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The 6 Best iPad 8th Gen Case Covers from ESR (2020)

It’s September again, and everyone’s expectation is at the peak of an update from Apple regarding its tablet. iPad 8th generation has been released, it has excellent specs and design. If you’ve been painstakingly waiting for this latest tablet from Apple, one preparation that we consider key to enjoying it for long is to plan to get a cover for it. Such cover, while protecting it, must not take anything away from the tablet’s beauty. ESR understands this peculiar need and has come up with six different covers for the iPad 8th generation. Check their descriptions below to decide which you would love to get.

  1. iPad 8th Gen (2020) Ascend Trifold Hard Case– $14.99

 iPad 8th Gen Ascend Trifold Hard Case

  • Perfectly Compatible
  • Cover Foldable Into A Stand
  • Dependable Automatic Wake/Sleep
  • Exquisite Design
  • Protection from Scratches

Since the iPad 8th generation is 10.2 inches in size, this ESR case also takes after this dimension, thereby making it exclusively compatible with your device. If you attempt using it on another iPad Model, it surely won’t fit.

For convenient viewing, ESR incorporates a magnetic trifold stand with it to keep your device standing at your chosen position and angle. At the back is the Apple logo engraved on hard material for maximum protection. The magnetic components of the case also wake and sleep your iPad when you open and close it, respectively. Enjoy a scratch-free iPad with this cover because it securely seals its screen and body from it.

  1. iPad 8th Gen (2020) Rebound Pencil Smart Case– $18.99

 iPad 8 Rebound Pencil Smart Case

  • Fits Perfectly
  • Perfect Finishing
  • In-built Pencil Holder
  • Automatically Wakes and Sleeps
  • Comfortable Stand

As with the other cover above, this one is also iPad 8th generation-compliant. Therefore, if you attempt using it for other iPads, it may not fit. Its highlight is the pencil slot that affords comfortable access to your pencil anytime.

The trifold stand also aids your viewing experience because you can tweak it to your convenience. Similarly, get to enjoy the automatic waking and sleeping of your iPad when you open and close the cover. ESR ensured a flawless finishing in the making of this case as the polymer, which looks like rubber, feels great to the palm.

  1. iPad 8th Gen (2020) Rebound Slim Smart Case– $15.99

 iPad 8 2020 Rebound Slim Smart Case

  • Protection Against Scratches
  • Fits Accurately
  • Stable Trifold Stand
  • Silk-Smooth
  • Negligible Weight

Get this iPad case only if you have or plan to have the 10.2-inch iPad 8th generation. By now, you probably know the reason: it only supports the 8th generation model. What’s your style? You can find it in any of its five colors and enjoy the protection of a flexible TPU and polyurethane cover.

When held, it isn’t slippery, and its installation does not give any problem. You can set its front cover into a kickstand to enable seamless typing or viewing. As comprehensive and elegant as this iPad case is, it isn’t heavy. The extra weight it adds to your device is also negligible.

  1. iPad 8th Gen (2020) Sentry Protective Case with Stand– $35.99

 iPad 8 2020 Sentry Protective Case with Stand

  • 7th and 8th Gen Compatible
  • Safe Mounting
  • Unmatched Stability
  • Versatile and Intuitive Design
  • Rich in Features

With an amount less than $37, this ESR iPad case offers outstanding features such as the automatic waking and sleeping of your iPad, space to hold your stylus pen, comfortable mounting, and others.

Unlike its predecessors discussed above, this cover works well with both 7th and 8th generations of iPad. The cover has many powerful magnets that make it practicable to set your iPad up to seven different angles for your viewing convenience. It’s an iPad case that genuinely deserves its price.

  1. iPad 8th Gen (2020) Urban Premium Folio Case with Pencil Holder– $15.99

 iPad 8th Gen Folio Case with Pencil Holder

  • Appropriately Fits
  • Well-Ventilated and Light
  • Automatically Sleeps and Wakes
  • Stable Stand

If you are mindful of your finance and you desire an iPad cover, and you still want something fantastic, this ESR Urban Folio case got your back. Its space for holding pencil ensures that you don’t lose this essential accessory, and the case is equally compatible with the 7th generation of Apple’s iPad.

Installing it on your device is not only convenient, but it also doesn’t come with bulkiness. However, as light as it is, its double-slip grooves have enough magnets to form a stable stand. Whenever you open the cover, the magnets also wake your iPad, just as they ensure that it sleeps immediately you close it.

  1. iPad 8th Gen (2020) Ascend Hard Shell– $10.99

 iPad 8th Gen Ascend Hard Shell

  • Protection Against Scratches
  • Attractive Design
  • Translucent
  • No Bulkiness
  • Smart and Very Compatible

This iPad cover also ensures that you spend less to protect your device. As you may have observed, it is the cheapest of all on our list. However, its low price tag does not take anything away from its excellent features.

It fits both the 7th and 8th generations of the iPad and has excellently-cut cutouts for easy access to your iPad’s ports, camera, and speakers. Just like the picture reveals, this case is translucent, and that makes sure your iPad’s design plus the Apple logo is conspicuous.

Buying Guide

With six covers provided for just one product, there’s no doubt you would find at least one that appeals to you there. We, however, understand that many options can lead to confusion or indecision, especially when all looks seemingly good. As such, factors such as your budget, where you usually use your tablet, and what lifestyle you lead are essential determinants. For low-budget consideration, the iPad 8th Gen (2020) Ascend Hard Shell case would make a perfect choice. But people who use their tablets often, especially outdoors may find that the iPad 8th Gen (2020) Sentry Protective Case with Stand the peace of mind needed. Others are equally budget-friendly and will serve for minimal usage.

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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