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The 7 Best iPhone 12/12 Pro Case Covers from ESR

Apple has launched the iPhone 12. One thing is for sure- no one does it quite like Apple does. Be ready to welcome a new object of desire into your life! iPhone has 4 versions this year, with one 6.7-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch devices, and one 5.4-inch iPhone. Obviously, the 6.7-inch device will be the higher-end, premier model, with the 5.4-inch one being the device that will satisfy the lower-cost end of the market.

In preparation for the new iPhones, ESR has launched a few cases that will not only help you decide the new iPhone model you want for yourself but also protect that device when you actually receive it. We’ve collected the best features of the lot to help you in your decision-making process. Let’s dive right in:

1. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Metal Kickstand Case, for $18.19

iPhone 12 Pro Kickstand Case

Designed specifically for the iPhone 12 5G/ iPhone 12 Pro 5G, this case features a durable metal kickstand. Use the stand in both horizontal aka landscape, and vertical aka portrait mode. It makes FaceTime sessions a breeze, because you no longer have to hold your phone up constantly, or prop it up against something, only to have it constantly sliding down!

This ESR product comes to you after much testing and product research and development. As per our latest test reports, the hinge of the metal kickstand has been found to retain over 80 percent strength, even after continuous usage of over 3000 times. What this translates to, in simple words, is that even after flipping the stand out for over 3000 times, it does not get loose and shaky, and performance remains strong.

The case also features raised bezels to protect your iPhone 12 screen and camera from scratches and unintentional damage. It also comes wireless charging ready because unlike other products, you do not have to remove the case from the phone, before using a wireless charger.


  • Sturdy 2-way Metal stand to make video calling super easy
  • Specially made for the iPhone 125G/ iPhone 12 Pro 5G
  • Raised bezels for extra protection.
  • Wireless charging ready- no need to remove the case before charging
  • The affordable price of $28.78

2. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Classic Hybrid Shock-Absorbing Phone Case, for $18.99

 iPhone 12 Phone Case

While many users look for extra bulk to protect their phones, there is also a section that prefers protecting their phones with a slimmer case that does not sacrifice on quality. ESR has made this hybrid shock-absorbing phone case specifically for such users who are looking to get the new iPhone 12/12 Pro.

This case for the iPhone12 Max/12 Pro 6.1” model offers protection without the bulk and is only 1.1 mm thick. This makes this super light. It combines the advantages of a frosted matte hardback with a flexible polymer frame, which makes it very easy to put on or take off from the iPhone12 Max/12 Pro.

The case also features raised bezels for the iPhone 12/12 Pro’s screen and camera so that even with a slim case, there is no compromise on the quality offered.

This case is super affordable and comes in 4 versions. Choose between Frosted Black, Clear, Black, and Navy Blue.


  • Super Affordable Price of $19.18
  • Frosted matte hardback with a flexible polymer frame
  • Slim case- 1.1 mm thick
  • Raised bezels for extra protection
  • 4 colors: Frosted Black, Clear, Black, and Navy Blue

3. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Alliance Tough Full-Body Case, for $23.09

iPhone 12 Full-Body Case

This one from ESR provides full-body heavy duty protection and is for the perfectionist who wants all the bells and whistles when it comes to a phone case.

The case combines a sturdy backplate, flexible bumper, and tempered-glass screen protector to provide full-body protection to your iPhone 12/12 Pro. This case also includes tempered-glass screen protectors to provide scratch resistance without compromising on touch sensitivity.

This ESR case features raised bezels around the camera and screen, that provides a drop guard and helps prevent the phone from accidental damage. It also comes with shock-absorbing corners that offer extra drop protection.

With 3 variations in color, you can choose from Black, Clear, and Navy Blue and be assured that this ESR case offers optimal protection for your iPhone 12/12 Pro.


  • Full Body Protection: sturdy backplate, flexible bumper
  • Includes tempered glass screen protector
  • Affordable at a little over $30
  • Raised bezels around camera and screen
  • 3 different colors- Black, Clear, and Navy Blue

4. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Halo Clear Case, for $24.99

iPhone 12 Pro Clear Case

Designed specifically for the 6.1-inch model of the new iPhone 12, this Halo clear case is made of a lightweight and yet super durable tough polymer. This makes it easy to put on or take off your iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro.

This case from ESR, offers superb protection for your phone and its raised bezels help create a drop guard that defends your phone from unwanted damage. The back of the case includes microdots that prevent it from sticking to the phone and leaving any residue or watermarks on the back.

The case comes with a crystal-clear back and a colorful side frame, which showcases the back of your iPhone while making it really pop. This case is pretty unique and comes in 4 shades- Black, Gold, Silver, and Navy Blue.


  • Light and durable, made of a tough polymer
  • Clear back and colored sides.
  • Affordable at a little over $20
  • Raised bezels around camera and screen
  • 4 different colors- Black, Gold, Silver, and Navy Blue

5. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Echo Tempered-Glass Hard Case, for $25.99

 iPhone 12 Pro Tempered-Glass Hard Case

If you are looking for a clear case that is different from the rest of the monotonous cases available in the market, look no further, because this ESR case has you sorted.

It combines a scratch-resistant glass back and a flexible polymer frame for protection against scratches, and unintended damage to your new iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch. The clear back makes it easy to show off your new phone and the colored sides give it just the right amount of zing!

The frame is also resistant to yellowing and remains to look new. The shock absorbent cushioned corners protect the phone if you accidentally drop it.

Choose from the following 3 shades: Clear, Frosted Black, and Blue.


  • Scratch-resistant glass back
  • Flexible polymer frame
  • Shock absorbent cushioned corners
  • 3 shades: Clear, Frosted Black, and Blue
  • Affordable price $30.38

6. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Project Zero Slim Clear Case, for $16.99

 iPhone 12 Slim Case

Another case exclusively designed for the new iPhone 12 6.1-inch device, this case is perfect for those who want a simple, clear case that is high-quality and keeps your phone perfectly protected.

At just 1.1 mm thickness and made with a crystal-clear yellowing-resistant polymer, it offers high protection but without the usual bulkiness. It is shock resistant and protects the phone from unintentional drops or bumps.

The case also features microdots on the inner part of the back, so that the case doesn’t stick to the phone, preventing that unsightly “wet” look.

Super affordable, with premium quality, this one is a winner for sure!


  • Elegant, simple, transparent cover
  • 1 mm thickness
  • Yellowing-resistant polymer
  • Shock resistant
  • Affordable at only $17.58

7. The iPhone 12/12 Pro Air Armor Clear Hard Case, for $25.99

iPhone 12 Pro Hard Case

This ESR case is the big daddy of them all! With military-grade protection for your new Apple iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch, the features of this case will blow you away!

The iPhone 12/12 Pro Air Armor Clear Hard Case comes with Air-Guard corners for enhanced drop protection. The hard scratch-resistant back, flexible frame and shock absorbing corners provide superb protection, without compromising on sleek looks.

This case also features an exclusive ESR lens frame design which, in addition to the raised screen bezel, provides top-notch protection from unwarranted scratches and damage.

It is super easy to charge wirelessly, since the case itself is thin enough to charge the phone without having to remove it. It comes in 3 versions, Frosted Black, Navy Blue and Clear.


  • Military-grade, heavy-duty protection
  • Air-Guard corners for enhanced drop protection
  • Hard scratch-resistant back
  • Flexible frame
  • Exclusive ESR lens frame design
  • Raised screen bezel
  • 3 versions: Frosted Black, Navy Blue and Clear
  • Priced affordably at $25.58

There you have it, some of the top cases available for your new iPhone 12. We’re all waiting in anticipation for the next iPhone to launch. The world has gone through enough turmoil in 2020, let’s hope that the new iPhone line up gives us enough reasons to celebrate!

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