Tips & Guides What Storage Galaxy A52 Do I Need: 128GB or 256GB?

What Storage Galaxy A52 Do I Need: 128GB or 256GB?

The Galaxy A52 is the latest device by Samsung and has some enticing specs. You can check how those new phones compare to their predecessors and also see the color options available for the series. Galaxy A52 cases are equally available from many vendors to keep this flagship looking new.

While color options and cases are quite subjective, the storage issue is important. Whether your new Galaxy A52 is black or awesome, you are in trouble if you run out of storage. Samsung has a microSD card slot on both phones to make things still more difficult, complicating possible storage scenarios.

What Storage Options Do You Have for The Samsung Galaxy A52?

Samsung is offering two storage options with its new A-series smartphones. There is a 128GB base storage option as well as a 256GB model. There are two options: either getting the base storage and a large microSD card or skip the microSD and go for the 256GB model.

The price difference between the two options equals a nice 512GB microSD card, so the question is whether speed or storage space is more important to you.

Is 128GB enough for Galaxy A52

Is 128GB enough for Galaxy A52?

To be frank, most users won’t need more than 256GB. However, since the Samsung Galaxy A52 has the latest 8K video recording capability, you can have large-scale videos and photographs. You might think of the free cloud backup option at this stage, but with Google Photos on the verge of being phased out, you might find yourself in need of some extra storage. Due to the lack of SD card support, you might want to reconsider your decision to purchase the 256GB version.

Smartphone users with many games, apps, and 8K video clips will quickly fill up 256GB. Furthermore, since the Samsung Galaxy A52 has DeX support, you’ll find other files floating around as well. As a result, 256GB can fall short of your expectations if you want to maximize the capabilities of your new Samsung Galaxy A52.

Is a microSD card needed for the Samsung Galaxy A52?

If you take the other option and get the base 128GB size, you’ll almost certainly need to install a microSD card right away. The Samsung Galaxy A52 can both fire 4K images, which can rapidly grow in size. If you take many images and videos, you’ll easily hit the 128GB onboard capacity limit.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 supports MicroSD cards up to 1TB, but this is overkill. SanDisk’s 512GB A1 microSD card is not too expensive, check for it on ESR, and you won’t be able to fill it up over the life of your new phone. You may also want one of the excellent Galaxy A52 screen protectors from this mobile accessory giant.

Samsung Galaxy A52 128 vs. 256

With apps becoming bigger and bigger every day, the need for more space can only grow as advanced features become available. If you want to store everything on your smartphone, including documents, photos, videos, and games, the high-end model might be worth considering. Here are some hints on how to choose the best storage solution for you.

Requirements for storage

We live in a technological age where the internet’s accessibility is both assured and uncertain. This condition necessitates the storage of our favorite television shows and photographs on the computer itself. After all, we don’t want to be faced with long line-repair wait times during the pandemic. If you’re a big fan of these types of TV shows and movies, getting more room is always a good idea.

If you prefer to save most of your files on the cloud, such as personal videos, documents, and photos, the smaller 128GB will make the most sense. However, if you can get the 256GB model, go for it.

Samsung Galaxy A52 128 vs. 256

Downloading and streaming

As previously mentioned, if you watch TV shows and movies on your device after downloading them, the larger 256GB is for you. However, if you prefer to watch them online, the 128GB model will allow you to do so without difficulty. Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime support web players, so you can save time by not downloading them separately.

Videos and Photos

You’ll need a 256GB memory option if you want to take photos and shoot high-quality 8K videos with your Samsung Galaxy A52 and save them to your phone’s storage. A 10-second 8K video can easily be over 100MB in size, while an image can easily be over 50MB. Much more capacity would be needed to hold even larger files of such high quality. As a result, prepare to make more room for more files.

The 128GB, on the other hand, is a good option if you want to save them all to the cloud later.

Games and Apps

Applications take up the bulk of room on a smartphone. If you have 50-60 apps enabled, they can quickly fill up 80-100GB of storage. The app files and other essential details are also included. The bigger the app, the more storage space it will take.

It’s also an insult to go without games on your mobile if you have an SD888 at heart. These games can now store progress files and other data on your smartphone, using about 50-60GB of storage space.

As a result, choosing the lower storage option will not be in your best interests, as the size will only grow as upgrades and new features are added, forcing you to upgrade to the high-end option.

Samsung Galaxy A52 256GB or 512GB

Going for the smaller 128GB option is only feasible if you prefer cloud storage platforms for storage, as discussed in the article above. The higher 256GB version should be preferred by those who frequently store files on their laptop.

Budget is another significant aspect to consider when making a decision. It is vital to understand your personal preferences and decide whether you can afford to spend more on storage rather than relying on free cloud storage. Also, if you’re someone who switches devices every year or two, the 128GB version may be worth considering.

Apart from that, the advice given above should be remembered at all times.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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