Tips & Guides iPad Pro 2021 11-inch Vs. 12.9-inch: Which Should You Buy?

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch Vs. 12.9-inch: Which Should You Buy?

Without a doubt, no other Apple tablet currently in the market beats the iPad Pro 2021, whether in design or functionality. But then, there are two screen sizes for this release (11-inch and 12.9-inch), bringing about the question, “Which one should I buy?”

Is it possible that apart from the noticeable screen size difference, other features are present in one but absent in the other?

An excellent way to answer this question and help you decide the one you should buy is by comparing and contrasting the main features of these two flagship Apple tablets. So, let’s move.

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch vs 12.9-inch Specs

Main Features iPad Pro 2021 11-inch iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch
Weight 1.04lbs 1.51lbs
Processor M1 with 16-Core M1 with 16-Core
Connectivity Optional 5G with Wi-Fi 6 Optional 5G with Wi-Fi 6
Display 2388 x 1668 pixels (11-inch) 2732 x 2048 pixels with mini LED (12.9-inch)
Starting Price 799 USD 1,099 USD
Front Cameras TrueDepth of 12MP TrueDepth of 12MP
Rear Cameras Ultra-wide 10MP (f/2.4); Wide 12MP Ultra-wide 10MP (f/2.4); Wide 12MP
Storage 2TB, 1TB, 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB 2TB, 1TB, 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB
Accessories Gen 1 and 2 Apple Pencil with Magic Keyboard Gen 1 and 2 Apple Pencil with Magic Keyboard
Rated Battery Life 10hrs on wireless web 10hrs on wireless web
Port Thunderbolt USB-C (USB-4) Thunderbolt USB-C (USB-4)

iPad Pro 2021 11 vs 12.9 Specs

What’s the Performance of iPad Pro 2021 Generally?

One significant selling aspect of the iPad Pro 2021 is the integration of Apple’s new M1 processor.

Since its debut last year, the M1 processor has considerably enhanced performance in every Apple product it’s been added to, and we’ve already seen it bring a significant upgrade to Apple’s Macbooks.

The first Apple tablet to feature an M1 processor is the iPad Pro 2021. Apple promises the octa-core chip will give 50 percent quicker CPU performance and 40 percent better graphics performance over the already-powerful iPad Pro 2020, which depended on Apple’s A12Z Bionic engine.

These flagships, according to reports, also give a double improvement in storage access speed over the iPad Pro 2020, which was already highly rapid.

iPad Pro 2021 11-in vs. 12.9-inch: What About the Cost?

The least price you can get for the 11-inch Apple tablet is $799, while the 12.9-inch version has a starting price of $1,099.

You can spend more for more storage or the ability to have cellular connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi, and if you kit either of these tablets out with all the trimmings, you’ll be paying $2,099 for the 11-inch iPad Pro 2021 and $2,399 for the 12.9-inch edition.

You can buy any of the two on Apple’s website (in your choice of Space Gray or Silver paint treatments), so the decision depends on whether you think an extra screen size deserves your $300.

Another cost which you should not neglect is that of cases and cover. That’s because the sensitive screen of these tablets requires an extra layer of protection. At ESR, you can get iPad Pro 2021 11-inch covers and cases for less than $50. And let’s say you need a unique feature like a kickstand case and also an Apple pencil in addition to the iPad Pro 2021 12.9 inches case; it goes for less than $65 at ESR.

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch vs. 12.9-inch: Cameras

As you can see from the table highlighting the features of both tablets above, the camera specs for both are the same. As such, whichever you buy, you’re sure to have Apple’s latest tablet camera hardware.

Additionally, there are some notable improvements over last year’s model. The rear cameras on the iPad Pro 2021 remain unchanged (12MP wide (f/1.8), 10-MP ultra-wide (f/2.4). However, the front-facing camera has been upgraded to a 12MP TrueDepth sensor, up from the 7MP sensor on the previous model. It now includes a fantastic feature that can significantly improve your zoom call experience.

iPad Pro 2021 11 vs 12.9 Battery life

The new camera function bears Center Stage because it takes advantage of the iPad Pro’s ultra-wide camera to keep the frame centered on you during video conversations, even when you move to the side. If someone else enters the picture, the camera recognizes them and zooms out to capture them as well. It’s a handy detail, especially if you make many video chats with your tablet, and it’s available on both models of the new iPad Pro 2021.

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch vs. iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch: Battery life

According to Apple, both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch tablets work for 10 hours when surfing the web or viewing video on a Wi-Fi connection, while the number falls to 9 hours if you’re on a cellular connection.

Apple’s been quite excellent recently about providing products that last as long on battery power as the company advertises. Hence, it’s a safe bet that you’ll get reasonably good battery life out of either kind of iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch vs. iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch: Accessories

If pricing is a concern while picking between the two models of the new iPad Pro, you should keep in mind that you will have to pay a bit extra for some accessories — notably cases and covers — if you choose with the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Getting a Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch model means an extra $299, while the 12.9-inch counterpart sells for $349. As such, If you already have an older 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard, there is no need to rely on it. And it functions precisely with the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro because the tablet’s just a bit thicker than last year’s model, which means it doesn’t precisely fit appropriately inside the old Magic Keyboard.

If you want to take notes, sketch, edit photographs or perform other duties with better precision, the Apple Pencil for both the iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch costs $129.

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch vs. iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch: Outlook

Apple’s hefty price tag on its iPad Pro means it’s rarely an easy decision to purchase in one. This time around, the price differential between the two sizes of iPad Pro is larger than ever ($300 vs. $200 on last year’s model), but so is the difference in what you get.

No matter the size of the iPad Pro you choose, you’re getting one of the most powerful tablets on the market (due to the M1 chip) with one of the brightest and most attractive displays. Either of the two iPad Pro 2021 versions should be more than capable of running all your favorite apps for years to come.

So if you don’t need the most beautiful display or you like the smaller, lighter size of the 11-inch iPad Pro 2021, know that you’re saving $300 (or more if you’re going to purchase a keyboard or cover) without sacrificing too much.

But if you have to see what a mini-LED display looks like on Apple’s most powerful tablet yet, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro looks like it could be worth the extra $300 you’ll pay to acquire it.

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