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Best iPhone 12/12 Pro Slim Cases in 2020

So, what if you finally made your iPhone 12/12 Pro purchase? I know it makes you feel excited right now but what makes you think your excitement would not wane?

The question to ponder on now is “how long will your excitement last?” I’m no peddler of bad news but let me tell you this, what would sustain your excitement is not by the mere purchase of the iPhone 12/12 Pro alone but in its maintenance.

So, having known this, if you would love to keep your iPhone 12/12 Pro looking new and sleek always then read on!

I’ve combed out 7 best slim cases you can purchase for your iPhone 12/12 Pro

iPhone 12/12 Pro project zero slim clear case – $16.99

iPhone 12 Slim Case

Key features

  • Air-guard corners
  • Screen and camera protection
  • Yellowing-resistant polymer

In terms of compatibility, this project zero slim clear cases is specially made for the 6.1-inch iPhone 12/12 Pro (2020).

The air guard corners are well cushioned to help absorb shocks that result from drops, dings and falls. Also, this case has a 1.1 mm thin crystal-clear yellowing-resistant polymer which is ultra-slim and it helps retain the original look of your device.

Furthermore, the bezel of this slim clear case has been subtly raised in order to protect your iPhone 12/12 Pro screen and camera from scratch or tiny lines.

There is a wet-looking (water-mark) mirage that appears with some other cases but this slim clear case is different as it houses some small dots on its inner part to keep your device looking cool and also eradicate this effect.

CASEKOO crystal clear case – $20.99

 CASEKOO Crystal Clear Designed for iPhone 12 Case

Key features

  • Anti-yellowing polymer
  • Military drop guard
  • Screen and camera protection
  • Ultra-thin & crystal-clear cover

The CASEKOO crystal clear case is specifically designed for the iPhone 12/12 Pro cases. Trust me when I say no other device will fit in.

It has a crystal-clear anti-yellowing polymer and its excellent polycarbonate coating which helps bring out the beauty of your device.

The military drop guard of this case helps to protect your iPhone 12/12 Pro against drops, falls and every impact that may cause harm to your device.

The bezel of this case has been raised to prevent your device screen surface and camera from scratches. Also, this case is fingerprint-resistant.

One awesome feature is that this case is compatible with the MagSafe charge that is, you can enjoy wireless charging.

Asides from delivering incredible protection to your device, this case is ultra-thin and you don’t have to worry about having to deal with extra load from the case.

Otterbox symmetry series case – $49.95

 OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 12

Key features

  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Accessible volume control
  • Sleek & pocket friendly

The Otterbox symmetry series case is compatible with only the iPhone 12/12 Pro (2020).

Germs are everywhere but with the long-lasting anti-microbial technology used in this symmetry case, you are guaranteed of having a germ-free outer case.

It is important to note that this case protects only the outer layer of your device case and not you or your device screen – it is not a ‘one size fits all’ case.

The edges are elevated to render maximum protection to your device screen and camera. The ultra-thin design of this case makes it sleek and pocket-friendly.

It is compatible with wireless charge plus, you can easily access the volume control of your device. so much in just one case!

iPhone 12/12 Pro liquid shield slim case – $24.99

 iPhone 12 Pro Slim Case

Key features

  • Ultra-slim & lightweight
  • Silky-smooth surface
  • Screen and camera protection

Designed explicitly for the iPhone 12/12 Pro models is the liquid shield slim case. With only 1.1 mm thickness, be sure to enjoy the slimness and minimalist design of this case.

The bezels have been carefully raised to protect your device screen and camera from being scratched or damaged.

The surface of this shield slim case is silky and smooth to the touch plus, it resists fingerprint which makes it comfortable to grip.

Easily access your device charging port and speaker with the precise cut-outs made on this case.

CASETiFY impact case – $55.00

CASETiFY Impact Case for iPhone 12

Key features

  • Dual-layer protection
  • Shock absorber corners
  • Ultra-slim & Light-weight

Specifically designed for the iPhone 12 is the CASETiFY impact case. With this military-grade protective case, expect top-notch protection rendered to your device.

It has been cushioned with a bumper from one corner to the other to give all-round protection to your iPhone 12. Plus, it helps absorbs the shock that results from drops and falls.

The ultra-slim nature and minimal weight of this case make your device appear chic and sleek always. It gives your device that classy look.

iPhone 12/12 Pro shimmer sparkly slim case -$18.99

iPhone 12 Pro Slim Case

Key features

  • Full body protection
  • Dazzling style
  • Slim & crystal clear

The name says it all as the glitters on the sparkly slim case makes your device gleam brilliantly.

Specifically designed for the iPhone 12/12 Pro (2020), this case guarantees your device full body protection with its all-encompassing protective features.

With the strategically placed micro-dots pattern on the outer part of this case, it rids off the wet mirage. In addition, this case helps to show off the original design of your device with its crystal-clear feature.

PITAKA ultra-slim phone cover – $59.99

PITAKA Ultra Slim Phone Cover

Key features

  • Ultra-slim & silky
  • Raised bezels
  • Wireless charging

The PITAKA case is specifically designed for the iPhone 12 6.1-inch. This case is ultra-slim so, worry less about having additional weight to hold.

The surface of this case is breezy between your fingers and smooth to the touch giving you a comfortable grip.

The PITAKA cases have bonded rings which are raised to protect the lens of your device camera against scratches and damages.

The wireless charging of the PITAKA case is compatible with the wireless charging of the iPhone 12 series which in turn is compatible with the MagSafe system (chargers and wallets inclusive).

There you have it, the 7 best iPhone 12/12 Pro slim cases you can purchase. As you know, if it’s not the best, then it is not worth your time!

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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