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How to Choose the Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S21 Ultra (2021)?

Among all the smartphones that Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event held on January 14, 2021 showcased was the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The smartphone featuring a massive 6.8-inch touchscreen display at a resolution of 3220 * 1440px at 515ppi is quintessentially luxurious.

If you have booked this smartphone already or are planning to get your hands on one, keeping your defense game strong against damage should be on your cards.

Metaphorically speaking, purchasing the best screen protector for your new smartphone will help save money in the long run. Now, you can easily go around looking for a screen protector online, however, the tricky part is, there are a multitude of them and selecting the best is no less than a challenge.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways you can choose the best screen protector for your Galaxy S21 Ultra and recommend some of our preferred products.

Points to consider


Screen protectors are available in two material types- glass and plastic. Glass screen protectors may be tempered or just a thin glass film. We won’t recommend selecting the latter, as it does not protect your screen from damages the way the tempered glass will do. If you are looking for resistance to scratches and protection against shattering, tempered glass screen protectors are your best bet.

Whereas, the plastic ones are recommended for use only on the rear camera modules or camera lenses, as these areas do not encounter as much rubbing or friction as the front phone display does.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector


The bitter truth- a majority of screen protectors out there do not cover the complete screen area. This may also block the complete view of the screen underneath. When you are looking for the best-sized screen protector, the location of cutouts for the notch, the speaker grille, and the front camera must exactly replicate the ones on the screen. Since there may be similar screen protectors for one or more devices, finding the one that covers your phone display completely is to be taken care of. Make sure you check the dimensions before you purchase so you don’t have to compromise later. Or better yet, go to a Samsung store and get one from there.


Screen Protectors are classified on the basis of their number on the hardness scale. You’ll find a lot of screen protectors in the market with different hardness values. From 3H, 5H to 9H, it may be confusing to make a decision. But not when you know that the higher the Hardness number, the better will the screen protector is at absorbing shock and withstanding such forces. For now, you can go with the 9H hardness scale as they are the most preferred among users and can easily withstand forces of up to 6-7kgs. Getting a 9H hardness scale screen protector may ask for a little extra but in the long term, this investment will always be worth it.


When selecting a screen protector, it is important to select the one with the minimum thickness. You will find products with a thickness between 0.3mm-0.5mm in glass material and 0.1mm in the plastic ones. Now, a thick screen protector doesn’t always imply that it is the best fit.

If a screen protector is excessively thick, it might interfere with the touch-screen responsiveness and might not deliver the same feel and navigation experience which you otherwise obtain. Therefore, select the one after going through the product information and make sure it doesn’t interfere with the basic functionalities at all. If you want the best screen protector, you can select the ones with 0.3mm thickness which will be more than enough to do their job.

If you are finding it difficult to make a decision, go to the reviews section on the product page and go through user experiences and you will easily deduce which one to go for.

Or, you can make it easier and select the following.

Some Honorary Mentions

While you are shuffling through e-commerce websites to look for the best screen protector you can have, here are some of our personally preferred and often recommended screen protectors proven as the best by the majority.

#1 Galaxy S21 Ultra Liquid Skin Full-Coverage Screen Protector ($13.99)

Galaxy S21 Ultra Full-Coverage Screen Protector


  • Dimensionally Compatible
  • Doesn’t Interfere with the Screen Functions
  • Self-Healing Properties

If there has to be one screen protector that meets all the parameters for selection discussed above, it is this Liquid Skin full coverage screen protector from ESR Gear.

The screen protector arrives in a 3-pc packaging priced at $13.99. The product has been exclusively designed for Galaxy S21 Ultra(2021) and won’t fit its predecessors. You can easily install the same using a video guide included in the pack.

The liquid-skin TPU material isn’t completely scratch resistant, yet it heals any scratches on its surface with its self-healing properties over time. The complete screen coverage is another advantage you have with this product. Moreover, with the clarity that it comes with, you can exploit the basic screen functionality without any interference. For ordering, visit the ESR website now.

#2 Galaxy S21 Ultra Home Theater Protection Bundle ($29.68-$40.47)

Galaxy S21 Ultra Home Theater Protection Bundle


  • All-in-one protection suite
  • Tempered Glass with Flexible polymer material phone cover
  • Lens Module Protectors Included

The ultra home theater protection bundle from ESR is available in two different buying options. You can get the screen protector with the phone cover at a cost of $29.70, whereas the screen and lens protector duo can be ordered at a cost of $40.50.

The product is built exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to provide it with complete protection from scratches, dust, and shock by drop. A flexible polymer mobile phone case included in the package houses your device securely while an adjustable metal kickstand can be used for video calling or watching videos and movies easily.

The tempered glass screen protector is capable enough of protecting your smartphone’s display from sudden impact and doesn’t interfere with the in-screen fingerprint sensor or the touch capabilities at all. The lens protectors included in the package are crystal clear and won’t affect the capabilities of your phone camera at all. All in all, this package is a must-buy for you if you are looking for a one-stop solution to keep your Galaxy S21 Ultra like new for the long term.

The final word

Selecting the best screen protector for your device needs not to be a hassle. With the tips and methods to select the best for your smartphone and the products recommended, we hope you won’t face the trouble of any sort. To shop for exclusive smartphone screen protectors you can always visit the official ESR product page and discover all that they have in store for you.

Happy Shopping!

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