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The 7 Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Slim Thin Case Covers

“…So, I understand how you feel.”

Sometimes, when I test-run gadgets as a tech-savvy, I really do want to flaunt the lovely skin of the phones and live in the moment.

On some days, when I’m jolted out of my reverie of being tech-savvy and I’m being reminded that I have to be extra careful in handling these gadgets, I sulk it up and I’m like “five minutes extra and I’d get over my fantasies, can I?”

On other days, I go all the way out; being goofy and lackadaisical that I forget to take precautions (because I threw them out to the wind) and I end up writing an apology letter to prevent future occurrences of such acts.

I end up mumbling “please, cut me some slack. I really want to flaunt ‘em” underneath my breath while my superior summons me up so, trust me when I say I understand how you feel.

I thought he despised me that much but no I was wrong. what’s more to a damaged phone body or cracked screen, especially with brands like Samsung? Then, you can as well consider that phone as an ‘abandoned device.’

Well, needless to say, I witnessed a customer complaint – it was too much of a burden to bear the cost of a repair so, he opted to get a new phone entirely.

Only then did I begin to understand my superior’s reaction to my lackadaisical attitude to handling gadgets.

So yeah, I know you just got your Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and you really do want to flaunt it a little more but hey, it’ll be at your risk.

Thus, allow me to tell you about the 7 best Galaxy S21 ultra-slim cases you can purchase to protect your device.

Not a long ride but grab some cookies and juice, still.

Galaxy S21 Ultra clear-view slim case – $10.99

Galaxy S21 Ultra Clear Slim Case

Key features

  • Shock-proof
  • Ultra-slim & crystal clear
  • Elevated bezels
  • Built-in microdots

Topping my list of the 7 best slim cases is the project zero clear view slim case and it is only compatible with the Galaxy S21 (2021).

This case is shock-proofed and will help protect your device from falls, drops and bumps and scratches from everyday items.

This project zero case is ultra slim, light-weighted and crystal clear. Its bezels are elevated to help protect your screen and camera from drops, dings and scratches.

Also, it comes with built-in micro-dots that prevent this case from sticking to your device hence making your phone look admirable always.

PUROOM case – $13.99

PUROOM for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Ultra Thin

Key features

  • Ultra slim & light-weight
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Shock & scratch resistant
  • Precise cut-outs

The PUROOM case is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S21 and no other device. gentle note here; this case comes with only a PC hard case, no tempered glass included.

This case is ultra slim and light and it won’t add bulk to your device. It helps resist any form of shock as a result of dings or falls from height and at the same time, it prevents scratches from objects like keys.

Its anti-fingerprint feature helps prevent smears and stains from fingerprints from sticking to your screen.

The precise cut-outs enable you to access all the features on your device like the front camera, side buttons speakers, charging ports.

ATRAING cases – $13.99

ATRAING Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Key features

  • Raised bezels
  • Shock-resistant cover case
  • Ultra-slim & supple grip
  • Supports wireless charge
  • Soft silicone bling

Exclusively designed for only the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the ATRAING case. Its bezels are raised around the edges to prevent your screen and camera from any damages.

The shock-resistant feature of this case cover helps to prevent your device from the effects of falls and dings.

This case is super slim and will deliver comfort to your grip when you hold your phone. Also, this case has a soft silicone sparkly design that glitter always.

In addition, the ATRAING case supports wireless charge so, you do not have to remove the case before charging your device.

Temdan slim case – $15.99

Temdan for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case,

Key features

  • Shock-resistant corners
  • Raised bezels
  • Supports wireless charge
  • Anti- fingerprint/scratch

The Temdan slim case is compatible with only the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra (2021). It has raised bezels that help prevent shocks and damages from drops or falls.

It has an anti-fingerprint feature that evades marks, oil stains and prints from sticking to your screen. The anti-scratch feature helps prevent tiny marks caused by metal objects that come in contact with your phone.

Feel free to charge your phone without removing this case. It is wireless charge friendly.

Humixx Crystal clear case – $17.99

Humixx Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case Clear

Key features

  • Ultra-slim & light
  • Military-grade protection
  • Anti-yellowing feature

The Humixx case is designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, 5G, 6.8-inches (2021) and no other device will fit in.

This case is super slim and light and won’t add bulk to your device when used. Its crystal-clear feature will help show-off the natural look of your device.

With its military-grade protection, be sure to enjoy full protection as this will deliver a shock-proof guard and protect your device from shock as a result of falls or dings.

The bezels are raised around your phone camera and screen to prevent any sort of damages. Also, the special anti-oxidant layer won’t allow the case to turn yellow or faded as other cases do when overused.

TORRAS crystal clear case – $19.97

TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Key features

  • Camera & screen protection
  • Built-in microdots technology
  • Anti-yellowing feature
  • Wireless charge friendly

The TORRAS case is compatible with only the Galaxy S21, 5G, 6.2-inch (2021). The areas around the screen and camera are raised to protect your device from damages.

It comes with a built-in microdot technology which prevents this case from clinging to your phone plus, it helps your phone look pristine always.

The anti-yellowing feature has an anti-oxidant effect that preserves the integrity of this case and prevents it from turning yellow over time. Also, it supports wireless charging.

Puregear slim shell transparent case – $29.99

PureGear Slim Shell Transparent Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Key features

  • Raised bezels
  • Highly responsive buttons
  • Supports wireless charge

The Puregear case is specifically designed for only the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5G. it has a raised bezel around your phone’s screen and camera to prevent scratches and tiny marks from damaging your device.

It comes with functional caps and highly responsive buttons that is simply sensitive and at the same time protecting your phone buttons.

In addition, this case is wireless charge friendly so, feel free to charge without removing this case.

So, there you have it. Why not opt for a slim case protector to save you the stress and pain of abandoning your phone?

Don’t be the next customer to complain of a damaged phone screen or case; go get any of the above-mentioned slim cases.

  • AirTag keychain case

I am a super enthusiast of electronic products and often experience various electronic accessories. I hope what I shared is helpful to everyone!

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