Tips & Guides Top 10 Hiking Essentials To Carry On Your Next Hiking Trip!

Top 10 Hiking Essentials To Carry On Your Next Hiking Trip!

Do you love hiking or spending quality time outdoors? Well, if you are among such people then you should also know more about top hiking essentials. Hiking can be beneficial for your health as it can improve mood and mental well-being. If you are planning your next hiking trip, then check out this guide.

You may need them to make your next hiking trip more fun and enjoyable. Hiking can be a really exciting experience if you carry proper essentials that help complete your trip successfully. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some hiking essentials below that you should look for.

10 Must-Have Hiking Essentials for your next Trip – Only for You!


Hiking Essential 1: Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottle is a must have accessory that you should carry with you. It can help retain the actual flavor of your drinks and keep them fresh too. If you go with high quality bottle then you can prevent liquid from leaking. There is plethora of options available but you can go with VOKKA Stainless Steel Water Bottle by ESR.

Deal 1: VOKKA Stainless Steel Water Bottle by ESR

This is designed with high grade stainless steel that ensures durability and quality. This is easy to carry and clean. This BPA free bottle keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours and allows you to keep hydrated all day long. Its powdered coating makes it look elegant.

Price: $19.99 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 2: Flashlight

You really need reliable flashlight that you can use during snow, rain or any emergency situation. It should be a non-slip and water resistant flashlight. It is essential as it provides light in darkness or illumination over a broad area. This is ideal for slow hiking and camp tasks.

Deal 2: VOKKA Handheld Flashlight by ESR

This 1000LM LED flashlight can be the best hiking accessory. This smaller light can illuminate entire room. This is ideal for one handed operation due to its compact size (131mm×39mm×29mm). It consists of dual CREE and ORSAM LEDs. It has lifespan of 50,000 hours that is amazing. It has a non slip and water resistant handle that makes it an ideal flashlight to be used in snow and rain.

Price: $22.99 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 3: Multi-Purpose Waist Wallet/Belt

This can be a useful accessory that allows you to store your essentials. You can keep your essentials like goggles, keys, mobile, cards, charger, earphones, watch and more safe and handy by just using this accessory during hiking.

Deal 3: ESR Hydration Waist Pack

ESR Hydration Waist Pack comes with zippered and adjustable pockets that allow you to keep your essentials safe. This belt is secure and stable as it has non slip design that offer balance of stability and comfort. It has reflective strips to provide visibility and added security at night.

Price: $17.99 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 4: Hiking Boots

Hiking boots can offer great ankle support and make your hiking trip hassle free. You can walk miles away and protect your feet from debris and rocks by using such boots. They have good grip to make your hiking comfortable. You need them to keep your feet clean and dry.

Deal 4: TIMBERLAND White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots (Ankle Length) for Men

This pair of hiking boot can offer you almost all the features you need in any hiking boot.  This is designed with 100% leather that ensures durability and quality.  Its rubber sole, waterproof construction, premium design and rustproof speed lace hardware makes it the ideal boot to use during hiking.

Price: $74.95 USD

Product Link:


Deal 4: COLUMBIA Newton Ridge+ Waterproof Leather Hiking Boots for Women

If you need sleep-free and smooth movement on rough surface or hiking trail then you need hiking boots. It is required to protect feet during outdoor activities. You should go with the one that suits your needs.

Columbia Women’s Newton boots are waterproof and designed with premium quality leather that ensures durability. Durable and lightweight midsole offers utmost comfort by offering required cushioning. Rubber sole makes your movement slip free. It has double mesh tongue that ensures breathability.

Price: $79.95 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 5: Backpack

Backpack allows you to pack your gear that required during hiking. You keep your things safe by using the best backpack. It is easy to carry and you can have so many pockets and separate compartments to store your things.

Deal 5: TETON Hydration Backpack (Sports Oasis 1100)

This amazing bag can satisfy your thirst and this is comfortable and lightweight. It comes with hydration pack that fulfills your overnight or day long hydration needs. This is an idea bag for all men, women and young kids. It has quality design with large main pockets to protect lunch, clothes and gear.

Price: $38.20 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 6: Navigation Compass

Yes, this is really a useful accessory that you must not forget to carry. You should know how to distinguish direction and fix your actual position and it can be done with the help of navigation compass. You can get right directions and make your hiking experience more fun with it.

Deal 6: YDFAGAK Premium Pocket Watch & Compass for Hiking & Camping

This is high quality navigation compass that offers you right directions and you can use it anywhere. This is highly sensitive and stable and you can carry it easily. This is designed with durable and premium quality alloy material that offers it best finish. It is easy to hang it onto your belt as it comes with attached metal loop.

Price: $11.99 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 7: Fire Starter

You really need reliable flashlight that you can use during snow, rain or any emergency situation. It should be a non-slip and water resistant flashlight. It is essential as it provides light in darkness or illumination over a broad area. This is ideal for slow hiking and camp tasks.

Deal 7: GERBER Bear Grylls Premium Fire Starter (Model: 31-000699)

During hiking, you can feel the need of setting fire so you can go with fire starter to get a fire going. Mostly it has a waterproof compartment, a metal striker and a ferrocerium to keep it dry.  It is easy to carry and you may use it anywhere. So get the best one and convert it into a fire starting kit.

This is an amazingly designed fire starter that has a metal striker, a compact fire starter with ferrocerium rod that makes it easy for you to start fire. It has lanyard to keep product secure. You can get huge sparks without any efforts. This is not affected by humidity as it is fully sealed. You can easily use it cold and hot weather.

Price: $11.93 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 8: First Aid Kit

During hiking, you may encounter with so many situations where you may feel the need of first aid kit. This kit has lifesaving items that you need in emergencies. You should look for the safe and high quality first aid kit so that you can get best results.

Deal 8: SURVIVEWARE Hiking First Aid Kit (Small)

This first aid kit is FDA approved and all the items in this kit are safe to use. It has waterproof inner contents means waterproof bag helps keep the inner items safe from water. It consists of 100 essential lifesaving products. This kit is lightweight and portable.

Price: $36.95 USD

Product Link:

Hiking Essential 9: Multi-purpose Knife

Who does not want a multipurpose knife on his or her hiking trip? You may need knife for so many reasons be it cut fruits/vegetables/plants on your way/ or protecting yourself from any other things. It can turn into bottle opener/screw driver/tool. You can get the best one can be used as essential accessory in hiking or outdoor activities.

Deal 9: BIBURY 18-in-1 Multi-purpose/Multi-tool Pocket Hiking Knife/Pliers Kit

This is really a reliable option that offers 18 functions including file, scale, wrench, bottle opener, screwdriver, cable cutter, pipe grip plier, saw, tool and more. Designed with ultra-tough and high quality stainless steel, it offers users non-slip grip. This is lightweight and easy to carry. Ergonomic design of handle makes it easy to use and fold.

Price: $24.99 USD

Product Link:


Hiking Essential 10: Sunglasses

You can protect your eyes by preventing dust and dirt entering your eyes during hiking or adventurous activities. You can do it by wearing the best and high quality sunglass. You can find out the best Polarized Hiking & Sports Sunglasses so that you can protect eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Deal 10: OSSAT Polarized Hiking & Sports Sunglasses

This is designed with polarized lens material that prevents your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This lens has seven layers that offer complete protection to your eyes and offer durability to it. It has windshield design on both ends. This is best to use for outdoor activities.

Price: $39.99 USD

Product Link:


Top 10 Tips on Hiking Like a PRO!

If you want to be a hiking pro, then follow the below given tips:

  1. Pack the hiking essentials including sunglasses, navigation compass, extra clothing, flashlight, first aid kit, fire, hydration, emergency shelter and more.
  2. Tell your exact location to someone or carry emergency device
  3. Always check the weather before starting your hiking or adventurous trip
  4. You should start with small trail
  5. Choose the right train and familiarize yourself with it by reviewing reports and map of area
  6. Wear the right hiking boots or socks that offer support to ankle and feet
  7. Choose the right clothes that can be suitable for weather
  8. Keep your backpack light; do not load it with unnecessary stuff
  9. Pick a fix pace and maintain it all day long
  10. Take care of nature



Hiking and other adventurous activities need some sorts of preparation. This guide offers you all the essential items that you can use during hiking. You can use these essentials to make your hiking safe.


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