Tips & Guides iPhone 12 Pro Max Colors: Which Should You Buy?

iPhone 12 Pro Max Colors: Which Should You Buy?

If you are considering an upgrade from the older generation iPhone to the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, you must know the color options available. Colors for iPhone 12 series models differ between models.
It’s not every time that Apple offers a new color option for its top-tier iPhones. Unlike the older generation iPhones where users had only three color options- Silver, Gray, and Gold, it was only after the iPhone 11 series debuted that four color options were introduced. This year too, we have a new color option in the form of Pacific Blue among Silver, Gold, and Graphite. It doesn’t matter if users actually like the color or not, this shade will surely stand out on your next trip outside. You can pair the color with a transparent case from ESR or Apple itself.

Another interesting color introduced in the shades of the dark is the Graphite. This color option is an excellent choice and sits well with a range of iPhone cases. The device in this color option looks elegant, which never goes out of style. If you need something that isn’t too flashy but still manages to reflect your move, this color option is a perfect choice for you.

The third color option comes in the form of Silver which looks more like white satin. White may seem boring for some, but holding this beauty in your hands will change your mind for sure. Defining a balance between classic and eye-catchy, this color option is bound to turn heads.

The fourth color option can rightfully be called the most royale of all. With its gorgeous yellow glint sparkling from afar, you will feel differentiated in the crowd. But it’s not that flashy kind of sorts, rather subtle and sweet without hitting that over-the-top feeling.

Making a choice

Though every color has got the same specifications on the hardware and performance scale, choosing the right color is essential. Personally, I think the Gold version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one to choose from if you are looking to get that feeling of royalty. If you are looking to take a new route, go with the Pacific Blue version. And If you need something that never goes out of style go with the darker graphite or the sophisticated white or as Apple states Silver version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Whatever color you may opt for, make sure you keep personal requirements under consideration.

Some best mobile phone cases around

While you may too entangled in the choice of colors, you can use different colors of mobile phone cases to match with the phone. Here are some mobile phone cases you can consider.

#1 iPhone 12 Pro Max Metro Premium Leather Case ($35.99)

iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case


  • Premium real leather finish
  • Thin and light-weight
  • Screen and camera protection

This thin and light-weight leather case is soft and made out of premium real-like leather material which develops a natural touch over time. The natural variation in leather will make each case unique. The case cover also has a soft microfiber lining on the insides so the natural ceramic coating on the rear panel is not ruined.

The product being so light-weight is still strong and protects your iPhone 12 Pro Max without adding more weight to it. If you think the soft lining is something to do with the weight addition, you will be surprised to know that it is hard enough to resist the scratches from sharp objects like a pin, needles, keys, etc. thus, preventing you from doing more harm to your iPhone case. The raised bezels on the case edges help protect your screen and the camera well against damage to the camera glass and the front screen as well.

The precise cutouts and the ultra-soft edges make it easy to put on and take off in times of need. Dimensions if you compare to other brands are much improved and very close to that of the official Magsafe cases released by Apple. Therefore, we can guarantee, you won’t be having any issues dealing with the protective case.

#2 iPhone 12 Pro Max Cloud Soft Silicone Case ($25.99)

iPhone 12 Pro Max Silicone Case


  • Silky smooth finish
  • Slim and Secure
  • Perfect Fit

We have one more product in our collection from the house of ESR itself, that promises exceptional protection and compatibility to Apple’s core features. This protective case from ESR is designed to sit well with Apple’s Magsafe design system as well.

The case has a striking design in terms of the thickness, the touch, and the feel, and the special care which has been taken to ensure the product is a good fit for your device. The ultra-slim form of the phone highlights the sleek design and a grippy edge for a good hold and grip on the phone. The case also offers protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, with the help of a protective coating.

Furthermore, the raised edges on the camera case and the front screen, protect the glass from damage due to rubbing against abrasive surfaces. The precise cutouts and the ultra-soft edges make it easy to put on and take off in times of need.

#3 iPhone 12 Pro Max Echo Tempered-Glass Hard Case ($25.99)

iPhone 12 Pro Max Hard Case


  • Compatibility to size and dimensions
  • Tough tempered glass case
  • Air-guard corners

This tempered hard glass case is specifically made for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and sits well with the dimensions. The case is as beautiful as it looks with a scratch-resistant glass back and a flexible polymer frame for protection against scratches, dings, and scrape marks.

Also, the air-guard corners work like cushions to help protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from drops and bumps easily. The crystal clear glass back and yellowing-resistant frame showcases your iPhone 12’s original look while offering a comfortable grip to hold on to at the same time. The precise cutouts and the ultra-soft edges make it easy to put on and take off in times of need.

The final word

Of all the four color options that are available, make sure you go with something that suits you the best. There are also Apple iPhone cases available in different colors which you can use to pair with your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Happy shopping!

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