Products Top 5 Google Pixel 4 XL Screen Protectors

Top 5 Google Pixel 4 XL Screen Protectors

Google Pixel 4 XL has hit the ground with the best touch screen technology.  They truly equally deserve the best screen protector. Here are the top hardened screen protectors to buy now.

Protect your Google Pixel 4 XL screens’ clarity with a tempered scratch-resistant screen protector. Don’t over-rely on its chip resistance, if dropped it can chip. The technology in this pixel phone is worth every protection.

Maintain the pixel camera of your Google Pixel 4 XL phone scratch-free with a good screen protector, and the crystal clear photographs will remain a beautiful history mark.

The clarity of this expensive Google phone screen is designed to make images snap! Only a crystal clear screen protector will match.

The Pixel 4 XL 6.30-inch curved screen edges are better suited if protected with an edge curved screen protector.  Not because it has to rhyme, but the Google Pixel 4 XL alluring front image deserves no altered outlook.

Screen protectors mostly help protect phones when they fall. How hard the protector is hard to break will determine the future of your phone.

Best 5 Google Pixel 4 XL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Pixel 4 XL Tempered Glass Full-Coverage Screen Protector -$13.99

  • Full coverage protection: Specially designed with curved edges to help protect your Pixel 4 XL’s screen from Dust and edge damage.
  • 3x stronger: Can withstand up to 11lb of force, helping protect your screen from damage.
  • Easy Installation: Fits your phone’s screen perfectly, and includes a cleaning kit that allows for bubble and stress-free application.


This Pixel 4 XL Tempered Screen Protector can withstand 11lb force making it your Google Pixel 4 XL guardian angel. The curved edges are designed to perfectly fit all the screen edges. With the full-screen adhesion, the protector never peels off easily.

The extra clarity of this screen protector helps capture ever dot in your photos. Its fingerprint and oil-resistant properties maintain the screen exceptionally clean.

It comes with a free alignment frame and a cleaning kit.

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Blu Element Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 4 XL -$29.99

The crystal clear Blu Element Tempered Google Pixel 4 XL screen protector is made for this phone only. To match the Pixel 4 XL’s curved edges and maintain its pretty outlook, the protector is made ultra-thin with curved edges.

It’s double-coated to make it oil and water-resistant. This also helps maintain the screens’ lustrous appearance.  You require no technician to install this screen protector.

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ZIZO TEMPERED GLASS Screen Protectors For Google Pixel 4 XL – $ 14.99

To protect your Google Pixel 4 XL screen from cracks and permanent scratches, ZIZO tempered glass screen protector is 9H hardened and double-coated with oleophobic. Once installed, the full glue screen protector does not peel off easily.

The 0.33mm thick protector maintains the phones screen sensitivity as its crystalline nature leaves your photographic images scintillating.

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For 2019 Newest Arrival Google Pixel 4 XL -$2.690

For 2019 Newest Arrival Google Pixel 4 XL tempered screen protector is shock-resistant, scratch-resistant and explosive resistant. Its ultra-slimness and smoothness will always make your Pixel 4 XL screen dazzle in a beautiful hue.

This easy to install with no bubbles protector comes with cleaning cloth and a smoothing card to maintain its glossy nature.

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Pixel 4 Tempered Glass Full-Coverage Screen Protector -$13.99

  • Full coverage protection
  • 3x stronger: Can withstand up to 11lb of force, helping protect your screen from damage.
  • Fingerprint & Oil-Resistant: Oleophobic coating repels oil and fingerprints, making the screen protector easier to clean.


A force of 5kg and above can break this Pixel 4 Tempered Screen Protector, The 9H-hard tempered glass is always free from scratches. If you are a fun of having car keys in the pockets, the ESR Pixel 4 Screen protector is best for you. It’s also curved to keep the phones screen dust-free and hard to damage.

With the free frame guide, you can easily install the screen protector and stay bubble stress-free. Its ultra-thinness and smoothness keep the touch screen extremely sensitive and highly functional.

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Want to view other different screen protectors? Click to see better deals.

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