News & Events Rumors: iPhone 12 Released in October, but iPad and Apple Watch6 Released...

Rumors: iPhone 12 Released in October, but iPad and Apple Watch6 Released in September

What does it matter if you’re happy about your recent iPhone 11 purchase?

Indeed, it is something to feel elated about but I can bet that what you are about to read in this article would excite your dopamine… a-ha! Now get comfy in the feel as this is about to sway you off your feet.

I need not remind you that I’m one crazy addict (no, no it isn’t what you are thinking) … and by apple I don’t mean the edible fruit we all consume well, I don’t mind munching on one now (winks).

From iPhone to MacBook to air pods and to apple watch, I’m just so much in love with everything apple!

It is no longer news that the release date of the latest version of iPhone would be delayed, all thanks to some of the inside men gathering the news.

While the reason for the delay is unclear, many, including myself is guessing to associate the delay to the pandemic.

For any reason whatsoever, we have got nothing to worry about because it’s still going to be released this year.

A good speculation according to Jon Prosser suggested that iPhone 12 range will be announced the week after 12th of October.

Hold up a sec! …Ever noticed a tradition with apple as regards their announcement date? I bet you never did! But I’d help you out on that by spilling it out here.

Apple usually unveil their new product on a ‘Tuesday.’ So, for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max, if I am to go by Jon Prosser’s speculation, it’s likely the announcement goes out on Tuesday, 13th October and the pre-order would possibly be on Friday, the 16th of same month.

In like manner, the iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max would be up for pre-order sometime in November while iPad and apple watch6 would be released sometime in September.

iPhone 12 Pro

Although the particular release date is quite uncertain, but come October, I would be cruising around with my latest purchase.

So, do you want to know exactly what you should be expecting? then read on as I would be giving some hints on the specs and features you should look forward to.

First off, you should be accustomed with the structure. Like all the previous, apple always comes in family so, expect the same for the iPhone 12, family of four; the base being iPhone 12, others are; iPhone 12 max, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max which would all run on iOS 14.

According to news reports, suggestions are iPhone 12 range won’t be announced until the end of October starting with the 4G while the 5G models won’t be up for sale until November.

So, in terms of internet connectivity, it is safe to say that there will be variants of both 4G and 5G. thinking super speed already? Sure!

Moving up on the design, remember how iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 looks like? If yes, good! As you already have an idea of how the design would be as speculations say it is like an upgrade of both with a design mix of the iPad Pro 2020.

One of our very trusted apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, hinted that the iPhone 12 will be having a flatter metal frame flatter than that of the iPhone 11. Isn’t that super cool?

For the edges, expect something more squared as supposed to the rounded ones in the present iPhone while the rear of all the four iPhone would be made of glass.

According to news sources who spoke to Bloomberg, reference was made to the design of the iPad pro, suggesting that the iPhone is likely to appear sharply rounded corners and flat screens.

You don’t need to expend so much of your imaginative energy on that when you can get a practical view of how that looks on CAD renders, all thanks to everythingappropro and max weinbach.

In terms of thickness, recall that the iPhone 11 pro max had a thickness of 8.1mm, that of iPhone 12 pro max will bear 7.4mm.

If you are following this article quite well, you will agree with me that the reason for the reduction in thickness is rightly justified.

Rumour has it that the iPhone 12 looks quite smaller than the iPhone 7 but not as small as the main iPhone SE, around 5.4 inches. Quite portable!

Jon Prosser also hinted that both iPhone 12 and 12 max are made of aluminium frame while 12 pro and pro max will consist of stainless steel, all together will possess smaller notch than their predecessor.

One exciting feature it is retaining from its predecessor is the IP68 water and dust resistance feature, (at least I can still get to play games in the shower).

To the external feature, a source suggests that there is likely to be a redesign for the charging cable as it looks like it would be braided.

For the colour variant, expect something similar to those of iPhone 11 with few colours like navy blue and midnight green been added.

iPhone 12

In terms of screen, the inch display below should be expected;

iPhone 12 – 5.4-inch display

iPhone 12 max – 6.1-inch display

iPhone 12 pro – 6.1-inch display

iPhone 12 pro max – 6.7-inch display

One sweet fact is that the iPhone 12 models may be accompanied by OLED screen tech. ever heard of that? I doubt that! Me neither. This is its first appearance and this will allow for a stronger screen.

A new feature you should also expect id the display rate which has been changed from 60HZ to 120HZ. This will help load screen faster, better gaming and scrolling experience is also an added benefit.

To the guy at the back – the camera, expect to see changes in terms of the LIDAR scanner. You will get to enjoy an improved reality and portrait mode.

Expect to see 4 rear lenses too and just in case you are wondering what LIDAR means, LIDAR is an acronym for light detection and ranging and it uses laser to judge distance and depth.

For the RAM, expect a 6GB for both 1pphonw 12 pro and pro max while iPhone 12 and 12 max retains the 4GB of the previous model.

Furthermore, for the storage expect 128GB and 256GB capacity in the iPhone 12 and 12 max while a whooping space of 512GB for iPhone 12 pro and pro max.

One other cool feature to expect is the wireless charging that will be included. Unlike the previous models, iPhone 12 may be without a pair of air pod.

The iOS 14 mentioned earlier will include some little improvements in areas like the messaging app, apple maps, Siri and some other first party application. This is the best of apple’s iOS software.

Quite a whole lot to look forward to so, sit back, relax and patiently anticipate the launch date.


I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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