awesome deal with different charges for calls and texts and data, you have the option of apportioning your budgeted expenses more prudently. Moreover, you can streamline your data requirement and text & calls.
  8. Overcoming Constraints of Missing Network: Sometimes, the network coverage becomes erratic and goes out of your network without any prior notice. Think of a situation when you encounter such an eventuality when you have an urgent call to make. The second SIM will take care of such an emergent situation. This probably is the greatest plus point of dual-SIM. There is a particular advantage; if you are traveling in an area where a particular SIM has poor coverage
  9. Simultaneous Calling: You will have the least possibility of a missed call if you have a dual SIM. Even while talking on one line, you still can receive a call from the other. Instead of going to voice mail, you can hold on the first call and can answer the other that you feel it is more important.
  10. Customizable Storage: You can store data on your dual SIM card to your exact need. You can store up to 33 Network Identification Codes in a SIM with 32 KB storage. You can now get SIMs with 256KBs.


 The Disadvantages!

  1. Passive Dual SIM: The Smartphone holds two SIM cards, but only one can be active at a particular point in time. Hence, the second SIM card is not reachable. When you activate the first one manually, the second one deactivates. Of course, such issues were in the older versions.
  2. Higher Consumption of Battery: Both the SIM cards are permanently active in a Dual Active SIM. When you are conversing on one card, the second one still can receive calls, data, and messages. You are instantly notified about it. The disadvantage is that such devices have two transceivers, one for each SIM and thus comparatively consume more battery. They have shorter standby autonomy. The initial cost and the recurring cost is higher.
  3. Micro-SD Slot: Since the second SIM is micro-SD, you can’t use a micro-SD card for extending your storage space. So, you have to spend more on adding an extra version, having more built-in storage space.
  4. Limitation of Usability: Since Smartphone uses 4G + 2G Standby Implementation, you can use only one SIM for calls and text messages, but can’t use for the data connection.
  5. Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF): The inherent EMF of smartphones is doubled in Dual-SIM Card. However, due to the optimization of technology, the EMF of dual-SIM has been brought down to 40-80% of the single SIM Smartphone. Moreover, in low signal areas, the EMF is still lower.
  6. Physical Hazards: A Smartphone is a combination of receiver and transmitter, having the maximum power output of 3 Wattage. If you keep a Smartphone near your head, the micro-wave radiation may cause insomnia, fatigue, depression, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and even brain tumor.


Dual-SIM Smartphone has become part and parcel of the present-day professional environment and personal life. Besides being convenient, it is cost-effective. The greatest con, however, is the adverse effect of EMF. You can protect yourself from it by opting for EMF protection smartphones. Other remedial measures include; avoiding body contact (10mm gap), get grounded by putting your bare feet on the ground, and allowing your feet to soak up with the negatively-charged electrons of the Earth, using healing crystals, creation of a  low EMF sanctuary and by removing smart meters.

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