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iPad Air 4th Generation Rumors Roundup: Should I Wait for iPad Air 4 2020?

‘Larger screens and lower prices’ seems to have become Apple’s watchword in recent times. If rumors are anything to go by, and they usually are in the tech world, Apple may be gearing up to release a fourth-generation iPad Air before the end of the year. The iPad Air product line hasn’t received an upgrade in over a year and looks next in line on Apple’s upcoming announcements. Its last release in the series is the iPad Air 3 which was released in March 2019.




The iPad Air is Apple’s mid-range tablet, packing power, beauty and features that are second only to the iPad Pro product line. It sits above the iPad mini and entry-level iPads on the Apple Tablet caste system. Leaks and titbits have recently started making rounds about a new iPad Air and its features, seeing as the current iPad Air made its foray into the market more than a year ago and hasn’t received a follow-up.


While 2020 has already seen the release of a new iPad Pro, which is Apple’s foremost tablet, teases in the gadget world suggest the coming of a new iPad Air as a follow up to 2019’s iPad Air 3. This article walks you through all the available leaks and rumours, giving you a sense of what to expect from the new iPad Air.


New iPad Air 4: When will it be released?

Unlike with its iPhones, Apple doesn’t usually follow a yearly pattern or schedule for the release of its iPads. Thus, rather than update the iPad Air 3 when it clocked a year in March 2020, Apple dropped the new models of the iPad Pro. The standard iPad was renewed late 2019 ending the rumors that it was being phased out by the iPad Air, making the latter next on the update queue. While Apple has not announced an official release date, it’s being muted and looks increasingly probable, that a new iPad Air will be released before the end of 2020. As indicated by a highly connected tech industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, preparations are being made towards new generations of the iPad Air and iPad mini, with the iPad Air being scheduled for release in the second stage of 2020.


New iPad Air 4: How much will it cost?

Perhaps the most checked out piece of information after features and specifications, are questions about the cost of the new iPad Air. However, such inquiries can only beget speculative answers for now, even if there are precedents to follow. Apple hardly changes the price of new tablet models, instead, they drop the price of older models, so it is being expected that the new iPad Air will debut at the same entry-level price as its predecessor.


However, there is reason to believe that Apple will lower tablet prices this year, as was the case with the iPhone SE which carries all the features of iPhone 11 Pro at just more than half of the latter’s price. This is due to the economic downturn occasioned by the ongoing pandemic. Also, considering the price of the iPad 10.2 and previous iPad Air models, it’s plausible that the touted iPad Air will cost anywhere between £400-£500 upon its debut. The iPad Air 3 debuted at $400/£479 and it is widely expected that the new iPad Air will launch at roughly the same price.

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New iPad Air 4: What new features does it have?

We already know to expect an under glass home button and a Touch ID sensor for fingerprints but recent leaks have suggested that Apple is set to depart from the usual lightning charging port and embrace the same USB-C port that the 11in iPad Pro features. The USB-C port, long embraced by Andriod phones, supports faster charging and increased data transfer speeds. It’s also being muted that an on-screen fingerprint scanner will be included. This is a technology that Apple has constantly avoided despite it being embraced by its Andriod counterparts. Reports have it that we might see the introduction of a MiniLED in the next iPad Air. The MiniLED technology allows for lighter and thinner devices, without any compromise in the areas of contrast, color vibrancy and dynamism, all of these coupled with OLED efficiency is what the MiniLED offers.


Although no official statement has been made regarding specifications and new features, it’s noteworthy that the iPad Pro is Apple’s flag line tablet, thus, the new iPad Air should not be expected to have similar or superior features. Based on this, the suggestion that the new iPad Air could have the A13 Bionic processor introduced with iPhones 11 and iPhone SE is dead on arrival, seeing as the 2020 iPad Pro itself features an A12Z processor (which is a variant of the A12 processor featuring an extra core).


The current iPad Air also carries the A12 processor but may be given a small push to the A12X as an upgrade on the previous version. Another possibility being touted is that we may see an upgrade to the RAM allocation of the new iPad Air which features a 2GB RAM compared to the iPad Pro’s 4GB/6GB RAM options. Compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2, which recent iPad Pro releases have, is in discussions as well due to the complaints recorded with the iPad Air 3 and the first version of the Apple Pencil.


New iPad Air 4: Should I wait for It?

The question on the minds of most iPad users, that haven’t already gotten the Pro, is if the new iPad Air would be worth the wait. If you’re trying to purchase your first iPad or replace your old iPad but you’ve got questions bordering on price, specifications and if the device is worth the wait on your mind, not to worry, we’ve got you covered.


Albeit often classified as mid-range, the iPad Air is closer to iPad minis and entry-level iPads than is realized. However, with the leaks and current trajectory of Apple gadget releases, that may be about to change.

Should I Wait for iPad Air 4 2020?



The new iPad Air is rumored to be modeled after the 2018 11inch iPad Pro, meaning it will also feature the same 12MP wide-angle camera – a massive improvement on the 8MP camera that the iPad Air 3 carries. The new iPad Air will also feature a USB-C port that increases charging speed and enhances data transfer. In addition to the above, there’s likely to be an increase in RAM allocation and a boost to the current A12 processor. Judging by Apple’s recent reduction in entry prices for new products as exemplified by the iPhone SE’s cost, the new iPad Air is likely to feature great specifications at a relatively cheap price.


Despite all of these enhancements, it should be noted that as great and impressive as the new iPad Air may look, it’s not going to rival the iPad Pro and this would be reflected, not only in its price but in specifications as well. But if you’re looking for an Apple tablet that’s similar to the iPad Pro, the new iPad Air is just about as close as you can get. The device is definitely worth the wait.



The new iPad Air is certain to be a game-changer when it drops, both in terms of price and accompanying specifications. While its rumored features are laudable and impressive, the device will still be missing the Face ID recognition and users are stuck with the fingerprint sensor under the screen. Notwithstanding, the potential chipset upgrade, camera improvement and possible compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2, all at a relatively low cost make this device a worthy buy.


Apple will surely want to replicate the huge success recorded with the iPhone 11 with the new iPad Air as well, while also maintaining the demand for the iPad Pro, thus there is a lot of compromises to be made on price and device specifications. Apple will want the new iPad Air to feature an upgrade on its predecessors and do well in the market, but not to the point of reducing or rivaling the iPad Pro’s demand. The new iPad Air is thus likely to be a middle ground between entry-level iPads and the iPad Pro.


Think of the new iPad Air as a “lite” version of the iPad Pro. If you’re looking for a tablet with great functionality at a pocket-friendly price, you should wait for the new iPad Air. Considering how Apple shocked the world by putting the iPhone 11 features in the iPhone SE 2020, there might be even more surprises to unveil with the release of a fourth-generation iPad Air. The leaks and rumors look good, and with Apple’s recent pricing in response to the decline in the world economy, there seems to be no better time to grab an Apple device, and if there was a gadget worth waiting for, it’s definitely a new iPad Air.

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