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How many GB to get for iPad mini 5 (2019): 64gb or 256gb?

You get bored sometimes even with your phones and other gadgets at hand and here’s why; those movies and video skits you downloaded on your device, you are probably tired of seeing them over and again.

I would like to share my personal experience with you (each time I remember, it still cracks me up to this day).

When I was way younger, before the advent of Netflix and all of those platforms you could binge-watch movies, I would go on sites to download movies. It was a herculean task (sort of) because for me, that was my only means of passing time when I wasn’t in the library.

Don’t blame me, I was young and naïve and really wanted to have those TV shows downloaded to my phone, perhaps to impress pairs in high school back then.

I think I fell in love with the way my pairs flocked around me because I was smarter, tech-wise – in a way, that was my compensation for being a nerd.

More like the end of an episode in a tv series, my little fantasy didn’t last for a long period of time (not one I had ever imagined).

Soon, my phone storage space got filled in no time due to numerous downloads on the phone that I had to let go of some of my favorite downloaded shows in order to accommodate the newly downloaded ones.

Later, I began to lose recognition because my pairs couldn’t get newer videos to watch from me. At some point, I was booed at because I had more documentaries than movies (I haven’t gotten over watching documentaries as I write to you).

iPad mini 5 256GB

Fast forward to when I completed my degree program and was working as a tech freelancer, I usually work with large files and as a result, I needed some large data app.

Despite all of these, I still picked up this habit of downloading videos on my iPad (old habits die hard, they say).

It resulted in the same issue of “running out of space.” I would get notifications every now and then till I eventually outgrew my iPad and upgraded to a newer one.

Before I got this job I’m currently into, I had my vacation. On such vacations, I would normally create time to experiment with some gadgets that I have access to.

And I can boldly say that one of the problems with our devices is that we tend to run out of storage space really quick and I tell you, that can make you grow tired of your devices.

As you know, iPad is most preferable when it comes to the carriage. No one wants to keep moving around with a MacBook. So, think of an iPad like a multi-function gadget that can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Perhaps, you’ve got an eye for the iPad mini 5 but do not know which to purchase, I would help do some exposition in that regard.

For this article, the main focus is about the choice of storage space and secondly, to give you my two cents on which GB would be the best bet for you and possibly influence your purchase preference.

First of all, the most important information you should keep in mind is that the iPad mini 5 (2019) has two variants based on storage space; 64GB and 256GB.

Notice that the iPad mini 5 storage space is like double of what the iPad mini 4 has and it could be a bit tricky here because the minimum storage space of an iPad is 32GB and you may be tempted to settle for that of 64GB but there is something you should know.

Your keen attention will be appreciated right here;

If the major reason for purchasing the iPad mini 5 is to peruse your fancy (okay, that’s more of lexical jargon, let me break that down).

iPad mini 5 case

In simpler terms, if your sole aim for purchasing the iPad mini 5 is to perhaps, see movies or skits by streaming online (not with the intention of downloading them) or listen to music online or perhaps, to join the apple users bandwagon then you may just go for the 64GB.

Also, if you aren’t one who uses too many apps and sticks to using the few that come with the iPad then the 64GB is just perfect for you.

However, if you are like me who loves to download everything ranging from the oldest tech news to the latest ones, documentaries, sports, movies, games, then you should opt for the 256GB

Meanwhile, I cherish memories so, I keep lots of them perhaps for future references. That is, I take lots of JPEGS and save them to my device.

These things take lots of space and so I need to brace up for this by purchasing something to accommodate them. So, if you’re like me, you would be needing the 256GB iPad mini 5.

In addition, if you deal with large files office work but stream online to see movies and tv shows, or play online games then, you can choose to settle for the 64GB – you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of space (at least, not anytime soon).

Having known this, it becomes much easier to narrow down your purchase preference. However, what’s the essence of storage space if you have a shattered screen – one you are ashamed of?

It’s best to purchase a suitable screen protector alongside to avoid stories that touch and I would recommend ESR screen protector categories which you can check out here. Just in case you need one for your iPad mini 4, check it out here.

On the whole, the truth is, there are no rules binding your purchase of the iPad mini 5. It all depends on how well you utilize your iPad.

If you are the type who doesn’t really do so much on your iPad and prefers to stream instead of download, you can make do with just the 64GB.

On the flip side, if you are the type that works mainly on your iPad (I mean, you have your office on your phone), and also love downloading movies or videos directly to your iPad then, the 256GB is your best bet.

Just be sure to purchase one that will suit you.

I'm all about tech, fashion, and finding ways to make life more convenient and interesting. If that sounds like your jam, give me a follow!

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