Uncategorized Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Note 10: What is the difference?

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Note 10: What is the difference?

Samsung Note series was launched back in 2019. However, comparing the technology that arrived in 2019 to the Galaxy S10 range, there is not much to compare, until you throw a keen eye towards the dimensions, storage options and processor. If you have been wondering what’s different between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 smartphones, this article should be a good read for you.

We’ll compare almost all the aspects from the color options, price and display to the processor,  and features.

Differences between the S10 and Note 10

While both of the models share a number of similarities, the differences cannot be overseen. Here is what you will find differences between both the devices.


When you look at the Galaxy Note 10, you’ll at once notice the difference in design. The punch hole front camera has been placed in the center of the screen compared to the same on the right-hand corner of the Galaxy S10. When we look at the camera module, it has been arranged vertically on the top-left corner. Whereas on the S10, it has been arranged horizontally near the top edge.

Also, the edges on the Note 10 seem to be slightly squarer on the corners than the Galaxy S. This gives space for the S pen slot in the bottom, however, there’s no slot for the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Galaxy S10 vs. Note 10 Design

The S Pen

As you would expect, the Note 10 series comes with a built-in bluetooth enabled S-Pen which has a six-axis motion sensor. The sensor allows for the basic pen functions like writing and drawing and some other functions as well. With motion gestures to swipe through camera modes, the S pen is positioned in the right corner of the bottom of the smartphone. Where the Note 10 comes with this improved and functional S Pen, the Galaxy S10 doesn’t.


The Galaxy Note 10 has a larger display than the S10. With a 6.3 inches screen on the Note 10, the 6.1 inches on the S10 doesn’t make much of a difference, but is still noticeable. The resolution at the end of Note 10 is 1080*2280pixels with a 401ppi density, whereas on the S10 you get 1440*3040pixel resolution with a 550ppi density.


The Note10 is available with a 3500mAh battery whereas, the S10 has a 3400mAh battery. Where the Note 10 battery supports 25W of fast charging, that on the S10 supports 15W of the same. The USB power delivery on the Note 10 end is through a USB 3.0 port, whereas on the S10 it is achieved using a USB 2.0 port. Furthermore, the Note 10 supports 12W of PMA wireless charging, the S10 supports 15W of PMA wireless charging.


The Galaxy Note 10 comes only in a 256GB storage option and is the only model to offer microSD support. Looking at the Galaxy S10, you get two variants with 128GB and 512GB storage capacities. It is hard to interpret the reason why the SD card availability has been dropped on the S10. It might be a way to reduce costs.


While there are only five color options on the Note 10, there are eight on the S10. Where on the Note 10, you get Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Pink, and Aura Red, on the S10 you will find Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Canary Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Cardinal Red, and Smoke Blue to choose from.

Galaxy S10 vs. Note 10 colors

What’s more?

Samsung has made a compromise to launch the Note 10 with a new design. The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the microSD slot has been two surprising moves. In contrast, the Galaxy S10 has the wired audio feature with expandable storage and a more rounded design.

On paper, there is not much that stands out between the two devices. Both phones have been matched with the same SD855 processor and 8GB RAM. Both devices offer almost similar batteries but the Note 10 has the advantage of 25W fast charging. There are some software enhancements on the Note 10 such as the powerful DeX 2.0 working within a virtual machine on Mac and Windows computers. Note 10 has also got an in-built video editing software and the ability to focus on audio in a specific direction of which you zoom in.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 are two almost similar phones mated with almost the same specs. There is no big reason to spend extra on the Note 10. The hardware design on the S10 is sleek, but the specs, software and cameras are nearly the same. This might sound like good news for the S10 owners who don’t want their phones to feel outdated.

If you are someone who’s looking to make a choice between the two, make sure to consider just how much value the S Pen holds, or the advantage that faster wired and 15W wireless charging will award you on the Note 10.

If you are thinking of saving a hundred dollars and get the S10, think about the sales and trade-in promotions that Samsung runs regularly. That said, with the price being equal, Note 10 is clearly a better choice for getting the most on your investment.

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