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Apple iPhone SE 2 – Launch Date, Price & Features! Reality or Myth!


  • Rumored to look like the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display
  • To feature up to an A13 chip, 3 GB RAM and price as low as $399
  • With a touch id, Single-lens rear camera and 3 exciting colors of red, silver, and space grey


iPhone SE 2 Rumors

If analysts are to be believed, the iPhone SE 2 is due to launch in March of 2020. It would be an ambitious attempt to bring more price-conscious consumers to the Apple ecosystem. According to Macotakara’s informed source, Apple may be considering naming the SE 2 iPhone 9. This is backed up by reports that the new phones design is consistent with the iPhone 8.

This is great given that Apple is currently selling 6 different models across the globe. However, the technology firm aims at giving a smaller, palm friendly model at a reasonable price to loyal users. The latest models have all had a larger size and a higher price range. However, with new promising features such as a base model with 64 GB of the internal storage and an updated LCP antenna for better performance, it is only more likely to attract an audience who has been meaning to replace their older handset with a newer better model.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date

The phone is due to launch in March 2020. There is floating news that reassures the users that there will not just be a renewed version of the SE. One of the reasons being the actual four-inch display which is rather cramped than comfortable. However, with the reports of a new iPhone in the market in March of 2020, there is added pressure on the Android market as well.

The rumor cemented the date further when TF international securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published a post that hinted launch of an affordable SE 2 towards the end of Q1. Additionally, the note also talks about the launch of the brand-new iPad during the first half of 2020. Furthermore, an analyst from Barclays also hinted at a new iPhone coming out in the first half of 2020. With suppliers and manufacturers talking about a smaller iPhone version, the rumors of the launch have only become stronger.


How much will the iPhone SE 2 cost?

Apple used its old formula of pricing the phone at $399 if Kuo’s note is to be believed. Given that the iPhone SE is priced at $399 for the 32GB model and the $499 for the 128GB model, it is highly likely that the pricing trend will continue for the newer version. Making it comparable to the iPhone 8, it is only logical and viable that the SE2 model starts at $399.

With major sites reporting the launch being restricted to only fewer areas, it is possible that it might be a while before enthusiastic users get their hands on the latest upgraded model. With the lower end price tag, the technology giant wants to appeal to the masses in both India and China, where the low budget phone market is still hot. Additionally, Kuo hinted at launching in India first before going for other territories, which is hard to believe, even if it aligns with Apple’s plans to offer cheaper handset for specific locations. If true, instead of going for an older model at a cheaper price, people in India could get their hands on the new phone before anyone else does.


Features prediction

Analysts are predicting that the new model will be available in three different and unique colors of red, space grey and silver, contrary to the fact that its predecessor the iPhone SE was available in silver and gold variants as well. As for the specifications, the form, the factor and the performance are supposed to be like iPhone 8. Instead of adopting a full-screen model like the iPhone X, the SE2 version will have the usual Apple version of the home button.

This will be a crowd-pleaser for customers who are not over-enthusiastic about the face id option to unlock their devices. This will also be a fine change for users who miss the home button for a more rustic and complete look of the device. The dimensions are expected to be exactly those of the iPhone 8 which is not completely small. Even though there is a divided opinion on the size of the product, the expectation is that it would be similar to the iPhone SE 2 but with a bigger and better screen, contrary to the SE’s current 4.2-inch display.



As mentioned above and affirmed by floating Chinese reports, the phone is supposed to be exactly like the iPhone 8 with the extra features of the iPhone SE at an affordable price point. The iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen when measuring diagonally. Its dimensions are 123.8 mm by 58.6 mm and was 7.6 mm thick. It weighed 113 g. The iPhone 8 on the other hand has a 4.7-inch screen, measures 138.4 mm by 67.3 mm and is 7.3 cm thick. It weighs a whopping 148 g.

The antenna is new and refined for better wireless performance. The antenna components are swinging into manufacturing mode so that they are ready when the product goes live in the spring of 2020. The antenna is rumored to be made of LCP or lower crystal polymer which is known for its lower reaction time and better stress resistance.

As far as the specifications are concerned, we have got you covered on the anticipated details as well.

iPhone specs are always one of a kind, and the whole world holds its breath while it is being launched. If Kuo is to be believed, then the iPhone SE2 planned for a launch in March 2020, will have an A13 processor. This is supposed to be accompanied by 3 GB RAM contrary to the SE which offers a 2 GB RAM. The processor could be the A13 similar to what is currently being implemented in the higher end models of iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

The SE model carries the A9 chip, which is the same processor used in the iPhone 6. With iOS 13 requiring and A11 or higher, it would be highly unlikely for apple to go with a chipset lower than the A11.

However, if new reports and information are taken into account, Apple wants to stick to using the A10 which is a Fusion chip and can be adaptable on a need to run basis. With the core development team hinting at the features and operational model being similar to iPhone 7, the phone is most likely to have an A10 chip which is somewhat likely given that the organization intends to launch a lower budget product.

Screen dimensions rumors are flying left and right, with the effective screen size ranging anywhere from 4.2 to 4.7 inches. However, the majority consensus appears to be for a 4.7-inch display screen against the current 4-inch display. Given that the signature home button will still be available it’s not likely to feature a notch.

As for the cameras, anticipation is building around rumors of a 5 MP or a 7 MP front-facing camera, with retina flash. This is a major leap from the iPhone SE’s 1.2 MP camera. However, the other camera features are expected to be similar to the existing SE version, a 12 MP camera with f/2.2 aperture. This is also an improvement over the iPhone 8 which only has an f/1.8 aperture. The good news is there is no bump and the back of the iPhone SE 2 will be flat like Apple’s its older models.

Battery life is one of the features which should be improved if the opinion and demands of the masses are to be considered. Given that the display is getting a makeover, it only makes sense if the manufacturers increase the battery capacity from 1640 mAh to 1700 mAh. This will help the device and also add an additional feature which is one of a kind, but carry the drawback of a slightly thicker profile.

What to expect?

Given that the SE2 is not a flagship product and is only a re-modeled lower price version for users who want a better product, the expectations of newer features is relatively low. With the FACE id being knocked off to bring back the home button, it is only the form and factor which is getting a redesign to suit the customer-centric needs. With a due date of spring 2020, it may also possible that users will be able to charge their new iPhone SE 2 wirelessly using the fancy panel at the back. Reality or myth, we will find out together.

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